Castle of Dr. Brain is An Unreasonable Job Application

26 kwi 2019
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From the co-creator of Sierra's Quest For Glory games comes the original Castle of Dr. Brain from 1991 for DOS PCs! And you know it pretty quickly from the sheer quantity of puns on offer.
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  • If memory serves you could bypass the copy protection with hint coins. The mechanism is programmed to jam after two coins to try and prevent this but you could use hint coins to get the first two codes, write them down, reload, then use a hint coin to get the third one.

    PhilipPhilip15 dni temu
  • Am I the only one that noticed the castle on the front cover art is a giant dick?

    Dustin TheWindDustin TheWindMiesiąc temu
  • Not to be confused with Castle of Dr. Breen, also known as The Citadel, located in City 17.

    friv. comfriv. com2 miesięcy temu
  • Change the time on the punch clock? That's time theft sir!

    R PR P4 miesięcy temu
  • That is one good condition box.

    karry299karry2995 miesięcy temu
  • I love sliding tile puzzles, said absolutely nobody in the history of gaming

    josephskilesjosephskiles6 miesięcy temu
  • Adjusting for inflation, a purchase of $95.53 in 1992 would come to $175.65 in 2020.

    xThe_noJxxThe_noJx7 miesięcy temu
  • Dude. I would play this as a middle aged man.

    Earthstar ReviewEarthstar Review8 miesięcy temu
  • I always wondered what this game was about, I just thought it was aimed at a young kids, otherwise I would have bought it

    Groovy ShoosGroovy Shoos8 miesięcy temu
  • Prodigy Dial up was the best

    Jarrett FayerJarrett Fayer9 miesięcy temu
  • Hey LGR are you stupid sexy mouse pink 😂

    richie 33richie 3310 miesięcy temu
  • I have a „pun“ room as well.

    Rex RemedyRex Remedy11 miesięcy temu
  • I love weird and strange cringe nonsense stupid!

    Rex RemedyRex Remedy11 miesięcy temu
  • Not gonna lie: I've never understood Mastermind-like games. I tend to "connect the dots" pretty well, but Mastermind is just confusing.

    mem reflectmem reflectRok temu
  • DoDDY Bfdser(hcfhmyjjhiuyf7oh was like

    Carl CampbellCarl CampbellRok temu
  • I completely forgot about this game but loved it as a kid!!

    Dustin HoymanDustin HoymanRok temu
  • Human skull as a flower pot could be a Kevorkian reference. It's one of his paintings, or more likely I'm reading too far into it.

    Joshua GormanJoshua GormanRok temu
  • pseudo 3d mazes are fun. you are just a crazy person.

    ColeColeRok temu
  • I just noticed that the 5¼" floppy covers at 1:34 have the Game Arts logo on them. I know that Sierra did distribution for Thexder, Silpheed, and Firehawk on MS-DOS and Tandy in the US, but I didn't know they were actually considered part of the Sierra brand at the time.

    Jeff LavenzJeff LavenzRok temu
  • I beat this on my mothers 2 or 486 when I was 10

  • It must be very amusing, looking at all this old shit, realising there's a better alternative for most crap you are getting your hands on...

    Stuit3rb4lStuit3rb4lRok temu
  • Lol, playing a kid's game on novice level, and on video too, haha

    TurboRunnerTurboRunnerRok temu
  • I see this game must have had a lot of influence on JumpStart 3rd Grade.

    Joshua SmithJoshua SmithRok temu
  • do island of dr brain. i remember it being better than the castle even!

    Gael ConnanGael ConnanRok temu
  • You call them gods of marketing, I call them demons.

    Ferval LankmanFerval LankmanRok temu
  • Oh Man, that takes me back. I loved Castle of Dr. Brain, mostly a really good game (a few annoying bits, but overall very good). Island of Dr. Brain was all right, but not nearly as good. And the Lost Mind of Dr. Brain was ... really terrible, having all of 5 "puzzles" (minigames) you had to repeat over and over.

    XarestrillXarestrillRok temu
  • Jesus you're a dick.

    Garegh62Garegh62Rok temu
  • Dr. Brain is the descendent of Dr. Cranium from QFG4 - one of the highlights of that game.

    Byron MacGreggorByron MacGreggorRok temu
  • Edutainment month! It's the moooost wonderful tiiiiiimme of the yeeeeaaar

    DragonNexusDragonNexusRok temu
  • Clint I find it charming that you grew up on a carribean island, don't know why but I imagine it as a very interesting upbringing one could remember fondly. I remembered you saying it from that sims video you made about an island expansion

    Kane SmithKane SmithRok temu
  • Omg I remember this! It was on my first PC with Windows 3.1 😲 totally forgot this existed!

    Chris CChris CRok temu
  • I hope you see this comment I am looking for a game from my childhood I believe it was called Mystique it was from the late 1990s early 2000s it was a point-and-click puzzle game in space where you had to figure out the mystery of this lost spaceliner that you just happened to find in a nebula you explore the craft using three or four robots any help from anyone be appreciated I really like to get it again

    Braeden Of RheaBraeden Of RheaRok temu
  • Could you review Sam And Max?

    UltraEpicLeader100 2.0UltraEpicLeader100 2.0Rok temu
  • I used to love all the games in this series. Thanks for the great throwback.

    Susanne HSusanne HRok temu
  • That's one nostalgic door.

    T VT VRok temu

    Sikers LalaTMSikers LalaTMRok temu
  • I would love to see you cover Holye Board Games!

    GrayHKGrayHKRok temu
  • Interesting pop up in the corner around 1:45...

    B BB BRok temu
  • :D

    plan7aplan7aRok temu
  • I never had a lot of these games growing up just a couple so it's interesting to see what I did or didn't miss out on. Also does anyone know where he got those statues of doom guy and Commander Keen visible at 2:37? Or what video he talks about where/how he got them?

    RovlemhageRovlemhageRok temu
  • review sim farm 1993 maxis please!

    Leandro ps2Leandro ps2Rok temu
  • I just talked about this game last night!! The booklet was great, and some of the riddles I still ask to this day. Even won me a giant chocolate bunny one Easter!! 😃👍

    MarzimusMarzimusRok temu
  • Hey LGR, as part of edu-tainment, you gotta do the Lost Mind of Dr. Brain 🧠 childhood nostalgia galore

    Danielle KalaidjianDanielle KalaidjianRok temu
  • willy beamish

    SodaGumXSodaGumXRok temu
  • Any chance you'll ever get ahold of a copy of The Island of Dr. Brain? I played it as a kid, and would love to see an LGR video on it!

    Etepeteseat 7Etepeteseat 7Rok temu
  • Hey clint. I'd like to play this game with windows 98 se in vmware. I have installed the sound drivers and they work for windows, but not for the game. It says: Unable to initialize your audio hardware. It has been too many years to remember how to configure the sound card for dos. Can you give me some advise? The driver for windows is SB PCI(WDM). I tried putting SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 T6 to autoexec.bat, but that didn't work.

    The NiwoThe NiwoRok temu
  • I remember being so excited for the next installment in the Dr. Brain series when they teased it. I don’t think we ever got it, though. We did later get copies of The Secret Island of Dr. Quandry, and the Lost Mind of Dr. Brain, which I loved.

    DukeDukeRok temu
  • Ah, that MediaVision logo. I remember it well, given the 486 we got in 1993 had a Pro Audio Spectrum 16 and a 2x CD-ROM drive with a software bundle... I got rid of a lot of old computer parts around 2000 ish In hindsight I wish I had kept that sound card. It's really well regarded and kinda pricey these days. (AFAIK Pro Audio Spectrum 16 was of course a sound blaster clone, but it was regarded as having exceptionally high quality PCM sound recording and playback. The OPL-3 FM chip might have been identical to a SB-16, but the rest of the chipset really wasn't.)

    KuraIthysKuraIthysRok temu
  • Review Tropico 6!!!

    Joao Victor AlbuquerqueJoao Victor AlbuquerqueRok temu
  • Elijah Otis.. LMFAO!!! lol

    Klowdz McVeeKlowdz McVeeRok temu
  • All i see in that castle is a dick

    jake englishjake englishRok temu
  • Does anyone else see the 🐓 and ⚽s on the cover box looked at from a short distance?

    MustangTogunnerMustangTogunnerRok temu
  • 12:18 I don't think he's entering there, I think those are screens hanging on the ceiling in the middle of the room, but with the player's perspective being close to them, so he's actually just walking in the room and it looks like he's going behind them from that point of view, but they mistakingly had his sprite walk over the red and purple screens on the left rather than behind them.

    KrossoverGodKrossoverGodRok temu
  • @8:20 The list of words you need for the word search puzzle is the same as the list of copy protection codes in the manual. @2:26

    Ricky DerocherRicky DerocherRok temu
  • Do Kings Bounty, and Defender of The Crown

    carl browncarl brownRok temu
  • Now I'm scared of going on a Elevator

    Eric Freeze 19Eric Freeze 19Rok temu
    • The Mythbusters episode on Elevator's scarred me for life. Those things are scary. Also that Horror movie Elevator, about an evil Elevator killing people (seriously). Scared the hell out of me as a kid.

      Jordan DeHartJordan DeHartRok temu
  • Goodness I forgot this was uploaded on my birthday! Good to know that edutainment month is still going strong! Perhaps you can review more modern educational games soon?

    CorruptClawCorruptClawRok temu
  • oo LGR i haven't seen your vids in a while... so comfy

    ky uhhlky uhhlRok temu
  • Thrifts? Please:) Love ya bro :)

    All in GangAll in GangRok temu
  • This edutainment month has me wanting some edutaining games!

    Aria 56Aria 56Rok temu
  • Oh dang, thanks for reminding me! Forgot to make my offering to Elisha Otis, I'll go do that real quick!

  • Memories of playing this while in school

    Michael MangiMichael MangiRok temu
  • Great content LGR :)

    0ceancity0ceancityRok temu
  • We will never know if one of us is Clint

    Vemomat !!Vemomat !!Rok temu
  • How about Decent, Decent II or Magic Carpet? ( i think it was called) on DOS

    ViconautViconautRok temu
  • Hey LGR I have a biiiiig request , could you cover bungies old Marathon games ? I admit the collectors might be a bastard to obtain but damn I want to see your take on those.

    Jax MilovitchJax MilovitchRok temu
  • One of my favorites as a kid, great vid!

    Nick CapronNick CapronRok temu
  • Another great Edutainment month! Maybe a Dr. Brain: Action Reaction next year?

    Rob K.Rob K.Rok temu
  • Where I can download such game?

    MaxRideWizardLordMaxRideWizardLordRok temu
  • if it ain't zak mckracken, i ain't interested.

    paladropaladroRok temu
  • I enjoy watching all your videos. ❤️

    Miranda L.Miranda L.Rok temu
  • Did you ever reviewed Sierra's 1987 "Leisure Suit Larry", if not I'd love to see you getting it back to life!

    Pedro FuentesPedro FuentesRok temu
    • Responding myself... Yes, you did in 2010! So much LGR stuff still to watch...

      Pedro FuentesPedro FuentesRok temu
  • Oh I LOVE Dr Brain. So much I have this on my phone in SCUMMVM :)

    Sam BrownSam BrownRok temu
  • I'd love to see you do a video on Alphaman. It's a fairly obscure post-apocalyptic roguelike for DOS.

    Michael CarneyMichael CarneyRok temu
  • I know this is a long shot but ive been googling trying to find this old pc game for years. From what I remember you inherit a mansion or something like that and when you go inside some tribal/voodoo masks task you with solving puzzles but they are all musical in nature. It was maybe a point and click or an adventure im not sure anymore. I remember it had old school DRM with something in the booklet you had to type in when you started the game. The cover was red if I remember right. PLEASE HELP ME BROTHA!

    RioVeikienRioVeikienRok temu
  • What a cute blast to the past. The puzzles seem really innovative as well, I want to play but I see myself getting stuck and giving up

    radchocoradchocoRok temu
  • That's a penis.

    Epsilon KaramazovEpsilon KaramazovRok temu
  • 2:02 ... Is that your dad, Clint?

    SeanJTharpeSeanJTharpeRok temu
  • not to be confused with the media vision who makes wild arms

    -I'm the guy that posts your videogame pron--I'm the guy that posts your videogame pron-Rok temu
  • Hey LGR! i have a couple object that i would be willing to send you but i have no idea how to contact you, if you somehow see this and you are interested let me know!

    Dylan MertzDylan MertzRok temu
  • 1:40 what's that in the left bottom corner?

    OneMinuteFixedOneMinuteFixedRok temu
  • The Elijah Otis joke at 5:50 was funny, it's great to see new jokes and approaches and a bit of Clint's personality

    Arin LArin LRok temu
  • @6:31 420 lmao, loved the vid

    Heck MediaHeck MediaRok temu
  • Wow. These elevator mazes are easy. How? PRESS THE RED BUTTON for godsake xD! You switch the map on the left from the horrible isometric view to a 2d topdown map that does make sense and that shows any corner of the maze you have found so far. Just don't look at the right side, only the map on your left. Try it! Man, back in the day my mom was too cheap to buy us anything nice (1999/2002) we had this on my brothers 286. Played this inside out on the weekdays. Over at dads we did have pentiums and internet, don't worry. But this is how I kept playing Dosgames. Check out my youtube channel for a complete playthrough might you be interested. And yes... This Dr. Brain game was really educational and thought me a lot about binary, planets, programming and the language English (like the names for sports and parlor games) which isn't my native.

    DosgamertDosgamertRok temu
  • I started on the Dr. Brain series with the later ones (Lost Mind and Time Warp), but eventually ended up trying one of the older ones (I think Island) at one point.

    Tom HolmesTom HolmesRok temu
  • Was one of those math puzzles Sudoko? Is that how Sudoku works?

    DISnutDISnutRok temu
  • This game reminds me a bit of Jump Start Third Grade. Maybe they took some inspiration from this game.

    a544jha544jhRok temu
  • Dr. Brain reappears as Dr. Cranium in Quest for Glory 4 as well, an you have to solve all his puzzles before you meet him in person!

    Ricky CisnerosRicky CisnerosRok temu
  • +1 for Ken William’s mustache

    Brian GreigBrian GreigRok temu
  • I loved this game, what a great nostalgia trip!

    Joel FryJoel FryRok temu
  • Why would they make a word search puzzle without clues in a kids game?

    I'd Rather Watch Paint DryI'd Rather Watch Paint DryRok temu
  • Edutainment month passes too quickly!

    lookonthebrightsidelookonthebrightsideRok temu
  • Best Dr Brain game was the *Island of Dr. Brain.* It was amazing! This game looks pretty great too though! Maybe a bit harder?

    MshojatMshojatRok temu
  • LGR I hope you know that you are keeping these things you share alive. I appreciate how you remind us of history that is forgotten or overlooked. I would have loved to play this game!

    Fireman JoeFireman JoeRok temu
  • OMG thank you for the Decoder at 2:32 - couldn't get into the damn clock room without it :)

    Sulucion 6ToneSulucion 6ToneRok temu
    • Stop! You have broken the law

      Pseudo MemesPseudo MemesRok temu
  • Those graphics are amazing. Truly the last of sierras golden age.

    cosmicrdtcosmicrdtRok temu
  • I was an island of doctor brain kid myself.

    syxx573syxx573Rok temu
  • Will you cover Encarta's Mind Maze for Edutainment month?

    Saibot216Saibot216Rok temu
    • Already did

      LGRLGRRok temu
  • Had this as a kid for Amiga; just beat it two years ago on DOS. "Your mind is the key..."

    TimothyTimothyRok temu
  • It's kind of weird that Seirra would make a game that had a mechanical focus. I always had the impression they hated that part of game development.

    Oda SwifteyeOda SwifteyeRok temu