Toni Storm is home on NXT: WWE Network Exclusive, Oct. 14, 2020

14 paź 2020
57 562 wyświetleń

Toni Storm reveals her plans for the black-and-gold brand after making her in-ring return.
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  • crush 😍

    Imran HossainImran Hossain4 dni temu
  • She probably had a good asset for Vince McMahon

    Mishka KagamiMishka Kagami4 dni temu
  • Shotzi Blackheart & Toni Storm in the same brand...two of the very best, I love both they are so talented and charismatic...

  • I love your Smile it's beautiful 😍😍😘😘😘😘

    Asif ZahriAsif Zahri8 dni temu
  • She a great superstar nxt

    Jacob KepplerJacob Keppler9 dni temu
  • The Rebel Starbuck booked Toni Storm to wrestle in Finland 2016. We were fortunate enough to see her go then. You could tell then that she was going to the top!

    They TalkThey Talk9 dni temu
  • I love her so much!

    MegaElitePredatorMegaElitePredator10 dni temu
  • Toni Storm is such a babe 💗

    D. AnthonyD. Anthony11 dni temu
  • *She is so hot*

    StarhunterStarhunter12 dni temu
  • 0:02 They both are so gorgeous 😍😍

    Sadiq KhanSadiq Khan12 dni temu
  • She is a star

    Liam GallagherLiam Gallagher12 dni temu
  • Toni Storm is so beautiful hottest and super sexy

    Rene MichellRene Michell12 dni temu
  • Welcome back to NXT Toni Storm.

    Faraan BabarFaraan Babar12 dni temu
  • Lol why she talking so fast toni lol

    Pennywise the clownPennywise the clown13 dni temu
  • Is it just me or is there too many women going after the title lol form some tag teams so they can go after the tag titles or something. Not saying I wouldn’t want to see every single match from ember vs io to Toni storm vs io to rhea vs io again. Shoot wouldn’t mind seeing shotzi vs io again. But see what I mean lol too many

    Quinton JQuinton J13 dni temu
    • If nxt is not going to do Rhea vs io nowvthey should move Rhea to raw and have face asuka and I know none of the nxt fanboys would like that but Rhea is basically doing nothing right on nxt but wasting time

      Gregory FullerGregory Fuller7 dni temu
  • 0:28 Wow! 🤤😍😍😍😏❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Larry CollinsLarry Collins13 dni temu
  • She's so Hot 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Larry CollinsLarry Collins13 dni temu
  • No heel Please forever face.

    Daniel Cont1996Daniel Cont199613 dni temu
  • Who will Toni storm face next

    Greg PuryearGreg Puryear13 dni temu
  • My two favoritt nxt woman superstars is toni storm and candace

    Martin AndersenMartin Andersen13 dni temu
  • Welcome back Toni Storm it have been a long time that Storm has been in NXT welcome back Toni

    Tei'Zhan McFallTei'Zhan McFall13 dni temu
  • Okay Toni the video is not even 1 minute longer talk fast, Toni : SPEEDRUN...

    sagar sondarvasagar sondarva13 dni temu
  • Juice Robinson (f.k.a. CJ Parker) is one lucky man.

    SuperAttitudeeraSuperAttitudeera13 dni temu
  • She is such a thicc cutie

    deltavagendeltavagen13 dni temu
  • Toni Storm Lovers

    Benjamin Ignacio Gonzalez ArenasBenjamin Ignacio Gonzalez Arenas13 dni temu
  • When she is done with NXT which show will she go on raw or smackdown.

    Shimon KindredShimon Kindred14 dni temu
  • Toni Storm amazing debut on NXT her was amazing i like soo much her ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️NXT NXT NXT NXT NXT NXT NXT

    Giorgia SimeoniGiorgia Simeoni14 dni temu

    1500 subscribers challenge1500 subscribers challenge14 dni temu
  • Future of women division wrestling started here welcome Tony Strom 🖤

    vinothp naveenvinothp naveen14 dni temu
  • Toni Storm ⛈.

    Mike H.Mike H.14 dni temu
  • Hope she becomes champ against ember moon

    Gerardo Reyes2Gerardo Reyes214 dni temu
  • Porfavor traducion en español

    Isabel Rubí PlúasMoránIsabel Rubí PlúasMorán14 dni temu
  • ❤❤All who are reading this MAY THEIR PARENTS LIVE 100 YEARS OF HAPPY LIFE❤❤ Please check my channel 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    DronZeeDronZee14 dni temu
  • She’s hot. Just being honest

    Kenneth LimKenneth Lim14 dni temu
    • She actually the total package as she look good can talk and wrestler good and would be the face of the whole women’s division in wwe in two years

      Gregory FullerGregory Fuller7 dni temu
    • She is sexy

      Sadiq KhanSadiq Khan12 dni temu
    • obviously thats why they get this type of job

      PuppetMasterPuppetMaster13 dni temu
    • Facts

      Looking For Real ContentLooking For Real Content13 dni temu
    • I think everybody agrees with you because that's a fact Toni Storm is beautiful

      Shannon HopperShannon Hopper13 dni temu
  • She's never looked better! Amazing in the ring as always. She is HOME

    Sir SteviaSir Stevia14 dni temu
  • Toni Storm does Talk fast I'm Glad she here on NXT also toni Storm will be targeting io Shirai NXT Championship

    Luke Roman ReignsLuke Roman Reigns14 dni temu
  • i thought your lacey evans

    thequinredcardinalthequinredcardinal14 dni temu
  • I sort of just wish she could get the orginal storm zero back (the okada style reverse neckbreaker)

    FaydeFayde14 dni temu
  • I missed Toni.

    Ben CatheryBen Cathery14 dni temu
  • Why was Toni Storm in Mexico I thought she was in NXT UK in Europe or back in Australia?

    MAGMALORD360MAGMALORD36014 dni temu
    • She was probably supposed to go to nxt right after losing her last shot at the nxt uk women champion but covi-19 made plans change

      Gregory FullerGregory Fuller7 dni temu
  • Tony is so cute

    snake snakesnake snake14 dni temu
  • I think someone is about to turn heel sooner, maybe rhea ripley i guess

    Gredi NainggolanGredi Nainggolan14 dni temu
    • I think storm would be the hell also Rhea is not going to face io she should be move to raw to face asuka who is facing people like Lana and Vega right now

      Gregory FullerGregory Fuller7 dni temu
  • Toni Storm is gonna be the next NXT Women’s Champion for sure. 👊

    ItZtHaDjMItZtHaDjM14 dni temu
  • I for one welcome our new THICC Overlord.

    The Batman Who PostsThe Batman Who Posts14 dni temu
  • She's a terrible interview. She looks confused and constipated.

    Mark LeviathanMark Leviathan14 dni temu
  • Best girl ❤️

    Rowie PalacpacRowie Palacpac14 dni temu
  • Toni Storm knows how to defeat Io Shirai. She's beaten her before in Stardom. She knows Io Shirai inside out.

    Randy RagsdaleRandy Ragsdale14 dni temu
    • Storm actually beat io in wwe already at mai young classic final

      Gregory FullerGregory Fuller7 dni temu
    • No , I hope ember moon dethroned her .

      Ocean man on a human bikeOcean man on a human bike14 dni temu
  • It's Toni Time.

    Randy RagsdaleRandy Ragsdale14 dni temu
  • Toni talks so fast lol. I was not expecting that. It's crazy that she literally talks herself out of breath haha

    CyrribraeCyrribrae14 dni temu
    • @Lily Aitken Yes she's an aussie.

      Xiaorielle CosmetteXiaorielle Cosmette12 dni temu
    • Toni vs Io I wanna see it. Toni vs Ember I wanna see it.

      Rick LaiRick Lai12 dni temu
    • I have ADHD and I talk as fast. But her voice, her accent, her body, her wrestling skills...she's great in everything !

      Moise MensahMoise Mensah13 dni temu
    • We should change video speed😅

      SilenceXprince 17SilenceXprince 1714 dni temu
    • Maybe Kay Lee should have gagged her with that tape as well..

      Tom SevilleTom Seville14 dni temu
  • 😱😱🙏🙏😁😁😍 Toni estero ⭐⭐⭐🙏🙏🙏😁🇨🇱

    kalisto kkalisto k14 dni temu
  • Toni Storm Is Awesome!!🙌🙌😎🐐🔥🔥

    Dquan IsSavageDquan IsSavage14 dni temu
  • Oh, Toni Time indeed. I want that Mae Young Classic 2018 rematch to happen sometime soon, because both Io and Toni have so much more to dish out

    Koichi SaitoKoichi Saito14 dni temu
  • She awesome 🔥🔥🔥🥵🥰😍

    Christhian BorreroChristhian Borrero14 dni temu
  • Toni Storm is cute is button...I like her...💛🖤🤘🤘👍👍

    Marc OrtegaMarc Ortega14 dni temu
    • *"is cute is button" What?*

      StarhunterStarhunter12 dni temu
  • OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    ----14 dni temu
  • 2019 Rhea Ripley comes to NXT 2020 Toni Storm comes to NXT

    • 2021 Kay Lee ray 2022 Piper niven

      Mishka KagamiMishka Kagami4 dni temu
    • NXT UK is part of NXT

      Reza BerauReza Berau14 dni temu
  • Toni Storm Beautiful In The Video I Glad She’s Back And Also Ember Moon Toni Storm Hot In The NXT 💙

    carlton matlockcarlton matlock14 dni temu
  • Cute girl

  • NXT needs TRIOS TAG TEAM TITLES ASAP promote this and give underutilized Talent opportunities of fresh new faces and it's long overdue for a new championship in NXT

    Tony McdonTony Mcdon14 dni temu
    • Ummm, most of the roster has direction and TV time right now. A trios title would be rather moronic, especially since there isn’t any three groups outside LDF and UE. The only thing that could be argued is moving the women’s tag titles to NXT full time or creating cruiserweight tag team title since 205 Live has a deeper tag division than Raw or Smackdown.

      thelinedrivethelinedrive14 dni temu
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    słodki_ blokstarsłodki_ blokstar14 dni temu
  • Why does she sound so scripted? She says like 3 or 4 words really fast then has a pause, then another 3 or 4 really fast then another pause for no reason.

    Adzter 96Adzter 9614 dni temu
    • That a very good thing as Robert stones brand is littering for jobbers as they never win

      Gregory FullerGregory Fuller7 dni temu
    • I thought they were gonna put her with Robert stone, but that got thrown out the window.

      NY32986NY3298613 dni temu
    • her promo skills needs more improvement

      Rhetz Play GamesRhetz Play Games14 dni temu
  • Toni Storm is NXT.

    JRA MaloChicoJRA MaloChico14 dni temu
  • Toni Storm is so gorgeous and thick 😍👌🏻

    Christopher and ChristianChristopher and Christian14 dni temu
    • Sure she will see this and run away with you. Haha

      All's well that endsAll's well that ends9 dni temu
    • @Ghennifer Grievous She's ugly and annoying

      Mark LeviathanMark Leviathan14 dni temu
    • @Mark Leviathan bro stop

      Ghennifer GrievousGhennifer Grievous14 dni temu
    • She's fat

      Mark LeviathanMark Leviathan14 dni temu
    • Oh yeah she is really thick 👅👍🔥👊

      Antran TaylorAntran Taylor14 dni temu
  • TONI TIME 😎💪👍

    andrés rodriguezandrés rodriguez14 dni temu
  • ❤️🙏चलो सब एक साथ मिलकर 🙏दुआ🙏 करे की किसी के ❤️मम्मी पापा❤️ खाभी बीमार न हो।❤️❤️🙏🙏 1 Like=100 Pray❤️❤️

    2K Subscriber Challenge With One Video2K Subscriber Challenge With One Video14 dni temu
  • I'm so glad to see Toni back in WWE/NXT

    Tyler SpencerTyler Spencer14 dni temu
    • She's an Australian Badass

      Keith BurleyKeith Burley14 dni temu
    • And her Thicc booty

      Corey GrossCorey Gross14 dni temu
  • Really miss her using "storm zero" (air raid crash neckbreaker/okada reverse neckbreaker) back in the mae young classics.

    Mark LaiMark Lai14 dni temu
    • @Sher Ali yeah because it’s the same move

      LuchaJay 15LuchaJay 1512 dni temu
    • It's storm zero And it looks like tyler driver 97

      Sher AliSher Ali14 dni temu
    • it's not a good finisher

      jigyodajigyoda14 dni temu
  • Hot big boos no1 boos

    Rushi MultakarRushi Multakar14 dni temu
    • How u find them

      Steff SweatSteff Sweat14 dni temu
  • He is very sexy

    Rushi MultakarRushi Multakar14 dni temu
    • That's a she, champ.

      The Batman Who PostsThe Batman Who Posts14 dni temu
  • Toni Storm for NXT Women title

    Tamzid Mohsin KhanTamzid Mohsin Khan14 dni temu
  • Welcome Back Toni. The Perfect Storm is back 🤘

    abraham arrochaabraham arrocha14 dni temu
    • we have the same name as, 😱😱😱🤗🙏😎😎😡😁

      kalisto kkalisto k14 dni temu
    • Vistori Toni 🤗🤗😍⭐⭐🙏🙏😁😁😁😎😎😎🇨🇱😁😁

      kalisto kkalisto k14 dni temu
    • With everyone talking about her cakes.

  • So happy to see toni storm hit that storm 0

    Kayode McdonaldKayode Mcdonald14 dni temu
  • Toni Mother From NXT UK Now In NXT

    planeta deporte global MMAplaneta deporte global MMA14 dni temu
    • yes

      francisco Choquefrancisco Choque14 dni temu
  • Toni is going to cause up a storm at NxT.

    Tinyman11Tinyman1114 dni temu
  • like it

    The SYM GroupThe SYM Group14 dni temu
  • Toni Storm looks hot

    Christopher MitchellChristopher Mitchell14 dni temu
    • Sexiest woman on nxt

      Sadiq KhanSadiq Khan12 dni temu
    • She always looks hot what you talking about

      Shannon HopperShannon Hopper14 dni temu
  • Second

    PR ParodyPR Parody14 dni temu