10 GIANT Foods You Can Actually Eat!

29 wrz 2018
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10 of the Worlds Smallest Foods that You Can Eat! ➡ plworld.info/show/gGZ7mMicany2qsY/wideo.html
10 GIANT Products that Actually Work! ➡ plworld.info/show/eap-md_JZ3_Ulps/wideo.html
Today the DOPE or NOPE team unboxes and taste tests 10 GIANT foods that you can actually eat! These were all DIY foods done by our awesome crew, and they all can really be eaten in real life! We hope you enjoy these funny food hacks, give this video a like if you want to see MORE DIY hacks and projects in the future on this channel!
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  • 2:38 Matthias “ I could just remind my self if the happiest time in my life”. “Kids ☹️”

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  • It's pink

  • i love matt

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  • Im going to send mathias a picture of him eating the donut because of syphus and everything

    the cool manthe cool man3 dni temu
  • That's sandwiches Is big

    Santiago RosadoSantiago Rosado3 dni temu
  • White

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  • anyone else just.. miss the good old days..

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  • When your girl buys you the PS5 19:36

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  • Pink

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  • White

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  • Matt just all of a sudden starts talking bout kapitch 😂

    Toby CroftToby Croft7 dni temu
  • Bad! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jim PhillipsJim Phillips7 dni temu
  • I guess youve never seen aliens tastes making it big

    Smol ChildSmol Child8 dni temu
  • you know Michael loves to crack an egg over some hashbrowns...uncooked😂😂😂

    Sandra HallenbeckSandra Hallenbeck8 dni temu
  • I'm obsess with the hash browns in McDonald and I know how he feels

    player 786player 7869 dni temu
  • the burger that had giant tomatoes looks like a crabby patty

    gstoltz3gstoltz39 dni temu
  • Can you guys liked this comment when you miss the three grown men acting babies...... I mean it is more fun to watch...... and if it's 2020 and your watching this hit that like button 👇

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  • i love your vids

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  • I’m rewatching all the ones w Michael cause I miss Michael

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  • It’s white

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  • 13:17 saving that for later

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  • I got a fortune cookie that said 2020 will bring me great joy

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  • Ive watched this multiple times and this vid is at 11 MILLION VIEWS WOW

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  • Just realized I think they have a daft punk helmet in the back.

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    O J TO J T12 dni temu

    O J TO J T12 dni temu

    O J TO J T12 dni temu
  • the number doesnt work#]

    O J TO J T12 dni temu
  • I eat burgers the same wayyyyyyy

    Moo MayMoo May13 dni temu
  • Hamburgers are better plain that with all of the weird sauce and lettuce and stuf

    Emma BergEmma Berg13 dni temu
  • Imagine doing this in 2021!!!

    Didelfreedom1Didelfreedom114 dni temu
    • min5

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  • is that pink base

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  • I don't even know her

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  • Watch out guys!!! There’s going to be a virus outbreak called COVID 19

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  • Its overkill food that it's too over kill for even overkill himself

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  • I bet someone will call 1-800 call me baby

    FourFour22 dni temu
  • Chocolate cake is the BEST CaKe!!!!!!!!!!!🤪

    Sofia DelgadoSofia Delgado22 dni temu
  • Matt eats pure ice Also matt ooowwwwwww dat cold

    D SmithD Smith23 dni temu
  • ok lets talk about 6:07

    Lil JojoLil Jojo23 dni temu
  • Work places: all work no fun Hi5 studios: we got big ice cream sandwiches

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  • The donut iceing is white

    Zary JimenezZary Jimenez23 dni temu
  • Yeet

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  • D.O.P.E How u gonna clean up the lollipop O never mind The janitor did lol

    Bahir HayderBahir Hayder24 dni temu
    • And my ice cream blew up my oven

      Bahir HayderBahir Hayder24 dni temu
    • WHITE

      Bahir HayderBahir Hayder24 dni temu
  • I love the giant Ferrero Rochers. If you get it and the shell is not cracked it is really cool and tastes so good. In my opinion.

    Grub GrubGrub Grub24 dni temu
  • Its white tanner.its definetly white......... Why are you here? Why are you still here No one loves you Alright bro this is the end This is the end

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  • what is playing on Matts phone :l

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  • 0:58 Giant Donut Cake-Pan Set 3:06 Giant Ice Cream Sandwich 6:44 Worlds Biggest Slushie 9:46 Giant Bento Box 11:07 Giant Take-Out Box 13:25 Giant Burger 15:46 Giant McDonalds Hash Brown 18:16 Giant Chupa Chups Lollipop 20:26 Giant Ferrero Rocher

    TrenarenalTrenarenal26 dni temu
  • Hi

    joku 884joku 88426 dni temu
  • I died when they cheers the lollipops and they broke and tanner was just in the background just licking his all calm

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  • I love brash howns! -Tanner

    Olivez_ OnlineOlivez_ Online26 dni temu
  • White

    Diagana BaDiagana Ba27 dni temu
  • When he said choccolate cake is the best cake and there was a incorrect I agreed with the incorrect cause there are a lot of cake flavors out there that are way better than choccolate cake idk why I just wrote this whole thing just about cake but yeah

    Miss M Tee VMiss M Tee V28 dni temu
  • I asked my parents for 8 packs of fudge brownie mix, 2 tubs of vanilla ice cream, and 3 deep dish baking pans as a joke, and-

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  • my fav cake is red velvet maybe its the most delicious cake?

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  • Ima just put in a random time stamp 5:45 tell me if it’s funny

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  • It turned out bad .........because I never did it😎

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  • Hey guys I try to get u subs all the time I put is on live streams I’ll help you so u don’t feel bad about ur self ;)

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  • My favorite part about this video was when Matt hit his friend’s chopsticks and knocked out the Teriyaki chicken

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  • 2020 is the worst I miss 2018

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  • 16:11 "i love brash hounds" Tanner~2018

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  • I LoVe SuShiE

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  • My lactose intolerance is hurting just looking at the giant ice cream sandwich, hurting because I can’t eat it and hurting because my body is yelling at me for even looking at that much lactose

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  • When the boss acts like a kid 10:42

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  • That hash brown... Ewwwww

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  • Tanner: explaining the chocolate Michael: Also inside there is CERE VE CLENSER AD COMES ON : Hi its me cere be clenser

    :3:3Miesiąc temu
  • Mega food

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  • I’m thinking on the giant coffee creamer it would be very *inhales* “ A E S T H E T I C To take the container and keep it to put a bunch of regular coffee creamer in it and, ya know be aEsThEtIc 😝🤪😳 👉🏻👈🏻 (the emojis were sarcastic btw) Oh and this video was DOPE!

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