When Time Became History - The Human Era

6 paź 2020
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For the fifth time, we present to you the Human Era Calendar for the year 12,021 - this time it is all about the journey of humanity, beginning tens of thousands of years ago, leading into the revolution of agriculture, to ancient high civilizations and the beginning of modern times, culminating in a vision for our future. You can get the limited Edition now until we sell out and then never again. As always the calendar features 12 illustrated pages printed on high quality paper in Europe and the US. And this year the cover is especially shiny. The calendar will look great on your wall and let you dream about a glorious future. We truly have come far as a species!
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    Kurzgesagt – In a NutshellKurzgesagt – In a Nutshell7 miesięcy temu
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    nick browningnick browning21 dzień temu
  • What I was gonna say I whoever says this PLworldr is wrong or bad or both bad and wrong they are just the most jealous people who get jealous easily over people.

    Liz OinezaLiz Oineza22 dni temu
  • Oof sorry did not finish comment

    Liz OinezaLiz Oineza22 dni temu
  • Who ever says Kurzsegats

    Liz OinezaLiz Oineza22 dni temu
  • I'm sure that our descendants will be grateful for climate change.

    Bennett ShetterBennett Shetter22 dni temu
  • Bless you Kurzgesagt for making this awesome and optimistic videos 😁👏👏👌👌

    3dgar 7eandro3dgar 7eandro22 dni temu
  • 0:27 I don't think so 😓 At this pace we'll end ourselves before visiting other planets.

    3dgar 7eandro3dgar 7eandro22 dni temu
  • great videos with easy explanation and good animation study in this channel never make me bored (sorry for my grammar XD)

    Galih Aprinanda yunusGalih Aprinanda yunus22 dni temu
  • Well if you see my comment it is maybe the last time I exist

    sok vengsok veng22 dni temu