Braun Strowman calls out Keith Lee: WWE Network Exclusive, Oct. 12, 2020

12 paź 2020
621 015 wyświetleń

The Monster and The Limitless One trade barbs ahead of their battle on the season premiere of Monday Night Raw. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • My goodness Keith lee speaks so efficiently

    Nathan ArcherNathan Archer4 dni temu
  • They call him pastor lee😂

    LJ HeterLJ Heter9 dni temu
  • Too soon ... I see no reason to pit these two against each other yet

    Jubjub TubsJubjub Tubs9 dni temu
  • Brawn strowman agressive but just enough reminds me of the rip off of vin diesel on the original juiced game and keith lee is so prim proper and classy with his promos but not to the point he seems cliche

    William MccallWilliam Mccall9 dni temu
  • This could be a good match

    Santana SeasonSantana Season10 dni temu
  • Keith lee Talking like a presidential candidate.. even gave Braun his campaign promises

    Grammys WorldGrammys World10 dni temu
  • Keith Lee 2020

    Tajon WilliamsTajon Williams10 dni temu
  • They better not make Keith just another "Monster Guy". He's a great talent, has charisma and great mic skills.

    Roman SageRoman Sage10 dni temu
  • Keith Lee and Braun Strowman they should fight for a #1 Contender for the WWE Championship

    Luigi IbarraLuigi Ibarra10 dni temu
  • I love Keith Lee's passion in this segment

    ODD UNIVERSE OF REALITY of Luigi's worldODD UNIVERSE OF REALITY of Luigi's world10 dni temu
  • WWE... we have 3 hours of TV time for raw but we still are too lazy to fit it all on TV so watch it on PLworld

    Skyler CollinsSkyler Collins11 dni temu
  • Who books this garbage

    Highpitch EricHighpitch Eric11 dni temu
  • The monster cruse the 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

    wildest wildwildest wild11 dni temu
  • Still want his NXT limitless entrance! Keith is amazing!

    DovydasDovydas11 dni temu
  • 😂😂😂🤣🤣😆😆

    Tevon ThomasTevon Thomas11 dni temu
  • I like there finally giving keith lee & & Big E. A push thet deserve it

    TONY DeshaeTONY Deshae11 dni temu
  • sick game, Keith is gonna win, Braun humiliated last night to roman

    tiago marquestiago marques12 dni temu
  • He thought he would beat Roman.. Too bad for him

    Mathew KyaniaMathew Kyania12 dni temu
  • He sounds like a preacher at church

    718 G718 G12 dni temu
  • Two super heavyweights. Two incredible athletes. Two legit tough guys. "Business is about to pick up".

    Daniel MeloDaniel Melo12 dni temu
  • Keith Lee is a credit to his race, at least that’s the bs wwe is shoveling.

    Chris KidwellChris Kidwell12 dni temu
  • Tom Phillips has no oomph behind his interview.

    Kalen BoiesKalen Boies12 dni temu
  • Excuse me so early in Keith Lee's career he has been wrestling 14 years this broadcaster is a bit misinformed to say the least

    Ed HendricksEd Hendricks12 dni temu
  • Kieth kinda looks like a black Dusty Rhodes lol😂

  • The preacher vs Fiend's son✊

    Roberto VelezRoberto Velez12 dni temu
  • Another match ending in DQ :D

    boboida1boboida112 dni temu
  • Keith Lee sounds a lot like Kevin Owens in parts !

    ZanThePlanZanThePlan12 dni temu
  • I think Keith Lee look similar To shrek in desny movia

    Fath Al Rahman BakriFath Al Rahman Bakri12 dni temu
  • Strowman is beneath Lee

    Jim RussoJim Russo12 dni temu
  • Re match hona chahiye

    Gangadhar meher Gangadhar meherGangadhar meher Gangadhar meher13 dni temu
  • Spoiler: im sure they are gonna superplex from the third rope ans break the ring

    Monsieur JeremyMonsieur Jeremy13 dni temu
  • I swear, I feel like that every time I hear Keith Lee cut a promo or be in a segment, I feel as if he is competing in a spoken word/slam poetry competition. I don’t know if I should pop for him or snap my fingers in agreement.

    Patrick ShuttPatrick Shutt13 dni temu
  • Kieth lee looks intimidating until he is quite lol he sounds so soft 😂

    khadim hussainkhadim hussain13 dni temu
  • Can’t wait for this match to have a non finish

    AbalamAbalam13 dni temu
  • R typo I poon i0

    wr3d universewr3d universe13 dni temu
  • Do to pooh CL ko

    wr3d universewr3d universe13 dni temu
  • I cant see braun taking belt off roman I really can't

    h4lfde4d1h4lfde4d113 dni temu
  • Lemme guess the match will not end

    Abduraheem OunaAbduraheem Ouna13 dni temu
  • Keith Lee and Braun Strowman should form a tag team and win tag team championship

    Sam CarterSam Carter13 dni temu
  • This is wack, they gotta do better, the rock and stone cold sold it better... these promo suck now a days

    Mike MenaMike Mena13 dni temu
  • Anybody else feel like this is going to lead to a tag team championship

    dragon_Wraith_dragon_Wraith_13 dni temu
  • Let’s Go Braun Strowman

    josiah Olivajosiah Oliva13 dni temu
  • Is anyone else willing to bet this match will end when both wrestlers break the ring after some sort of ring post slam

    David MariscalDavid Mariscal13 dni temu
  • “There are not too many wrestlers willing to face the monster among men” Translation: There aren’t too many wrestlers willing to only be allowed to use 3 moves for matches nobody cares about for feuds that go nowhere

    KeltonKelton13 dni temu
    • Ikr

      Last of a Writers CreedLast of a Writers Creed12 dni temu
  • LoL Braun thinks hes beating Roman for the title, Romans gonna kill him.

    RCP PilotRCP Pilot13 dni temu
  • Big monster Braun likes alot of makeup these days

    A LoA Lo13 dni temu
  • Kick his hedad off keith lee LMAO

    Jorge CastañedaJorge Castañeda13 dni temu
  • So why do they call it a season premier, if they do not have a season finally?

    midus0013midus001313 dni temu
  • Love how articulate Keith Lee is on the mic.

    MJMJ13 dni temu
  • Keith lee sounds like he belongs on the middle of the card.

    J.Styles 89J.Styles 8913 dni temu
  • Is that so big boy omg

    amos smithamos smith13 dni temu
  • Keith Lee=Intelligent High School Teacher/Wrestler📚📝 Braun Strowman=The HULK/Demon😡🐂

    Caito RosarioCaito Rosario13 dni temu
  • braun u not beating roman

    Zaza coulterZaza coulter13 dni temu
    • He can never beat him roman will destroy hin

      Jorge CastañedaJorge Castañeda13 dni temu
  • First off in the ring out the ring you got to love Braun strowman to be such a young man as far as his career goes he's quick to help out another get their success so kudos to Braun strowman as far as Keith Lee goes extremely talented in that ring but I just hope and pray that everybody pays attention to his microphone skills he has legitimate throwback interview skills listening to him his life listening to Hogan Bret Hart Roddy Piper Rick rude Jake The Snake Mr perfect all rolled into one much respect to you Keith Lee

    Boo YowBoo Yow13 dni temu
  • Let the bodies hit the floor

    ASMR FatsoASMR Fatso13 dni temu
  • I love this fued Keith Lee as bigman he has that intelligence agility that sets him apart from everyone I see nothing but promise for Kieth Lee and possibly he could be WWE Champion one day.

    Andrew AtuaheneAndrew Atuahene13 dni temu
  • Oh yeah this should be fire 🔥 🔥 🔥

    daekin mouddaekin moud13 dni temu
  • Abdullah the butchers son in real life, Keith Lee

    CarloCarlo13 dni temu
  • Keith is so unique and talented it's a shame he puts political agendas on his gear it's distracting

    Randy SnowmanRandy Snowman13 dni temu
  • Keith Lee is the man.

    taichi29taichi2913 dni temu
  • Keith mic skills are on point and Braun had gotten so much better. The return of the super heavyweights I like it

    1 Briscoe1 Briscoe14 dni temu
  • Good promo!

    NareshkNareshk14 dni temu
  • Keith lee as James P Sullivan

    Chag ChannelChag Channel14 dni temu
  • And new 24 7 champ keithhhhhh leeeeee

    Robert Lind jrRobert Lind jr14 dni temu
  • “Both of us STAYING on raw” oh braun wasn’t traded? Last time i checked braun was on smackdown till the draft Not surprised if braun can’t remember being there. Doesnt seem to bright

    William NilsenWilliam Nilsen14 dni temu
  • Do anything with them....but please dont turn them into a tag team....they hve a good future in singles career....and we dont want to see them in AEW

    Rohan De menezesRohan De menezes14 dni temu
  • This match is big why dont they put it on ppv inside hell in a cell rather put it on raw

    Sam AlbretSam Albret14 dni temu
  • Willing to bet at some point, they’re going to break the ring

    Muhammad BarokahMuhammad Barokah14 dni temu
  • They start by announcing they have a match for next week but Braun goes ahead to challenge Keith for next week lol

    Precious LouisPrecious Louis14 dni temu
  • Lee so damn dope limitless theme please

    SirCutEmUpSirCutEmUp14 dni temu
  • Roman Reigns With a Chair: What Did Your Tribal Chief Tell You Braun? Your Not a Monster Unless I'm Here!

    Juan Hitter QuitterJuan Hitter Quitter14 dni temu
  • I really miss Keith's "OMGs".

    Willie NelsonWillie Nelson14 dni temu
  • Damn, I just can't get used to seeing Braun Strowman without hair.

    Willie NelsonWillie Nelson14 dni temu
  • Braun has to face Roman first though

    The chosen oneThe chosen one14 dni temu
  • 😂😂😂😂 Sorry Strowman but The Fiend is the only Monster with actual Supernatural powers , Kieth Lee for the win

    Rudi BothaRudi Botha14 dni temu
  • Can’t wait 😎😎

    VVS SkidooshVVS Skidoosh14 dni temu
  • WWE please make braun strowman vs rezar and akam thats my dream match to see it

    Scorpion hellfireScorpion hellfire14 dni temu
  • Chuck lars in there too

    Gaz BachuGaz Bachu14 dni temu
  • Vamos braun strowman ❤️

    Alan PérezAlan Pérez14 dni temu
  • Braun out here looking like a clown Steve Austin.

    Bwalya Mumba-stormheartBwalya Mumba-stormheart14 dni temu
  • Awesome Segment/Promo Tonight!!🙌🙌😎🐐🔥🔥

    Dquan IsSavageDquan IsSavage14 dni temu
  • Nice

    Udhay RajputUdhay Rajput14 dni temu
  • Fake fake fake fake fake wwe

    opinion matteropinion matter14 dni temu
  • I love listening to Keith Lee

    udip21udip2114 dni temu
  • This should be a hell in a cell or i quit match

    jlh jlhjlh jlh14 dni temu
  • Braun Strowman should have retired Goldberg!

    Neo-Space Dragon !Neo-Space Dragon !14 dni temu
  • Top names on Raw: Drew McIntyre The Fiend Keith Lee Braun Strowman Randy Orton

    Zed ThegamerZed Thegamer14 dni temu
  • Keith Lee is a great talent, bright future for that guy!

    MontyMonty14 dni temu
  • I will always bless you.

    Love statusLove status14 dni temu
  • Damn.. im very impressed with Keith Lee.. never seen anyone talk like that in wwe ever..

    Trendnet18Trendnet1814 dni temu
  • Did braun strowman cut his beard?

    chino cuhhchino cuhh14 dni temu
  • Wwe is so trash 🗑 only thing great on the show is bray Wyatt and Alexa

    Mr millionaireMr millionaire14 dni temu
  • I Love You _Roman_Reigns..💖💖 I want to gf roman..😊😊

    Sex Vedio LiveSex Vedio Live14 dni temu
  • Oh boy, I can’t wait for this match and the non-finish that will follow! Seriously, this match has potential just let one of them win. Preferably Keith Lee. No offense to Strowman.

    RLJ Horror GamingRLJ Horror Gaming14 dni temu
  • They have to fued Lars with another monster too

  • This Big Show vs Keith Lee but just athletic version

    Mohammed ReignsMohammed Reigns14 dni temu
  • Braun is acting like they never met before

    TheMtVernonKid 🐺TheMtVernonKid 🐺14 dni temu
  • I love Keith Lee

    Tyrone G.Tyrone G.14 dni temu
  • team braun

    Debbie LopezDebbie Lopez14 dni temu
  • They are going to blow the roof off of that building

    London WhiteLondon White14 dni temu