Tommaso Ciampa seethes over Velveteen Dream: WWE NXT, Oct. 14, 2020

14 paź 2020
58 787 wyświetleń

The Blackheart furiously looks back on The Velveteen Dream’s interference in his match last week. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • Maybe he was talking about Kushida?

    Ziad KhaledZiad Khaled9 dni temu
  • Run Dream

    דניאל יושנקודניאל יושנקו10 dni temu
  • Is he heel or face??

    Tariq altuwayhirTariq altuwayhir11 dni temu

    jole' Maysjole' Mays11 dni temu
  • I feel ciampa would be easy to book on the main roster. Have him as a psychopath that barely speaks(only in the massive feuds) turns up on one show a month so that people know when he does come out and destroy a top star it's a big deal and have him rarely ever lose

    k n00k n0013 dni temu
  • I hope Velveteen soon to be face again. This heel turn doesn't make Velveteen good

    Kevin Eza RamadhanKevin Eza Ramadhan13 dni temu
  • Both Ciampa and Gargano should be moved over to Cruiserweight contention

    Jose PaganJose Pagan13 dni temu
  • Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    Vianka ArrieraVianka Arriera13 dni temu
  • OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Helena LopezHelena Lopez13 dni temu
  • Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Marina DarinMarina Darin13 dni temu
  • Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    Guto FeitosaGuto Feitosa13 dni temu
  • Ciampa vs fiend ?

    Pablolito OofPablolito Oof13 dni temu
  • Heels everywhere i love it

    Tyrone GriffithTyrone Griffith13 dni temu
  • I'm Single 😍😥

    yanno roelofsyanno roelofs13 dni temu
  • 2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Ana MariaAna Maria13 dni temu
  • 10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Ella BellaElla Bella13 dni temu
  • Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Caitlyn BraddockCaitlyn Braddock13 dni temu
  • Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Joel O'SullivanJoel O'Sullivan13 dni temu
  • Damn, makes my theory about; Ciampa waging a secret war on the UE through others like Ridge Holland leading to a 5 man war games, less likely now

    Dire WolfDire Wolf13 dni temu
  • Well I guess we can say NXT is about to, "Bury the Dream"

    Kibo SenseiKibo Sensei14 dni temu
    • hey we saw you were a big wrestling fan? Mind checking out our wrestling couple channel? If not no worries! Have a nice day =)

      Dream Team WrestlingDream Team Wrestling13 dni temu
  • Kratos is pissed and Kratos is an anti hero face again.. Velveteen's gonna die

    Trojann PerezTrojann Perez14 dni temu
  • Why isn’t Velveteen Dream in jail

    RenRen14 dni temu
  • There you go. We have been left off on a “he’s dead” to be continued moment. Halloween havoc match?

  • Tommaso Ciampa and Velveteen Dream together on the NXT ring i can't wait to see this is match next week on NXT 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

    Giorgia SimeoniGiorgia Simeoni14 dni temu
  • is he heel or face

    Mike Dat FinesserMike Dat Finesser14 dni temu
  • Keep ciampa heel forever

    Gerardo Reyes2Gerardo Reyes214 dni temu
  • Heel Vs Heel Hell yeah

    JiroJiro14 dni temu
  • It looks like Tommaso Ciampa wants to take down Velveteen Dream after what's happened last week.

    Chris PhomsouvanhChris Phomsouvanh14 dni temu
  • So a heel vs heel match soon?? Ok

    200 years of experience200 years of experience14 dni temu
  • It was at this moment that Dream knew, he [Bleep]ed up

    Roxi-chan1230Roxi-chan123014 dni temu
    • hey we saw you were a big wrestling fan? Mind checking out our wrestling couple channel? If not no worries! Have a nice day =)

      Dream Team WrestlingDream Team Wrestling13 dni temu
  • Dream ruined Ciampa's match...and he won't live to regret it.

    Miłosz C.Miłosz C.14 dni temu
  • I think Ciampa should feud with Damian Priest for the NA title instead of Gargano.... Again

    Mohau MolokoMohau Moloko14 dni temu
  • Short and geat

    Mani GhasabianMani Ghasabian14 dni temu
  • 👀👀👀👀👀😐🙊🤔🤨🙄🙄He cost him his match oh my

    C H I E N A HC H I E N A H14 dni temu
  • Velve-pre-Teen Dream vs Ciampa.

    Spooky PenguinSpooky Penguin14 dni temu
  • Team Dream

    ibcrazysoufboiibcrazysoufboi14 dni temu
  • Tommaso is in the same position Neville (aka Pac) was a few years ago, he feels like he deserves the Main event and nothing less, so right now Ciampa is in danger of ending up like Neville, nxt or wwe should think what to do with him asap

    hacker5ghacker5g14 dni temu
    • Tommaso Ciampa should go for the NXT North American Championship. Going to the main roster is no go for him. It's either NXT or retirement.

      Billy ChangBilly Chang14 dni temu
    • From what I understood the plan was for him to feud with Carrion Cross for the belt but then Carrion got injured, those plans fell apart

      Y2J GuyY2J Guy14 dni temu
  • I smell a Triple Threat match coming up to be No.1 Contender for the NXT title shot

    MrLeonMrLeon14 dni temu
  • 0:30 How everyone fella about Velveteen Dream right now

    Faysal MursalFaysal Mursal14 dni temu
  • Should see Tommaso kushida & dream in a triple threat match

    Geoffrey WillemsenGeoffrey Willemsen14 dni temu
  • Wait that means one of them will turn twenner

    Esam SuhailEsam Suhail14 dni temu
  • Heel vs heel ?.

    branger999 Sanchezbranger999 Sanchez14 dni temu
    • No i think twenner vs heel

      Esam SuhailEsam Suhail14 dni temu
  • Awesome Promo Tonight!!🙌🙌😎🐐🔥🔥

    Dquan IsSavageDquan IsSavage14 dni temu
  • Ciampa, Dream, And Kushida number one contenders match for a shot at the NXT Title or North American title.

    Reginald WilliamsReginald Williams14 dni temu
  • When u see your girlfriend kissing another man 0:30

    Andrew EllisAndrew Ellis14 dni temu
  • NXT

  • The Velveteen Dream vs Ciampa at Halloween Havoc , would be a Instant Classic Match ‼ Very good Chemistry 🙌🏾

    Hakeem JohnsonHakeem Johnson14 dni temu
  • Start to pray, Dream ✝

    Ruben Castillo BarreraRuben Castillo Barrera14 dni temu
  • Yeah ok Tommaso.

    reggie wolfpacreggie wolfpac14 dni temu
  • ding dong diddly ourguy.

    ThoughtOfTheDayThoughtOfTheDay14 dni temu
  • He forget his goldie... Sad

    Lo Wui HiungLo Wui Hiung14 dni temu
  • The literal meaning of "You have chosen death."

    HT82 SmashHT82 Smash14 dni temu
    • hey we saw you were a big wrestling fan? Mind checking out our wrestling couple channel? If not no worries! Have a nice day =)

      Dream Team WrestlingDream Team Wrestling13 dni temu
    • Well, if Ciampa sported long hair he'd look like Saruman.

      Job BuenaaguaJob Buenaagua14 dni temu
  • Ciampa seems rant lunatic like stone cold 100 percent.

    Mark SalazarMark Salazar14 dni temu
  • Tommaso Ciampa vs Velveteen Dream next week on NXT.

    JRA MaloChicoJRA MaloChico14 dni temu
  • Renew NXT roster... Ciampa vs Dream already happened and even was a title match at takeover, we need new and more interesting rivalries :l

    Hector Pozo IIIHector Pozo III14 dni temu
  • Ya Seething

    Steve22Steve2214 dni temu
  • Well Vic Joseph was correct

    Inkling MarioInkling Mario14 dni temu
  • Is Ciampa still a heel or?

    Young LeonYoung Leon14 dni temu
    • @Esam Suhail feels like there’s a good amount of tweeters there already haha thanks;)

      Young LeonYoung Leon13 dni temu
    • Twenner

      Esam SuhailEsam Suhail14 dni temu
  • After Ciampa gets done with Dream that man won't know what school anyone goes to

    Jeffrey FergusonJeffrey Ferguson14 dni temu
  • Ciampa as a face is great too

    The Bruiser-Wᴇɪɢʜᴛ 820The Bruiser-Wᴇɪɢʜᴛ 82014 dni temu
  • KWAB

    Bathrobe_KaneBathrobe_Kane14 dni temu
  • Get him Ciampa 😈

    Kamilah’s CornerKamilah’s Corner14 dni temu
  • Tommaso Ciampa vs Finn Balor very soon

    Tamzid Mohsin KhanTamzid Mohsin Khan14 dni temu
  • no one will survive

    Sneky Snake 2005Sneky Snake 200514 dni temu
  • “He’s dead” Watch out Dream you won’t survive 🖤

    Randy NRandy N14 dni temu
  • Why is Ciampa seething over Velveteen Dream? Did he send a picture of his hog to his little brother or something?

    Alex AguileraAlex Aguilera14 dni temu
    • I truly am sorry for the intrusion, but PLEASE, just read. Yes, it's a blantant plug, but I truly feel I'm one of the only open forum places where wrestling fans can come to and get the truth of the state of the business with no bias. I'd be honored if I could have you at least your my work and see if you might like it.

      Millennial SmarkMillennial Smark14 dni temu
    • @NightHunterRicky Cringe you got worked

      Bathrobe_KaneBathrobe_Kane14 dni temu
    • Based

      Bathrobe_KaneBathrobe_Kane14 dni temu
    • That’s not even funny. That’s idiotic

      NightHunterRickyNightHunterRicky14 dni temu
  • Well...Ciampa is going to destroy Dream for getting in his business. Probably at NXT Halloween Havoc.

    Jaime D.Jaime D.14 dni temu
  • Ciampa is gonna turn The Dream into a nightmare AGAIN!!!!

    Andre SinghAndre Singh14 dni temu
  • NXT needs TRIOS TAG TEAM TITLES ASAP promote this and give underutilized Talent opportunities of fresh new faces and it's long overdue for a new championship in NXT

    Tony McdonTony Mcdon14 dni temu
  • Bálor vs Ciampa for the right to hold Goldie. That would be a Five ⭐️ Rivalry!!!

    Jack SelmanJack Selman14 dni temu
  • Well at least Ciampa doesn't have to worry about being groped by Velveeta cause he's not a high school kid.

    Mark LeviathanMark Leviathan14 dni temu
    • @Mark Leviathan Nope. It’s you who is pathetic

      NightHunterRickyNightHunterRicky14 dni temu
    • @NightHunterRicky Yes you are

      Mark LeviathanMark Leviathan14 dni temu
    • @Mark Leviathan You mean pathetic

      NightHunterRickyNightHunterRicky14 dni temu
    • @NightHunterRicky You're right. It's HI-LARIOUS!!!!!

      Mark LeviathanMark Leviathan14 dni temu
    • Not funny

      NightHunterRickyNightHunterRicky14 dni temu
  • So is everyone else lmfao

    Juju PhotographyJuju Photography14 dni temu
  • When he said dream is dead i said damn

    Leticia hernandezLeticia hernandez14 dni temu
  • 0:30 When my dad sees my report CARD 😱

    Ilario GonsalesIlario Gonsales14 dni temu
    • LMAO.

      Ziad KhaledZiad Khaled12 dni temu
    • Lol I laughed at the comment

      Alexander Guerrero OrellanaAlexander Guerrero Orellana14 dni temu
    • You'll pass kindergarten. Don't worry

      Mark LeviathanMark Leviathan14 dni temu
  • "He is dead" Coming from Ciampa ... i believe him.

    sergiomorfosergiomorfo14 dni temu
    • hey we saw you were a big wrestling fan? Mind checking out our wrestling couple channel? If not no worries! Have a nice day =)

      Dream Team WrestlingDream Team Wrestling13 dni temu
    • Same

      MephariusMepharius14 dni temu
  • Wait hold up aren't they both heels

    iCallum17xiCallum17x14 dni temu

    WWE DXWWE DX14 dni temu
  • Keep up the heelvheel stuff it’s badass

    TheGothicKingTheGothicKing14 dni temu
  • viva la raza

    WWE DXWWE DX14 dni temu
  • Another Ciampa and Dream feud?? I'm sorry but no..

    KingJames601KingJames60114 dni temu
  • Dream's gonna win

    JaJa14 dni temu
  • Dream signed his death warrant 💀

    realityerarealityera14 dni temu
  • Qiampa

    Cameron MachadoCameron Machado14 dni temu
  • It’s 2018 all over again

    K skillz2K skillz214 dni temu
  • Simple, quick, efficient. Top-notch.

    arin leoczkoarin leoczko14 dni temu
  • 146th

    I Am IrvinnI Am Irvinn14 dni temu
  • Khabib vs Tomaso Ciampa Conor Vs Tomaso Ciampa Tony Ferguson Vs Tomaso Ciampa Minoru Suzuki vs Tomaso Ciampa Khabib vs Randy Orton

    Zul HusniZul Husni14 dni temu
    • @Mark LeviathanAlright mr Clever Mark Leviathan. I still stick with my opinion that MMA fighters are better than attitude era wrestler.

      Zul HusniZul Husni14 dni temu
    • @Zul Husni You don't even know attitude Era wrestlers cause you never watched it. Go back under your rock

      Mark LeviathanMark Leviathan14 dni temu
    • @Mark Leviathan. They are actor my friend. They are not in legit fighter my friend.

      Zul HusniZul Husni14 dni temu
    • @Mark Leviathan. Cain Velasquez, Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones, Tony Ferguson > Attitude Era Wrestler.

      Zul HusniZul Husni14 dni temu
    • @Mark Leviathan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Zul HusniZul Husni14 dni temu
  • “he’s dead” awwww shiiiii

    nobodybutsundernobodybutsunder14 dni temu
  • This how everone feels about dream

    Shaun MatsetelaShaun Matsetela14 dni temu
    • Dream is a great talent

      Saleh AlotaibiSaleh Alotaibi12 dni temu
    • Yeap. Velveteen Dream will walk a long road, climb a tall mountain to really come back from all the controversy he has caused and done to himself.

      pseudochef07pseudochef0714 dni temu
    • I still like him.

      I Am KonnerI Am Konner14 dni temu
    • Nah , not me

      Hakeem JohnsonHakeem Johnson14 dni temu
    • @Millennial Smark you definitely intruded

      AquaFrvrAquaFrvr14 dni temu
  • Tommaso Chimpa vs Velveteen Dream at NXT Halloween Havoc

    James DanielsJames Daniels14 dni temu
    • Murder dream

      Mark LeviathanMark Leviathan14 dni temu
    • Shotzi Blackheart might pick the stipulations from that wheel of fortune.

      Austin DickersonAustin Dickerson14 dni temu
  • To The Early Squad Reading This Sending Virtual Hugs To Everyone Who Needs it. Always Stay Safe, 9k My Dream 💜🤗🤗

    ItsFairItsFair14 dni temu
  • "He's dead"

    A SA S14 dni temu
    • Both of their careers are

      Mark LeviathanMark Leviathan14 dni temu

    Mಠ_ಠMಠ_ಠ14 dni temu
  • This great video here to watch tonight...👍👍

    Marc OrtegaMarc Ortega14 dni temu
  • This guys mad annoying taking the spot of many young nxt prospects who are waiting for the chance to get on tv guy should be on the main roster or released. Same goes with gargano no more feuds left for this clown go to the main roster or just leave

    Jetfan 95Jetfan 9514 dni temu
    • Just merely asking, if not, completely understand. I've personally have amassed enough work full of opinions about the state of wrestling from a non bias standpoint. I'm not asking you to break your break, but a simple tour of my work, won't even ask you to follow me if you don't like it.

      Millennial SmarkMillennial Smark14 dni temu
    • You want to kiss dream don't you

      Mark LeviathanMark Leviathan14 dni temu
    • Wtf Ciampa is one of the reasons NXT is as popular and as successful as it is today. And how are him and gargano “clowns” when they had the rivalry of the year in 2018 and had a 5 star match? 🤔

      Michelle SkillMichelle Skill14 dni temu
    • You do know he is wrestling after he has had kneck surgery. Doesn't want to go to the main roster for travel and recovery reasons.

      lincoln speeringlincoln speering14 dni temu
  • I love ciampa

    Deborah SiahaanDeborah Siahaan14 dni temu
  • Kushida is better.

  • The phycho killer will destroyed his dreams. 👌

    HomelanderHomelander14 dni temu
    • hey we saw you were a big wrestling fan? Mind checking out our wrestling couple channel? If not no worries! Have a nice day =)

      Dream Team WrestlingDream Team Wrestling13 dni temu
  • Ciampa VS Dream at Halloween Havoc🤔🔥

    Andrew MadderraAndrew Madderra14 dni temu
    • I was thinking Kushida vs Ciampa vs Dream because Dream caused a DQ and Kushida was again trying to break Dream’s arm. If the triple threat happens I wouldn’t mind it and if Ciampa vs Dream happens at Halloween Havoc wouldn’t mind that either.

      Rated M SRated M S14 dni temu
    • That would be , yet another instant Classic match ‼ 💯

      Hakeem JohnsonHakeem Johnson14 dni temu
    • yeah

      francisco Choquefrancisco Choque14 dni temu
  • Wee wee dingaling

    Jay Master gamingJay Master gaming14 dni temu
    • Dream would love that

      Mark LeviathanMark Leviathan14 dni temu