James Charles EXPOSED, David Dobrik APOLOGIZES AGAIN, Jeffree Star HACKED, Bryce Hall LOSES IT

6 kwi 2021
132 360 wyświetleń

James Charles EXPOSED, David Dobrik APOLOGIZES AGAIN, Jeffree Star HACKED, Bryce Hall LOSES IT
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  • happy 2 days before friday, defenders! hope you're doing amazing today. by the way, did you know the word aquarium means “watering place for cattle” in latin? :0 here's an extra video for you plworld.info/show/XWR7n6yYpGfUZdY/wideo.html love ya!

    Def NoodlesDef Noodles14 dni temu
    • It’s 3 days before friday...

      Ayca OlgunAyca Olgun14 dni temu
    • @Lindsey well shit Maybe lmao

      Millenial H8Millenial H814 dni temu
    • @Millenial H8 you may be high, but it is tuesday.

      LindseyLindsey14 dni temu
    • Did u see SNL? They mocked the dobrik situations love it

      Britt'sKicksBritt'sKicks14 dni temu
    • Am i high? It's Tuesday

      Millenial H8Millenial H814 dni temu
  • Day:247 Of Tell dev to have high hopes for the future and to not give up hope on other

    XxConnection UserxXXxConnection UserxX3 dni temu
  • @7:14 Haha, I bought a Jeffree shirt at goodwill back in October.. and it’s the old js shirt that says “hi” not “High” “How are ya” on the back lol

    Kris_tea Pi_ferKris_tea Pi_fer7 dni temu
  • Is Dixie and her 🙄 still on that show?

    AsomiAsomi8 dni temu
  • So, plz tell me how or why FOOSEY just kinda appeared outta nowhere?

    AsomiAsomi8 dni temu

    Aymara FanAymara Fan8 dni temu
  • Can we just not with Attaway General? Its so stupid

    Chia XChia X9 dni temu
  • Tiktok the app where it's mostly children is a dating app to him. The jokes, they write themselves.

    delilah alpacadelilah alpaca9 dni temu
  • Bryce hall is half Filipino 🤯

    Hunter SalemHunter Salem10 dni temu
  • I wonder how much trisha is paying this dude.

    brendeezybrendeezy10 dni temu
  • I just wanted to let you know your method of shouting makes me able to pay attention to the drama while I'm studying calculus and I think that's a miracle.

    Splithoof RiveraSplithoof Rivera11 dni temu
  • Cant wait to see Bryce get rinseddddd

    Anantaphong1Anantaphong112 dni temu
  • The entire Bryce hall bs is staged how can we even act like it's for real

    danielle shovlindanielle shovlin12 dni temu
  • Let That Boba Cheese will be the new TikTok dance. There, I called it.

    Lo VosLo Vos12 dni temu
  • talk to us like men.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Kid talk at its best!

    JinnyMels BJinnyMels B12 dni temu
  • How is Bryce not in jail? Oh yea, attractive white male privilege.

    Sally WalkerSally Walker13 dni temu
  • I would LOVE a guinea pig pellet cleanser!

    ChipChip13 dni temu
  • With Bryce Hall.... PLworld is allowing violence and letting people make money off it? It seems like PLworld doesn't know the difference between right and wrong until it goes vial.

    LaLa13 dni temu
  • Bryce needs his a$$ kicked plain and simple!

    Lovin’ My Savior J.Lovin’ My Savior J.13 dni temu
  • anyone skip past all the bryce hall stuff? just me? ok

    Chanel MartinChanel Martin13 dni temu
  • The J* news made me laugh so much. That hacker has humor 😂😂😂😂😂 that music is killing me

    puffinsunday muffinpuffinsunday muffin13 dni temu
  • Video title deja vu

    Sarah ObahSarah Obah13 dni temu
  • what the fuck is up with addison lol this is what hanging out with kardashians does to your self image. yikes

    X xX x13 dni temu
  • The bryce hall stomedy stuff is staged lol

    Zeek the geekZeek the geek13 dni temu
  • Get out of here you jokeman

    Ben PhillipsBen Phillips14 dni temu
  • “Ackkkttinggg!” 😂

    skypowersskypowers14 dni temu
  • David dobrick needs prison time

    Emile McgeeEmile Mcgee14 dni temu
  • Why was corinna not wearing a mask?

    Rosi JonasRosi Jonas14 dni temu
  • That medical show is the worst thing i’ve ever seen

    Jame OJame O14 dni temu
  • Can’t unsee the Bryce Hall -Sid from ‘Ice Age’ comparison

    Jame OJame O14 dni temu
  • I completely agree with that girl....the community has been completely ruined for thousands and thousands of us..it didn't just start out with James ruining it. Kinda started with Jeffree. But James has really taken it over the top.

    Lorren Raven MLorren Raven M14 dni temu
  • 🙄

    Crystal KivlinCrystal Kivlin14 dni temu
  • You looked cracked out in every single thumbnail

    zQ341zQ34114 dni temu
  • Bryce Hall is soooo cringey

    KaylyKayly14 dni temu
  • Im so confused how is Bryce Hall allowed to go around threatening physical violence and how is that not harassment? Ew

    TreytinoTreytino14 dni temu
  • Why’d I get a trump ad on your video?

    Black Hearts ClubBlack Hearts Club14 dni temu
  • Where did David apologize again?

    Lily McDanielLily McDaniel14 dni temu
  • Whoa I think Ally Hardesty should go back to brunette. She aged herself at least 10 years

    Jwceac !Jwceac !14 dni temu
  • Anyone making videos saying “I was 21 and I did want to be with James but then changed my mind cuz he was rude” is just looking for clout. What does that have to do with what he is being accused of? Sigh. I don’t support James one bit and wish someone would put a stop to his awful pr*datory behaviour, but that dude literally said nothing. We’ve all dealt with rude people we didn’t wanna talk to anymore. He was of age, he was consenting, and then it sounds like he stopped talking to James when he “changed his mind” due to feeling like he was being spoken to rudely. But then, he said James stopped talking to him when he grew facial hair. So um....which one is it? Either way, it’s still irrelevant to the real, actual victims coming out. I’m almost sad u even gave him the air time lol.

    KissMyCreativeKissMyCreative14 dni temu
  • bryce hall has the most punchable fave I've ever seen in my entire life, it bothers me so much

    jackie lunairejackie lunaire14 dni temu
  • they all just want to fuck each other and have circle jerks in the locker room-

    Aaron JordanAaron Jordan14 dni temu
  • I can't believe I'm going to defend Jeffree Star, but that same thing happened to me. Someone hacked my Spotify and then played a bunch of playlists of music I'd never heard of, I'm assuming just to get their numbers up. Super annoying bc it clogs up your recently played stuff. Now I'm a little mad I didn't get Boba Cheese. I manage a boba tea place, so that would have been fitting.

    Erin NicoleErin Nicole14 dni temu
  • Bryce is a walking billboard for toxic masculinity. His personality is so gross.

    Devon KDevon K14 dni temu
  • Bryce is a pussay

    Rose OpinyaRose Opinya14 dni temu
  • People are trying so hard to start a scandal with James Charles that its sad

    RyzRyz14 dni temu
  • I hope you find your way into a lawsuit.

    Laura MLaura M14 dni temu
  • Women who act as shields for abusive and powerful men are a disgrace and a betrayal to the sisterhood. It's like that lyric in Taylor Swift's Mad Woman, "Women like hunting witches, too. Doing your dirtiest work for you." Miss me with that

    All The ArtsyAll The Artsy14 dni temu
  • let that boba cheese and let that boba cheese 2

    dab or die tryingdab or die trying14 dni temu
  • to be honest, I usually fast forward any bryce bathroom stall, nikocado enchalado or nikita narcisstic dragun parts.

    i miss my bedi miss my bed14 dni temu
  • They "didn't fit in" - come on man. The people in the beauty community are the mean girls from school.

    Christina MarieChristina Marie14 dni temu
  • Do ppl even follow this brice guy? I'm so confused how these ppl are popular...

    Shay SteinShay Stein14 dni temu
  • I could jump up and down on their heads for week's and weeks... morons!,

    Daniel LaRussoDaniel LaRusso14 dni temu
  • I do not care about Bryce Hall and Addison Rae

    Bear BearBear Bear14 dni temu
  • @DefNoodles why is your face orange?

    SharkieSharkie14 dni temu
  • So James Charles definitely has a type... Guys with curly dark hair. Oh and you know... "Alright, alright, alright."

    Tsarina DollTsarina Doll14 dni temu
  • I wish we were two days from Friday

    SharkieSharkie14 dni temu
  • im so tired of watching these influencers live in practically empty multi-milion dollar homes. Like could your personality be any more bland.

    Street GrainStreet Grain14 dni temu
  • When your pockets are getting a hit, of course you’re gonna go on a tour de apology

    hello achihello achi14 dni temu
  • Stomedy is a knock off version of Jay... You know the PLworldr that everyone hates

    MissUrbanXplorerMissUrbanXplorer14 dni temu
  • Tell me why I read the title as "James Charles Exploded"

    Olivia HOlivia H14 dni temu
  • I seen lesbians kick ass harder than bryce whjsnnehs-ever his name is

    Nofilter B*txhNofilter B*txh14 dni temu
  • He should of did all that before the sponsorship dropped.

    حياه جميلهحياه جميله14 dni temu
  • I always find it interesting that these massive internet personalities get exposed right before something huge in their career. Not that they don't deserve being exposed but the timing is always so sketchy to me idk

    ayanna bertrandayanna bertrand14 dni temu
  • I think the reason keem hates def is because his videos are more entertaining than keem’s

    Carlos LCarlos L14 dni temu
  • ...............

    SN1PEZSN1PEZ14 dni temu
  • I told y’all Bathroom Stall looked like Sid!! Hahahaha #defendersunite

    Tavia HarbisonTavia Harbison14 dni temu
  • Jesus Christ why are they all so fucking awful?

    closuitmclosuitm14 dni temu
  • The beauty industry and PLworld monetization literally launched because Michelle Phan, the Asian Beauty and Tutorial Queen. Bow down.

    TalabataTalabata14 dni temu
  • Every time Dennis says, “AcTING” I lose it lmfao

    ExodiaExodia14 dni temu
  • you are pretty, honey

    Maria Pia LacroixMaria Pia Lacroix14 dni temu
  • Didn’t u have like over a million subs

    Joseph FayJoseph Fay14 dni temu
  • I couldnt care less about that d list doctor show.... didnt need a 5 min recap on a 60second show

    James McCarthyJames McCarthy14 dni temu
  • Yall better fucking let david grow and change and not just attack him for the rest of his life lol

    Alec ButtAlec Butt14 dni temu
  • Isn't there 3 days until Friday?

    Kelsie gKelsie g14 dni temu
  • I never learn how to wear make up just because the video start with promoting then the promocode and never show how you put the shades. I guess natural is better xD

    Lizbeth - Salud Mental IntegrativaLizbeth - Salud Mental Integrativa14 dni temu
  • Built a table with his bear hands. Haha.

    MonkeeBiz36MonkeeBiz3614 dni temu
  • I am new to your channel and I am so glad I came here! You are entertaining, hilarious, informative, and just an all-around great time! Appreciate your content’

    Marissa MoralesMarissa Morales14 dni temu
  • Who else looked at the calendar when he said 2 days before Friday? Baby, we still gotta get thru Tues

    puddlesplasher7puddlesplasher714 dni temu
  • Let That Boba Cheese and Let That Boba Cheese 2 gave me the worst scream laughter.

    dolly partondolly parton14 dni temu
  • Bryce hall is legitimately scary. He's not just an annoying douche. He seems honestly dangerous. Like he seems like he actively seeks out violent situations and is more than happy to escalate them. Its not cool. It's concerning for the people around him.

    Mad-Owl MoodyMad-Owl Moody14 dni temu
  • Bruce Hall is such a w@nkstain

    Mark HornsbyMark Hornsby14 dni temu
  • where was the david dobrik apology lmaooo did i miss it?

    Brad TullBrad Tull14 dni temu
  • PLEASE PEOPLE TAKE A LOOK AT THIS. -Tati or Grayson from the dollan twins, maybe have a expose video about James in the works! Take a look on this psychic's video: plworld.info/show/goWweJm2e6CcdLg/wideo.html He predicted the bye sister drama and the vlog squad downfall

    Carlos NevesCarlos Neves14 dni temu
  • if james charles isnt prosecuted and in prison by the end of this year then social media actively protects their pee-dooh creators. probably bcuz the people in charge are pee-dohs themselves and are getting off on this drama.

  • HAAAAAA Just like all the Shane Dawson Jeffrey star shit went on sale and NOOOBODY wanted it even ON SALE LOL

    DatCajunLady ShaDatCajunLady Sha14 dni temu
  • lmao JS getting hacked is priceless

  • If Bryce Hall was alone. Nobody behind him backing him up. He would not be this bold. Guarntee

    Advice from a HypocriteAdvice from a Hypocrite14 dni temu
  • Can we all collectively stop talking about Jeanine Starburst? Like no more commentary videos, no more watching his videos? Maybe if no one gives him attention he’ll just shrivel up and hide away forever

    Andy. PeteAndy. Pete14 dni temu
  • Bryce Hall thinks he is such a bad ass but in really he's NOTHING and I MEAN NOTHING he is just another frat boy how need to grow the hell up fast and not taking shit about another person or at least get his ass kick to shut him the hell up.

    Chris GilletteChris Gillette14 dni temu
  • i LOVE that boba cheese!!! ahahahahah

    Paula kreinbergPaula kreinberg14 dni temu
  • Until David dobrik apologizes to Seth and Hannah it doesn’t matter anything else he does. Why is he apologizing to ally hardesty before people he himself had a much bigger role in victimizing or allowing to be victimized

    BâbakBâbak14 dni temu
  • The bear hands 🐻 joke took me out 🤣 what a good boy!!

    BrontasaurusBrontasaurus14 dni temu
  • What shocks me so much still, apart from obviously all the gross stuff going on, is how people (in this instance I'm referring to Corinna) still aren't wearing a fucking mask haha Jesus, it's been over a year now! Like every time I see something about Nikita dragun it just pisses me off that they are so unaware haha

    X HushX Hush14 dni temu
  • Ahhhh, the Attaway General line “maybe the question you should be asking yourself is ‘why does this keep happening *for* me?’” was so frustrating that I couldn’t help myself from saying “ohhh my god,” out loud. I’m a disabled person and I cannot stand that bullshit performative “positivity” from people who aren’t actually the one dealing with serious hardships. So condescending and privileged. Ahhhh!

    K JK J14 dni temu

    Crystal MarieCrystal Marie14 dni temu
  • I want Corinna to name one metalica song.

    Sarah PhillipsSarah Phillips14 dni temu
  • You can’t give no bullshit sob story for the “makeup community.” The only reason these “influencers” care about this garbage is because they aren’t making the millions of dollars they usually are. Boo-fucking-hoo

    azaz2552azaz255214 dni temu
  • Gotta love how everyone who comes into contact with James Charles, firsts adds him on Snapchat and all his other social media, then continue to talk for a while, exchange nudes and NOW is the time to expose him. Hmmm 🤔😂😂😂 nothing but pathetic low life clout chasers

    azaz2552azaz255214 dni temu
  • 2 days before Friday? I feel like the math is right but it feels wrong 🤔 Tues, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday = 2 days?

    Mr SnowMr Snow14 dni temu
  • David can make a come back no doubt in my mind

    kenn_theslumpgodkenn_theslumpgod14 dni temu