The Windows Me Experience: Was It THAT Bad?

24 kwi 2020
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Revisiting the infamous Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition from the year 2000. It's considered by some as the worst Windows operating system, and even one of the biggest flops in tech period. But was Me truly as terrible as its reputation suggests?
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  • As a kid who used to game on a Voodoo card, this OS was a curse, no games worked the same, 98 all the way

    Buffs McBeefbrothBuffs McBeefbrothGodzinę temu
  • windows me is trash so trash

    windows 7windows 73 godzin temu
  • I grew up with Windows ME and I don't remember any problems... Though I was like 5-9 years old

    WigWoo1WigWoo13 godzin temu
  • I have a voodoo3 on my bedroom floor ;-;

    Cat TeenagerCat Teenager14 godzin temu
  • Short answer : Yes!

    Fran CescoFran Cesco17 godzin temu
  • 18:18 I wonder where would that child be now.

    DamnMerasmusDamnMerasmus2 dni temu
  • It was a good system... Today it s a meme and people complain like sheep's, how much it was bad. I used it for years on an amd thunderbird 1.3 ghz 128 mb sdram shitty old ATI rage xpert 2000 16 mb... I used it on daily base and it was OK. Sometimes I had problems but not more than windows 98 or 95. The fight with xp is lost because it s the most appreciated and stable distro of windows. With windows 10 I had a lot of problems like black screen and freeze because of update and other problems. Same story for 7 so who can say that had no problem with an os... If you use a pc on a daily basis you have problems from time to time. Windows me and Vista as bad system is just a legend. They were transition system and so discontinued from support and created for a small lifespan but they were pretty good, same for windows 8. Only thing that Microsoft really messed up through the year it was the start bar and hideous ui in windows 8 that were really not useful and difficult to use. I find that people nowadays complain always and doesn t know what they re talking about

    SinRitualSinRitual2 dni temu
  • I watched live as it bluescreened. I laughed.

    rePoolrePool2 dni temu
  • Yes, it was. I suffered through it for three years

    Brandon HaroldBrandon Harold2 dni temu
  • I remember a lady asking me to upgrade to Win ME instead of XP (from win98). I told her XP was the best but she really wanted ME.

    Jorge MartinezJorge Martinez3 dni temu
  • Even the watch sucks 😂

    geblah187geblah1873 dni temu
  • I will prefer Windows ME anyday over bloatware 10.

    Sniper SpotterSniper Spotter4 dni temu
  • *FARTS-BALLS-FARTS-BALLS-FARTS* 🤣 Thx a lot for the registration code, I never wanted to pay for a Windows copy... 🤣🤣

    Friday CaliforniaaFriday Californiaa4 dni temu
  • Windows Meh 🤣

    Friday CaliforniaaFriday Californiaa4 dni temu
  • Windows Millennial Edition

    Frank SuarezFrank Suarez4 dni temu
  • Windows 2000 had the same sort of 'holographic' disc. At least, some versions did.

    PsyrecxPsyrecx4 dni temu
  • how did you used it for one year? I remember a BSOD ending up in formatting the drive one month after installing. Ended up returning to Windows 98 SE until XP.

    kkostas86kkostas865 dni temu
  • Windows Xp forever.

    Happy DHappy D5 dni temu
  • First windows PC I ever owned was an ME system. I remember it regularly corrupting networking drivers due to not playing nicely with my cable provider's USB modem. I remember getting really upset trying to fix that. That kind of thing you just don't have to think about any more.

    jcardboardjcardboard5 dni temu

    Shampoo Doesnt taste as good as it smellsShampoo Doesnt taste as good as it smells5 dni temu
  • The first computer I've ever used, had and grew up with was Windows ME. It was an HP Pavilion with People PC support on it. Ooh the memories of Kid Pix on that thing. And then XP came and then 7 and then dreadful 8 and now 10 sadly..

    Blixt1000Blixt10005 dni temu
  • never had problems with it and i loved windows me for the usb driver for all standard peripherals

    Ross DocRoss Doc5 dni temu
  • The startup and shutdown is one of the best windows music

    Maximus B / Testing Studios NetworkMaximus B / Testing Studios Network6 dni temu
  • 19:10 I wonder where that kid is now?

    Anders JenboAnders Jenbo6 dni temu
  • I was 14 in 2000 and would use ms-paint with movie maker to make short animated videos with dialogue.

    WhiteTylerPerryWhiteTylerPerry6 dni temu
  • 0:19 More like: *Disastrous Living in the Digital World*

    Adrian MardiantoAdrian Mardianto7 dni temu
  • I have been of the opinion that the coincident timing of Windows Me and the capacitor plague affected its reputation substantially, since so many got it just as oem software.

    rpavlik1rpavlik17 dni temu

    Windows XPWindows XP7 dni temu
  • I used it when i was a kid. I think i like it untill it give out blue screen or something? Yeah i remember now, i usednit to watch bleach anime when it went out..

    Miru JowoMiru Jowo7 dni temu
  • That CD though. I still have mine.

    ab8jehab8jeh7 dni temu
  • It definitely was a nightmare for me, but I know someone who claims to have had no problems whatsoever in his entire history of using it... My experience tends to indicate that the worst experiences came from "budget PCs" that were loaded down with bloatware. A lot of the problems could be cleared up with a clean install, but drivers were still a nightmare... especially when it came to networking. On hardware that was designed around the OS it tended to work a lot better, but god help you if you had a LAN device and didn't have a driver disk for it. Congrats, you must go online to get working network drivers! Good luck getting there!

    Kerta DrakeKerta Drake8 dni temu
  • I had a PC with ME on it, upgraded it to XP and played RuneScape on it

    Tyler KulchinskyTyler Kulchinsky9 dni temu
  • Been using ME for my 9x gaming since 2004. - Upgrading Windows is always a shit-show; ALWAYS fresh install, especially with 9X, if you actually want to use the machine.

    Niche THPSNiche THPS9 dni temu
  • You say ME, I say Windows 95 USB edition

    Choked Chicken GamingChoked Chicken Gaming9 dni temu
  • I never understood why everyone hated it so much, I had a laptop that came with vista as well.. which was also fine.

    FarnanonicalFarnanonical10 dni temu
  • Wow Windows Me

    BudiosoBudioso10 dni temu
  • oh crap been years since i saw any of that. used to have win-me back when it came out, father that was very much into anything pc so had to run latest windows on all machines at home etc, luckily xp came after a short while as such i was just a tiny kid but tho i cant recall what for i still get that "yuk" reaction when its about win-me. but nostalgic to see you run it on your machine for this video :)

    Lonley GamingLonley Gaming10 dni temu
  • I use 4 pc's for my work 2 windows 10 ps's , 1 win 7 pc and windows Me pc (this is better than windows 98 for pc drivers)

    Mahinsa MunasingheMahinsa Munasinghe10 dni temu
  • My first PC came with windows ME. I had to reformat it monthly because it would get stuck in blue screen loops. Yes it was that bad.

    TistTist10 dni temu
  • This was on the computer I used as a kid (also a COMPAQ) and I had no issues with it other than the two or three times I installed too much shit to the hard drive and my dad had to go and get it wiped because we didn’t know how to do that.

    fgh8udfgh8ud10 dni temu
  • You will get inescapable screen tearing on every game/ movie no matter how high your fps, refresh rate, or vsync being used. Something about using the "classic" windows theme induces screen tearing in windows10 or 7, maybe it has to do with the fact that it disables all the 3D effects to the windows boxes. Sucks cause i much prefer the way classic looks over the newer more bubbly 3D buttons

    daichaidaichai10 dni temu
  • looking at that disc makes me wanna do drugs

    daichaidaichai10 dni temu
  • I personally never had any problems with it. I guess you can say Windows ME worked fine for "me".

    Paul DavisPaul Davis10 dni temu
  • Not sure why but I naver had any issue with M4. Neithe ron my PC back in the day or on my Sony Vaio Laptop.

    RobRob11 dni temu
  • My first computer had windows me on it. It was slow and crashed all the time.

    pdorismpdorism11 dni temu
  • 🌘🌘

    TonhaoTonhao11 dni temu
  • Still better than Windows 10.

    Loenne555Loenne55512 dni temu
  • 23:40 Jill

    OnLyDreamz87OnLyDreamz8712 dni temu
  • i didnt mind me really wasnt that bad

    Arron SomervilleArron Somerville12 dni temu
    • i had a time pc back in the day bad pcs me was never the issue i only ever had hardware fail

      Arron SomervilleArron Somerville12 dni temu
  • I had me and it was great for me tho I had a decent pc

    Joey TroutmanJoey Troutman12 dni temu
  • In Brazil we call it Windows Merda Edition (Sh*t edition)

    Rimack ZelnickRimack Zelnick12 dni temu
  • 12:49 That skin was my favorite for Media Player. Dunno why, it just looked cool.

    Andrew WallaceAndrew Wallace12 dni temu
  • They should have named it New Millennium Edition, that way it would be Windows: NME (enemy).

    Andrew WallaceAndrew Wallace12 dni temu
  • windows movie maker reeks of early-2000s

    TriBOTzTriBOTz12 dni temu
  • omg lol I hurt myself laughing watching your movie maker movie.. that windows sound sets almost an evil undertone.. then Beck.. then kid crawling through tube *siiigh* +1 internet good sir + 1 internet

    N RabbitN Rabbit13 dni temu
  • I'm not even a tech or computer guy. But I somehow really enjoy your geeky talks and products.

    MarinkoMarinko13 dni temu
  • I used 2000 instead, never had any major issues from what I remember.

    Tranquil The CatTranquil The Cat13 dni temu
    • @ForOdinAndAsgard neither of them were apples they were microsoft XD

      Tranquil The CatTranquil The Cat7 dni temu
    • Comparing apples to oranges.

      ForOdinAndAsgardForOdinAndAsgard7 dni temu
  • Microsoft: "We finally released the first consumer version of Windows NT. Let's celebrate it with the crappiest version of Windows 9x!"

    Rand0081Rand008113 dni temu
  • System restore was really thorough. It used to restore everything... ...including all your malware!

    Lord SandwichLord Sandwich13 dni temu
  • Driver support was terrible. My soundcard on my k6-2 computer still doesnt work properly...but that disc....needs a frame!

    Peter James LedwithPeter James Ledwith13 dni temu
  • Windows ME was not that terrible of an operating system when you had the right drivers installed. I briefly used it back in 05 just to see what it was about. I jumped from 98 to 2000. This was on a Dell Dimension XPS T700r. If I remember the configuration correctly, it had the 440BX Intel chipset with the Slot1 copper mine Pentium III 700Mhz, an ATI Rage pro 8Mb with the Cinemark A/V card, the Aureal3D sound card. 80Gb IBM desk star, that i added later along with 256Mb of RAM. THAT desktop came with the Dell trinitron 20" screen. I replaced that Aureal with the Soundblaster Audigy. But it did run half life 2 when I installed the ATI radeon 7000 64Mb on low settings. You bring back the excitement of those computers of the time

    gtzgreatridegtzgreatride13 dni temu
  • good video 😀

    RollerMobileRollerMobile13 dni temu
  • @10:58 watching that screen after installing a fresh batch of windows gave you the chills, I was always got so excited to play games like Virtua Cop, IAF etc. Those days are never gonna come back. I was around 10-12 yrs old when I had all this stuff.

    Chester and PepperChester and Pepper14 dni temu
  • that Compaq was my first pc.

    MannyJazzcatsMannyJazzcats14 dni temu
  • liked the defragger screen them lil blocks moving lol

    deek the pictdeek the pict15 dni temu
  • That is kinda retro futuristic. I miss those customization options. And it wasn't just Windows Media Player too! Other media players like Winamp had customization options.

    tres lineastres lineas15 dni temu
  • I miss Movie Maker.

    RH SaputroRH Saputro15 dni temu
  • 4:54 -value-

    MinerBloxer64MinerBloxer6415 dni temu
  • windows me is horrible

    windows 7windows 716 dni temu
  • It was a virus,not an operating system..I got traumatized as a kid thanks to it..

    george antonogeorge antono16 dni temu
  • I haven't played jill of the jungle since probably 1996... I saw this video and I remembered the name of the game I had been searching for, for 20 years!!

    Nathan SandenNathan Sanden17 dni temu
  • As a user experience, all I remember is a steady stream of users looking for assistance in downgrading or upgrading depending on when and what hardware was involved.

    Shad YoakumShad Yoakum17 dni temu
  • tl:dw yes

    ipasuhdipasuhd17 dni temu
  • I had this OS back in the days. And it did it´s job and i liked it.

    Marcus LagergrenMarcus Lagergren18 dni temu
  • 26:44 Laughs in Lego Island

    Speedrun 64Speedrun 6418 dni temu
  • "Me" means; Mistake edition Miserable Edition Moron Edition Malicious Edition Mediocre Edition Mislead Edition

    ShadowMistress4835ShadowMistress483518 dni temu
  • System restore.

    StreamC NoremorseStreamC Noremorse18 dni temu
  • Brings back so so many memories. Excellent video 👍👍

    Justin WillisJustin Willis18 dni temu
  • The ones that used that I could understand and that I could afford to buy was Windows 98 I use that and I'm with my AOL and then Windows XP I use that along with Comcast and AOL and Gmail and Netflix and then after Windows XP I got Windows 10 but I can't figure out how to do anything on it so the only thing I get is I had a file they had pictures from a family reunions and that's all they did the time I say windows me that the people on TV and then they always say it's about me and it's never enough and I'm like it's about you and it's never enough they're like no it's about me and it's never enough so I I like your old stuff in your new stuff

    Brian StephensBrian Stephens18 dni temu
  • People in December 31st 1999: Oh man! Hopefully the Millenium Bug is not coming... The Millenium Bug:

    GameHasheZGameHasheZ18 dni temu
  • I bought WMe upgrade at Circuit City for the full $99 purchase price twenty years ago simply because it came with a free after MIR Maxtor 15GB hard drive. After installing this massive new drive and cloning it I thought what the heck. I may as well upgrade from 98SE to Me. Soon after I said, "What the He**," a lot. Then XP saved us all shortly afterwards.

    ddforresterddforrester19 dni temu
  • Ahhh Window ME. The OS that give me an ass whooping during my childhood.

    TigerAce205TigerAce20519 dni temu
  • (RE: WMP 7's skins) Man, those kind of overwrought skins with extraneous crap popping out everywhere were disgustingly in vogue around 2000ish. I remember when Winamp launched its version 3.0 that allowed for more, uh, unconventional skinning and some of them were just wildly unusable. Pretty and creative, sure, but functionally torturous

    He Who Wears PantsHe Who Wears Pants20 dni temu
  • Agent Smith : me me me Another New Agent Smith : me too

    Reverse WorldReverse World20 dni temu
  • My Vic 20 was way more reliable than Me .

    F. StilichoF. Stilicho20 dni temu
  • Why, yes. Yes it was. 😁

    Brian LevineBrian Levine20 dni temu
  • "Windows update" never worked on any Windows ME I had... :D lol

    bd5av8r1bd5av8r121 dzień temu
  • At the official launch Bill came on stage . Then spent 20 min. giving us the hype. When he finally turned on the machine for its first boot, he got the BSOD. Funny as heck it took another 20 min to get it to boot. lol

    olmannolmann21 dzień temu
  • Still better then Microsoft BOB. Windows 2000 was much better then ME though.

    thekornreeperthekornreeper21 dzień temu
  • Wow, benchmarking ME and 98 in 2020! You Sir know pain (or you were married, twice!) - sorry couldn’t resist :)

    Nic FlatterieNic Flatterie21 dzień temu
  • 19:01 I wonder where that kid is now

    AppendAppend22 dni temu
  • i used windows ME back in the day and i had absolutely no problems with it. people told me it was crap back in the day but i couldn't confirm that myself.

    UberKrassMannUberKrassMann22 dni temu
  • That's funny. I always loved windows Me more than 98 SE and 2000 for different reasons.

    Peek BeePeek Bee22 dni temu
  • Im new to this channel. I am blown away at your DN voice. Its insane.

    Dakota ThackerDakota Thacker22 dni temu
  • What Windows Me had that was really good was USB Mass Storage support where support for all USB flash drives was built into the system. On forum look for the Maximus Decim USB driver package for Windows 98 SE. He took the USB Mass Storage drivers from WinMe and packaged them into an installer for 98 SE. You must uninstall ALL individual USB storage device drivers first. Also a good idea to remove any scanner and camera drivers before installing the MD package. IIRC that also includes some other universal USB support from WinMe. It's been years since I had a need for it. Someone else did the same thing for original Windows 98.

    greggv8greggv823 dni temu
  • It was so blue screeny for me, I thought I might have hardware issues. When I installed windows 2000 instead and ran rock solid, I never went back.

    Tom FarmerTom Farmer23 dni temu
  • I would like to see a windows 95 video on your channel

    ForeseenGrubForeseenGrub23 dni temu
  • 16:05 how Microsoft created windows Vista

    howtobebasic 2howtobebasic 223 dni temu
  • is that a legit product key FARTS BALLS FARTS BALLS FARTS

    howtobebasic 2howtobebasic 223 dni temu
  • Weezer's Buddy Holly is on the Windows 95 CD IIRC. Glad to see they kept their good taste with Beck in Me :D

    SunSun23 dni temu