Dot Matrix Printer Printing a Color Hot Dog Banner. In Real Time.

2 cze 2019
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As requested by... a shocking number of folks after the last video, ha.

  • For some context:

    LGRLGRRok temu
    • @David Bergmann Right-click on the video window and choose Loop :)

      BadLuckBurtBadLuckBurtRok temu
    • @dadsfadsfadsf considering it's already at 79k views and is only a few hundred shy of 80k i wouldn't be surprised if this isn't pretty high up eventually

      technopoptarttechnopoptartRok temu
    • maybe you can make a song with the printer, it definitely has music potential 😂

      HY LiuHY LiuRok temu
    • Can you upload a 10 hour version? I need this to chill & study

      David BergmannDavid BergmannRok temu
    • Ah the nostalgic sound of a dot matrix printer boy that takes me back love the video I’m watching this whole thing

      gloomanddoom666gloomanddoom666Rok temu
  • Why does this have subs in 3 different languages 😳

    HannahHannah28 dni temu
  • Runs at a hotdog digestion speed.

    Peter GuyerPeter GuyerMiesiąc temu
  • 38.20. Minutes later

    ZezokiPHZezokiPH2 miesięcy temu
  • Can I make this my screen saver, with sound!

    DaveDave3 miesięcy temu
  • The sound of Payless ShoeSource on a Black Friday, year 1999

    Soup RoleplaySoup Roleplay4 miesięcy temu
  • Always lay down yellow first. :-)

    CommodoreGregCommodoreGreg5 miesięcy temu
  • For the authentic experience, crank the volume up.

    DesmaadDesmaad5 miesięcy temu
  • i just want a picture of a *got dang hot dog*

    Nick BNick B6 miesięcy temu
  • Sadly, this is a lot faster than my color inkjet printer. On bad days, my wireless inkjet printer can take as much as fifteen minutes just to print three US letter sized pages.

    Nayrb RellimerNayrb Rellimer6 miesięcy temu
  • The sound of that makes my head hurts

    babushka blyat TVbabushka blyat TV6 miesięcy temu
  • I watched it here and there for a few seconds and then I fast forwarded to the last minute But now I have this strange feeling of guilt?

    Frank SzFrank Sz6 miesięcy temu
  • well hot dog

  • I now have a 3D printer that cost less than $200, is 90% quieter, and just as fast. LMAO 2020 is amazing.

    DerrickDerrick7 miesięcy temu
  • Your video showed up in a really weird conversation.

    Flames of ExileFlames of Exile7 miesięcy temu
  • Screensaver kicks in at 1:09

    5star5555555555star5555555558 miesięcy temu
  • 40m Dot Matrix Printer Sounds to Work and Drink Coffee to

    StatusinatorStatusinator8 miesięcy temu
  • *We use these printers in our auto sales business.≖>**わg** 4 part contracts are a necessity and Okidata does the best job. Cheaper to by a new one than repair minor problems. Shipped fast too.*

    Joseph DolinskiJoseph Dolinski8 miesięcy temu
  • I am listening to this while doing homework. It's the strangest of things that keep me calm and relaxed.

    Link113Link1138 miesięcy temu
  • Ah the sound of the supermarket checkout receipt machine back in the early 2000s... 😂

    psirvent8psirvent88 miesięcy temu
  • Thank goodness for technology improvements. But said the Dot Matrix you can have so much fun with them that you can’t with bubble jet and powder laser printers we have today.

    Aslo OlsaAslo Olsa9 miesięcy temu
  • 10/10 best Closed Captions I’ve ever seen on PLworld.

    Peeps40836Peeps408369 miesięcy temu
  • I remember as a kid growing up in the early 00s the few local government offices, outdated corporate offices or businesses in old ass buildings had printers like this. And my mom use to work for an attorney in 2003 who had one of these 🤣

    Ikee KaiiIkee Kaii9 miesięcy temu
  • For some reason it comforts me.

    Eric NielsenEric Nielsen9 miesięcy temu
  • I spent my valuable 40 mins to watch this video.

    TD GamingTD Gaming9 miesięcy temu
  • I take my hat off to the author of that subtitle script. Bravo.

    K.o.RK.o.R9 miesięcy temu
  • I love old tech but I'm not old enough to have experienced dot matrix printers. I do remember having studied them in ICT class at school well over a a decade ago. I should really stop moaning about how long my Officejet printer takes to print after seeing this.

    Alex EwanAlex Ewan11 miesięcy temu
  • I would use my ps3 to record this to vhs, but my crappy mid 90s Sanyo would have burn in so bad that I’d never be able to play a game on it again

    Floppy Disk MasterFloppy Disk MasterRok temu
  • What a time to be alive. Take me back to the 90s, computer Jesus.

    Tommy FossTommy FossRok temu
  • Slow down playback speed to 0.25x. Then you’ve really go something

    Vic CorrellVic CorrellRok temu
  • My Panasonic was like double speed in comparison.

    NeHoMaR G.NeHoMaR G.Rok temu
  • Post from the youtube statistics how many people actually watched this fully (or walked away with the video still running), It was over 100,000 views. I do hope most people just clicked this to confirm the title. I'm all for some nostalgia, but I'm not watching this. THIS isn't the childhood I want to relive. Bleeding ears and intense boredom just isn't the retro vibe I'm looking for.

    Hadeïs HadeïsHadeïs HadeïsRok temu
  • Unintentional ASMR

    55seddel55seddelRok temu
  • So, what is the ad revenue from a 40 minute video of a dot matrix printer? I may need to start a channel lol.

    WatchandjewelryloftWatchandjewelryloftRok temu
  • Somebody who cries about the slow speed here, shouldn't even dare to get a 3D printer lol

    Clarissa 1986Clarissa 1986Rok temu
  • Yes.

    William ShreckengostWilliam ShreckengostRok temu
  • this is bringing back horrible flashbacks...

    Ed RainesEd RainesRok temu
  • Floppotron

    L LL LRok temu
  • I love how it sounds like a bad harmonica player, looks like I know what I’ll be for Halloween

    Ayla RAyla RRok temu
  • Play this at 0.25x speed.

    KasaioniKasaioniRok temu
  • I have been utterly fascinated by this for a good 10 minutes

    CamChildCamChildRok temu
  • There was no way of hiding the fact someone was printing something in the office when you had a dot matrix printer lol. No way to sneak out a naughty picture without someone coming over to see why it was taking too long to print ha ha

    JohnnyX50JohnnyX50Rok temu
  • *Greetings!*

    weeneweeneRok temu
  • I remember this. You couldn't use the computer in the meantime either because the printer couldn't handle enough memory, it had to continuously receive data from the computer, and that itself took the whole computer's memory. I also appreciate your Closed Captioning for the hard of hearing

    pfefferfilmpfefferfilmRok temu
  • Здравствуйте! А какую программу Вы используете для печати таких длинных документов?

    Алексей ПанинАлексей ПанинRok temu
  • Big 30 lb box of continuous paper and this sound bring back memories

    Get creative with JoshGet creative with JoshRok temu
  • What a flashback that sound gave me. I wish some company would come along and stick to making and selling vintage tech. I'm not talking about refurbished either but brand spanking new. I mean it's nice to go and buy stuff like this or old computers but if someone started making them again I would shell out like there was no tomorrow.

    Valis Ys'illValis Ys'illRok temu
  • Question: - Where will you find the refills?

    Virtuoso23Virtuoso23Rok temu
    • This was answered in the original video that this came from ;)

      LGRLGRRok temu
  • I am the 94,000th person to see this. I would not be surprised if this gets added into The Sims 4 Duke Nukem’s My First Review Stuff Pack!Nobody would give 5 stars for it. But it is going fast. There would be The Sims 6 My Sixth Review Pack Of 2036!

    AheadMatthewawsomeAheadMatthewawsomeRok temu
  • This is a Star right? I thinks it's the LC~10

    Ahmed SamirAhmed SamirRok temu
  • That's astonishingly quicker than the one I had. Lucky bastard.

    Straightcherry D.Straightcherry D.Rok temu
  • Do I look I know what a JPEG is?

    Andrew ElieAndrew ElieRok temu
  • This is art

    PeterPanosPeterPanosRok temu
  • Believe it or not (and why not?) there was a mini-CD released in 1999 entitled "Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers" credited to [The User]. A remixed and retitled version was later released on vinyl and CD as "Symphony #2 for Dot Matrix Printers". Probably not to everyone's taste, but for the curious here's a link:

    The Screwfly SolutionThe Screwfly SolutionRok temu
  • Stay tuned for dramatic footage of fresh bitcoin mining!

    Charles SotoCharles SotoRok temu
  • Wft

    Drtad JakaroghliDrtad JakaroghliRok temu
  • This is ASMR

    Pando JustpandoPando JustpandoRok temu
  • Discount shoe store sounds of 2001

    Soup RoleplaySoup RoleplayRok temu
  • I recently salvaged a working 24 Pin Samsung SP-2412 printer. Unfortunately i found just 9 pin universal drivers for win 10 . Do you think it will be faster or more detailed with a 24 Pin driver or be the same? With the current driver i can print in 240 DPI.

    Tamás DócsTamás DócsRok temu
  • The Paper lives again

    jordith01jordith01Rok temu
  • Someone make a beat out of this! Or at least an original piece out of this...

    Gecko 1993Gecko 1993Rok temu
  • I just played this loud in my apartment. Just to mess with passing by neighbour's heads. To familiar not noticing it, to old to remember what it exactly was 😂. And let's sample this for use in today's music. Ow.. Too.. Late..

    lemn8lemn8Rok temu
  • Just like how jpg flew across the screen back in the 90's

  • Closed caption reads [dot matrix printer sounds]

    nunavyour biznasnunavyour biznasRok temu
  • This brings me 30 years back in time. Forgive me - can't watch the whole video, but still - awesome! :D

    Life on HothLife on HothRok temu
  • I use to sell that printer in the uk - (for Icon) - and its little brother the Star LC-10 (a 9pin printer)

    Mr A GarlickMr A GarlickRok temu
  • my ears doesnt like this sounds

    Jiibo McDinonaldJiibo McDinonaldRok temu
  • Can you release a slow mo verison? Its too fast.

    Spiderman StuntsSpiderman StuntsRok temu
  • the fist time i use one i had the idea of bulilding a 3d printer

    Ulises BarbozaUlises BarbozaRok temu
  • I bought some color dot matrix printer. It printed much faster in my memory. Although this one has really bright colors. Maybe my ink was old

    Robin CampfensRobin CampfensRok temu
  • Bet I could 3d print that faster

    Brad PrimeauxBrad PrimeauxRok temu
  • Time for someone to remix it into music

    ArranArranRok temu
  • I really wanna a greetings hot dog t-shirt

    Abr3200Abr3200Rok temu
  • Video of the year

    BadLuckBurtBadLuckBurtRok temu
  • Who watched the movie completely? :)))))

    Михаил БоринМихаил БоринRok temu
  • Nobody: Dot Matrix Printer: breepbreep... breep... .... ... broop...

    Jay TrafflesbyJay TrafflesbyRok temu
  • Am I the only one who is mind-blown that a color dot-matrix printer existed???? This is the first time I've ever heard of such a thing!

    Matthew MillerMatthew MillerRok temu
  • Thanks. I'll watch it when i'm unable to sleep again :D

    hatsunefan999hatsunefan999Rok temu
  • Oh yes, back when you'd hand a robot a broken harmonica and say, "Here! Spit me a hotdog through this, ya dang ro-bit!" My favorite parts were when it kept saying, "This image will be delicious. This image will be delicious. Whooooaaaooah! Whooooaaaooah!" And ya know what? The robot was right. The image is delicious!

    neonte13neonte13Rok temu
  • I prefer Hypnotoad, but I did enjoy listening to it while converting my Lotus 123 files to dBase III.

    John JonesJohn JonesRok temu
  • Just what the would needs to see, a wiener.

    Morahman7vnNo2Morahman7vnNo2Rok temu
  • Not sure if the best part is 18:59 or 24:56

    Joel MurriJoel MurriRok temu
  • It kinda sounds like Blitzkrieg Bop when played at 2x speed.

    cerebrate1138cerebrate1138Rok temu
  • I turned the volume way way down, and I still woke everybody in the house up at 03:57am

    positron underVoltpositron underVoltRok temu
  • wow, that brings back so many memories. The screeching sound, the long reams of paper that you had to carefully remove the perforated ends. My mum's workplace used to have a wall of about 5 dot matrixes (matrices?) for printing their accounting records, all with the tall vertical stands to allow for the paper to be drawn directly from the paper boxes under them. I still remember the deafening noise they made, and the odd warm smell they had.

    HKSkanseiHKSkanseiRok temu
  • Holy hell I forgot how sloooooooow these things were

    Chappy SlaphappyChappy SlaphappyRok temu
  • Well, that takes too long that modern printers but hey it's nostalgic

    nhel gabatannhel gabatanRok temu
  • I watched the whole thing on my TV; me sitting on a couch, drinking 3 cups of ice choc.

    Oscar YanOscar YanRok temu
  • is this *A S M R?*

    IDK PlaysIDK PlaysRok temu
  • That was simply amazing but unfortunately i couldnt make it to the end and creamed about half way through :s

    tiggertiggerRok temu
  • Me: Ooohh, yeah...Dot Matrix Printer. Husband: That's the first time those words have ever been spoken like THAT.

    Farrell the FeralFarrell the FeralRok temu
    • Farrell the Feral you have Furrys you have FNAF lovers Furry haters FNAF haters LGR lovers LGR haters Weird fetishes womanizers flat earth or’s weird fetishes womanizers flat earthers Tech nerds technophobic people must I name all?

      Silas McGeeSilas McGeeRok temu
    • @Silas McGee Too true!

      Farrell the FeralFarrell the FeralRok temu
    • Farrell the Feral ahh who cares about being normal xd there’s no real such thing with the amount of diversity in this world

      Silas McGeeSilas McGeeRok temu
    • @SemiconductorWave Haha! Awesome! Good to know I'm perfectly normal! 😜 Mostly!

      Farrell the FeralFarrell the FeralRok temu
    • Farrell the Feral he's wrong though...

      SemiconductorWaveSemiconductorWaveRok temu
  • ASMR for people like us

    Chin ChowChin ChowRok temu
  • 22:05 GREET

    Jess HillardJess HillardRok temu
  • "oh, I have to print some flyers for my garage market next week, Clint, can you help me out?" Clint : "Hold my beer"

    InsaneLPInsaneLPRok temu
  • it's quite satisfying to be honest

    Matt 'Cowpig' MeewisMatt 'Cowpig' MeewisRok temu
  • I'm rather annoyed this wasnt interupted by an advert for hotdogs, opportunity missed I think

    IanIanRok temu
  • oh god i put it in 2x and is still slow. LOL

    Alejandro Rodolfo MendezAlejandro Rodolfo MendezRok temu
  • GAAHHHH!! PLworld limits my playback speed to 2X! And, yes, I remember these days. We got a color dot-matrix printer and my dad regulated it pretty heavily. When I became a dad, I regulated the color ink-jet until it broke. Then it was a nice, cheap, black&white laser printer. Now I've got a nice, cheap color laser and I don't feel the need to regulate too much anymore.

    MachtynMachtynRok temu
  • This is like the 3d printers of today

    Ronald BirdRonald BirdRok temu
  • We have a big screen tv that is looping an aquarium all day. Today, I made it to where this loops all day. No one has complained (yet). In fact, people have complimenting it. Thank you for putting this in my life.

    Chuck MorrisChuck MorrisRok temu