Harlow the guinea pig gets big air on this lava jump. Frodo not so much.

19 kwi 2021
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They are chasing veggies.
Starring Harlow, Frodo, and Victoria

  • That black one's smart.

    E3ECOE3ECO5 godzin temu

    PaxtonLajefaPaxtonLajefa14 godzin temu
  • I can't be so old that I just saw the cast of G-Force running right there. Please, someone get it

    Mika MikaMika Mika16 godzin temu
  • How my parents used to go to school:

    ، ,، ,21 godzinę temu
  • Bro.....automatic thumbs up for the piggy slow mo's.

    Nathan TNathan T2 dni temu
  • Moms when they want their kids to sleep:

    Mr bacon GamingMr bacon Gaming2 dni temu
  • I'm Frodo

    graziela gomesgraziela gomes2 dni temu
  • Wow they can jump like that?!? My guinea pigs hops like frog but they don't know where they'll land 😂

    Menrick BuenoMenrick Bueno3 dni temu
  • Dang I love g-force

    KisummieKisummie3 dni temu
  • That 2nd one is a mood lol

    The Venomous AwakeningThe Venomous Awakening3 dni temu
  • Грация кошки, форма картошки

    Captain PriceCaptain Price8 dni temu
  • I could watch this over and over and count them like sheep

    ZuzkaZuzka8 dni temu
  • we are but men now come on war pigs lets head two the promise land our team are there two take us home mission completed taken down the green lettuce

  • little fluffs

    Perpendicular fuchsia hairPerpendicular fuchsia hair10 dni temu
  • Majestically!

  • They are like ships 🤣🤣

    Valeria RodríguezValeria Rodríguez11 dni temu
  • Não sabia que eles pulavam kkkkk o dia que vi achei uma lindeza 😃

    Cassia silva Amo ÓrgãoCassia silva Amo Órgão13 dni temu
  • nobody noticed the actually lava looking gap!!!!!!

    dasPedal27dasPedal2713 dni temu
  • Put on 2x XD

    Carfox 0008Carfox 000813 dni temu
  • Clearly, a slow motion camera is essential to all piggie owners.

    spacewolfcubspacewolfcub14 dni temu
  • Почему им пол без ковра не нравится?)))

    Вера КузняВера Кузня15 dni temu
  • Really adorable.

    LiuhuayueLiuhuayue15 dni temu
  • Awwwwwwwwww

    Kaylee NazarenkoKaylee Nazarenko16 dni temu
  • not the smartest animals.....

    MemoryLaneCinemaMemoryLaneCinema16 dni temu
  • This makes my spirit ALIVE 🥺💕💕💕

  • Takes the floor is lava to a whole new level!!! 😂👍

    John RodriguezJohn Rodriguez16 dni temu
  • why do they jump over the bare floor like that?

    Frank DiscussionFrank Discussion16 dni temu
  • I watched this with "Richard Wagner - Ride Of The Valkyries" playing in my head.

    te0nanite0nani16 dni temu
  • Big mood

    tracie mtracie m16 dni temu
  • интересно девки пляшут...........

    Вальдемар Табуреткин-Матрасов первыйВальдемар Табуреткин-Матрасов первый16 dni temu
  • 😊 👍

    Peter RiisPeter Riis17 dni temu
  • Harlow has some rabbit in him.

    chan hanniganchan hannigan17 dni temu
  • 🙂🇵🇹

    Igor FreitasIgor Freitas17 dni temu
  • 😁😁😁👌👌❤❤❤❤❤

    Ange GardienAnge Gardien17 dni temu
  • some fluffy buffaloes...

    Sawkat IqbalSawkat Iqbal17 dni temu
  • 😀😀😀🐭

    Natalia MalinovskayaNatalia Malinovskaya17 dni temu
  • I love how much effort some of them put into this needless little jump! So cute c:

    Sascha RadkeSascha Radke17 dni temu
  • When I watch this for some reason I hear Queens “ I want to break free” as a background theme

    Mikie LeeMikie Lee17 dni temu
  • There little back legs so cute 🐹✌

    Cody GardnerCody Gardner17 dni temu
  • this guinea pig its so cute! 😍😍❤❤

    abby to ziomabby to ziom17 dni temu
  • That felt like some National Geographic stuff right there, instead of a herd of buffalo cross a river it was Guinea pigs jumping over a imaginary river.

    King AnsoniKing Ansoni17 dni temu
  • They are so hilarious and so cute ❤ Starting to become a part of my every morning. I love the short format of the videos, gives me time to see them without feeling guilty about it. All the best 🍀

    Alexandar FAlexandar F18 dni temu
  • ピョーン!!

    【白いゴハン】ゲームおじさん【白いゴハン】ゲームおじさん18 dni temu
  • Go pig go pig epic 👍

    Martin TunneyMartin Tunney18 dni temu
  • When i was a kid i did this in the bathroom for years because we had silverfishes and i was scared of stepping on them. But the distance between the rugs was like a meter so it actually was a challenge.

    Jx42Jx4218 dni temu
  • Little furry potatoes

    Darren LambertDarren Lambert18 dni temu
  • I made an edited version of this video: plworld.info/show/dI9vbK2XgnbdrNY/wideo.html I hope you like it!

    Christian ScholteChristian Scholte18 dni temu
  • Guinea Pig stampede over a carpet ridge.

    Eduardo Ramirez JrEduardo Ramirez Jr18 dni temu
  • Какие чистюли,на пол боятся наступить 😁

    НаталияНаталия18 dni temu
  • That floor actually looks like lava.

    Bloody MarvelousBloody Marvelous18 dni temu
  • Lava floor

    Jessica De RosaJessica De Rosa18 dni temu
  • They're so brave jumping over that big cliff 😆

    Angela BeerAngela Beer18 dni temu
  • Was that a gazelle?

    Buster BloodvesselBuster Bloodvessel18 dni temu
  • This is why I like youtube. I get to watch funny looking jumping rats 🐹

    LAZY DOGLAZY DOG18 dni temu
    • rodents of all sorts.

      The Lava EmpireThe Lava Empire18 dni temu
  • plworld.info/show/f4NqeMewhYzJibw/wideo.html

    doctor brothersdoctor brothers18 dni temu
  • 0:11 That is probably the laziest jump I have ever seen, love it!

    TarvuTarvu18 dni temu
  • They all look so happy!

    GroteskAntichristGroteskAntichrist18 dni temu
  • Just wonderful!

    SarahSarah18 dni temu
  • You should use green screen for this

    Orange SurferOrange Surfer18 dni temu
  • Gold medal. but there's No danger. So. .

    Susanna SmileySusanna Smiley18 dni temu
  • Work smarter not harder ;)

    Idc LawlIdc Lawl19 dni temu
  • we all can't be athletes Frodo

    puddnjonespuddnjones19 dni temu
  • now, this is content

    StevenSteven19 dni temu
  • Harlow’s jump, wow, beautiful 😮👏 But Frodo gets points for expertly avoiding the Lava with the least amount of effort! 😄

    EmiEmi19 dni temu
  • 😘😍💞

    Ágnes TománÁgnes Tomán19 dni temu
  • I love them!

    Elle CeeElle Cee19 dni temu
  • I choose to believe that Frodo is smart enough to know that he doesn't need to make an exaggerated show of jumping over the "lava."

    Andrew SmootAndrew Smoot19 dni temu
  • Seems like the second mate gives a fuck abour the game 😅

    Gina RodasGina Rodas19 dni temu
  • You miss the volcano image. That gave the video more realism.

    MrBelascoaranShayneMrBelascoaranShayne19 dni temu
  • So cute 😍

    Cristiano CoppiniCristiano Coppini19 dni temu
  • Idk why the first jump is soo funny yet elegant

    Chungas MungusChungas Mungus19 dni temu
  • Re the lava jump: My piggies waddle all over, step foot in to the lava, don't care. Keep waddling all the way into the volcano. Then, At the mouth of the cone, they'll ask for celery. Named Oscar and Felix. M

    M Watts- RileyM Watts- Riley19 dni temu
  • This is better than watching horse racing.

    James MJames M19 dni temu

    cycanoocycanoo19 dni temu
  • Awww, they thought the floor is flooding with lava. They are so cute and innocent and have fun!

    Beautiful VillianBeautiful Villian19 dni temu
  • My dogs do the same thing over the door threshold. It is so much fun to watch when the jump needless high over it just like these piggies do!

    JRhoadsJRhoads19 dni temu
  • Why dey do dis?

    Copy ImitationCopy Imitation19 dni temu
  • How did ypu teach them that? Btw thats so adorable 😍

    Angler IOSAngler IOS19 dni temu
    • @The Lava Empire thanks for the information :

      Angler IOSAngler IOS17 dni temu
    • We do not train them, but the herd maintains traditions. This is just how they zoom around when excited and following the trail of fresh veggies.

      The Lava EmpireThe Lava Empire18 dni temu
  • Why is the thumbnail so funny to me

    Camilla NguyenCamilla Nguyen19 dni temu
  • the third one looks like a guinea cow rather than a pig

    jamesha175jamesha17519 dni temu
  • They jiggle when they walk!

    Pat DohretyPat Dohrety19 dni temu
  • Frodo died 😂

    Kredblack61Kredblack6119 dni temu
  • All that's missing is the theme from 'Chariots of Fire'

    dsc1970dsc197019 dni temu
  • Work smarter, not harder.

    Bud HenryBud Henry19 dni temu
  • They jump like tiny horses❤️

    Barbara HeleneBarbara Helene19 dni temu
  • The lava field be real in the Guinea world!

    Antix taktixAntix taktix19 dni temu
  • The true animal instincts such majestic jumping.

    Felix the CatFelix the Cat19 dni temu
  • Like wild buffalo.

  • Lol

  • IDK why but I love this so much

    Adara Teran-RoldanAdara Teran-Roldan19 dni temu
  • 😂😂😂😂

    1 guy1 guy19 dni temu
  • This is what happens when you have way too much time on your hands.....Guinea pig filming .... What's next hummingbird racing...... Guinea pigs are so darn cute but noisy at night.

    James LawJames Law19 dni temu
  • they are like tiny horses

    Christian SchwarzChristian Schwarz19 dni temu
  • 😆 at least her tried. Sort of.

    mszoomymszoomy19 dni temu
  • That black one doesnt even care about getting burn

    ozan özenirozan özenir19 dni temu
  • Frodo cutting it thin!

    The Movie SurgeonThe Movie Surgeon19 dni temu
    • Always

      The Lava EmpireThe Lava Empire19 dni temu
  • There so funny, Greetings from Amsterdam 🌸

    R.C. KoertseR.C. Koertse19 dni temu
  • The difference between the jump of the first piggy and the second is so funny. The second piggie thought like Lava didn't exist 😂

    Alex HochgutAlex Hochgut19 dni temu
  • He has worked out how to expend the least energy while still missing the lava

    Shan AndersShan Anders19 dni temu
  • I got so scared when I thought the black and white one was gonna touch the floor

    Time Traveling AssholeTime Traveling Asshole19 dni temu