The New Day and The Street Profits swap titles: Raw, Oct. 12, 2020

12 paź 2020
888 447 wyświetleń

After swapping brands, the Raw Tag Team Champions and the SmackDown Tag Team Champions exchange titles, until the party is crashed by Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. #WWERAW
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  • Maybe Big E can challenge Sami Zayn for the IC belt

    Daniele LunardiDaniele Lunardi6 godzin temu
  • it is like the championship belts have no value at all.

    Noman NewazNoman Newaz9 godzin temu
  • Makes logical sense why not unify the belts typical wwe logic

    xxZombie SlayaxxxxZombie Slayaxx15 godzin temu
  • “Well if it is a molly whooping that thou wants, Then we shall place our feet betwixt thine cheeks.” - the New day🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Vivian ObakpolorVivian ObakpolorDzień temu
  • Brock Lesnar would have been great in the new day

    Jay-TeeJay-TeeDzień temu
  • Still stoked they got Johnny Sins to work for WWE! 🤣🤣🤣

    Mark WillarsMark WillarsDzień temu
  • Oh ok I get so what your trying is that you want to have a match with your new raw WWE World 🌎 Tag Team Champions

    Brandon De AlbaBrandon De AlbaDzień temu
  • why does dolph look like a school bully from a 90s nickelodeon movie

    ALI BORAALI BORADzień temu
  • So when does their respective reigns start and end? Restart?

    Sean SenaSean Sena2 dni temu
  • The New Day

    Piyush VermaPiyush Verma2 dni temu
  • 🤣running show with no crowd how the mighty has fallen....

    Rey MontalvoRey Montalvo2 dni temu
  • The Street Profits ordering ribs at a restaurant. Waiter: "What flavor ribs would you like?" Street Profits: "We want the smoke."

    MisterE1976MisterE19762 dni temu
  • Form bloods to crips, and crips to bloods

    Inakho QanguleInakho Qangule2 dni temu
  • 0:10 😂😂

    Aj talkAj talk2 dni temu
  • 0:19 I thot dawkins was rapping lol

    laque holleylaque holley2 dni temu
  • This is so dumb omg

    laque holleylaque holley2 dni temu
  • 1:20 Dolph had to fight back that smile. it's cool that he's close with Kofi irl

    Razzrazz90Razzrazz902 dni temu
  • Is the new days outfit Scooby-Doo themed? Cause I’m getting Scooby-Doo vibes

    Becky TurnerBecky Turner2 dni temu
  • Usos street profits and new day the best if they were a team

    Olga TrujilloOlga Trujillo2 dni temu
  • The brand split is dead

    zachariahhzachariahh3 dni temu
  • Jus don't like the street profits sorry can't get into them at all

    The voiceless ShinobiThe voiceless Shinobi3 dni temu
  • Couldn't they unify the damn titles, have a green strap with a gold plate it would look so much better.

    Matthew H. WiseMatthew H. Wise3 dni temu
  • Lazy and stupid writing

    Kamarul AriffinKamarul Ariffin3 dni temu
  • First time we see two black tag teams am I right 💯

    sorry 4 da weight new k fuck LA chiraq or no waysorry 4 da weight new k fuck LA chiraq or no way3 dni temu
  • "Do you know how Drafts WORK??" Killed me 😂😂

    killwalker 2019killwalker 20193 dni temu
  • The New Day and The Street Profits are one of the best things in professional wrestling ever.

    Bonnie DarkoBonnie Darko3 dni temu
  • What , Booby Roode Is Back

    Shiva SinghShiva Singh3 dni temu
  • Sole hold on dox XD

    Jewlz BroJewlz Bro3 dni temu
  • Who is that guy and who made him official

    Dynamic gamingDynamic gaming3 dni temu
  • Good news is they will more than likely face each other at Survivor Series.

    dbfidelisforeverdbfidelisforever3 dni temu
  • Demarcus cousins

    Lanz PaqueoLanz Paqueo3 dni temu
  • Roode & Ziggler are jealous that the fact Street Profits and The New Day have switched their Tag Team Championship even though they’ve been Drafted.

    Paul RamirezPaul Ramirez3 dni temu
  • Beautiful black gold! Such a fun, classy and classic moment for all the racially diverse talent that got called nig--r by fans and other performers. I remember Bad News Allen, Ernie Ladd, Tony Atlas, Bobo Brazil, and even more recently, the wonderful La Rosa Negron. Anyway, I enjoy progress and prosperity. Salud!

    M. MosesM. Moses3 dni temu
  • Garbage

    Chris_WrestlingChris_Wrestling3 dni temu
  • new day vs street proftis

    Dj Paul RomanoffDj Paul Romanoff3 dni temu
  • The New Day, Big E, And The Street Profits Are Going To Get Along Just Fine 🌟 🌟.. And They Got The Champion Belts.

    Donald Davis Jr.Donald Davis Jr.3 dni temu
  • 0:20 when your swap toys with someone else be like

    Kevin SalasKevin Salas3 dni temu
  • This truly shows how WWE values their tag team division.. swap belts.

    F-DADDY Inc.F-DADDY Inc.3 dni temu
  • Big E to the Street Profits... why do I see the WWE doing that?

    Tyler P.Tyler P.3 dni temu
  • Oh lord could you imagine the four of them running together lol!

    Ronicko KeithRonicko Keith3 dni temu
  • New day saying big e heart 💔💔 bits . Really love 2 team together so good and usos 2 that be crazy

    chanty bchanty b3 dni temu
  • The both sucks

    Sting StingerSting Stinger3 dni temu
  • These 4 and the hurt business would be a great new era nation of domination

    Chad DaleyChad Daley3 dni temu
  • 2020 : Exchange of raw and smackdown tag titles. 2025 : Exchange of WWE CHAMPIONSHIP and UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2040 : Men superstars wearing bra and panties and female superstars with exposed upper body ( Exchange of Costumes ) 2060 : (Random Guy) and Vince McMahon exchange position " This company will be better after Vince McMahon's death" - CM PUNK

    Sujoy SealSujoy Seal4 dni temu
  • What an absolute garbage. I was expecting an unification match

    Allan RVAllan RV4 dni temu
  • 1:13 Xavier 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    What if I defeat Justin Y?What if I defeat Justin Y?4 dni temu
  • The street profits, wal-mart new day

    What if I defeat Justin Y?What if I defeat Justin Y?4 dni temu
  • Black People make things tho' (fact)

    jey arttjey artt4 dni temu
  • Imagine watching wrestling as an adult lol

    SD912SD9124 dni temu
  • They could do a ladder match... Street Profits could grab the SD tag titles & New Day could grab the RAW tag titles... Woods saying it is the most logical thing was the dumbest...

    Shupto 98Shupto 984 dni temu
  • Street profits vs New Day vs Uso's would be so lit

    James SwainJames Swain4 dni temu
  • Tag team wrestling is dead. It sucks in WWE and AEW.

    ron savageron savage4 dni temu
  • Black powers ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

    Jose Valdez/ KamenRiderGeekJose Valdez/ KamenRiderGeek4 dni temu
  • street profits rarely wrestle

    ChungusChungus4 dni temu
  • The moment in WWE misses an opportunity to make the tag team division very wellthey always just have to do something very stupid and silly because it's gay

    Andrew CaceresAndrew Caceres4 dni temu
  • "Yes, that is the most logical solution" Xavier couldn't have been any more apparent with his sarcasm if he were to pull a Deadpool and tell us he was being sarcastic.

    RetroKoHRetroKoH4 dni temu
  • The ND are midgets

    Don DonDon Don4 dni temu
  • T I 9pm iodine to

    wr3d universewr3d universe4 dni temu
  • To up up I'll 9pm up

    wr3d universewr3d universe4 dni temu
  • The virus is swap too

    Red Duane OligoRed Duane Oligo4 dni temu
  • the all African american Tag team Champions.

    ankur palankur pal4 dni temu
  • lucky there was so much charisma to save this segment, because boy did this booking decision just make the tag division look even worse.

    J_ DelayJ_ Delay4 dni temu
  • 2 of the worst tag teams ever their getting boring now talentless idiots

    Phill BrooksPhill Brooks4 dni temu
  • Record keeping goes out the window

    Agent SmithAgent Smith4 dni temu
  • I don't like the Street profits as Champion

    Donald .J. TrumpDonald .J. Trump4 dni temu
  • Idk what these new people are “street profits” I just wanted to say one dude is a wannabe the weeknd

    JGTV FunJGTV Fun4 dni temu
  • they shud kick big e langston out the group... say he started drinking or someshit..... and then these guys take over..... kind of works...

    Shelvin MaharajShelvin Maharaj4 dni temu
  • New day without big e ain’t nothing

    F2h3d MF2h3d M4 dni temu
  • Robert roooode deserves better

    Phil Mac’s TravelPhil Mac’s Travel4 dni temu
  • Dolph trying not to laugh when Kofi got the block up lmaooooo

    Francis BuenafeFrancis Buenafe4 dni temu
  • The tag team belts becoming useless

    Neil deGrasse Hawking RadiationNeil deGrasse Hawking Radiation4 dni temu
  • It’s a black thing

    awmos thyrfawmos thyrf4 dni temu
  • The new day ang the Street profits has many similarities

    Lance ManzanoLance Manzano4 dni temu
  • Stupid stupid stupid

    Gaming ZoneGaming Zone4 dni temu
  • These 4 should be a team 🤣

    Kobe FonteloKobe Fontelo4 dni temu
  • The WWE is basically trolling their fans at this point with how illogical and ridiculous all their decisions are. The Draft and stuff like this is so insulting to your intelligence, but WWE knows their fanbase will watch whatever trash they vomit up regardless of the quality, because it's all they've ever known and lack the drive and/or ability to find all the better Pro Wrestling companies and shows that are readily available. AEW, NJPW, MLW...hell even Impact has vastly improved, and ROH is at least TRYING. The other unfortunate part in all this is, by trying to sabotage AEW, NXT is now just a shell of its former self, and has simply become a watered down RAW-lite. I'm so glad I quit Main Roster WWE years ago and have NO idea why the hell this showed up in my feed.

    MyMiniMovieMagicMyMiniMovieMagic4 dni temu
  • its sad big e is not around

    Mohamad FarelMohamad Farel4 dni temu
  • Could we have New Day & Street Profit vs The Hurt Business

    SamLySamLy4 dni temu
  • wtf is this? 🙄 and why tf Bobby Roode and dolph Ziggler still jobbers

    SatheeshSatheesh4 dni temu
  • Even Woods knows the decision is illogical

    Cody WoodCody Wood4 dni temu
  • Such lazy booking. The amount of disinterest in creating compelling storylines amazes me

    Morrison MusicMorrison Music4 dni temu
  • Who is patricia?

    Andrew ChorroAndrew Chorro4 dni temu
  • Love that part we want the smoke at 1:32

    The LassKickerThe LassKicker4 dni temu
  • How many tag team in wwe ?

    sk leasersk leaser4 dni temu
  • 🎶What are the rules???🎶

    Jeremy HornJeremy Horn4 dni temu
  • When Kofi put up his hand and said wohh he sound like Oscar from shark tales 😳 1:16

    Ingram WilliamsIngram Williams4 dni temu
  • New Day And Street Profits need to have a 4 man tag team match against someonr

    Lynn SpencerLynn Spencer4 dni temu
  • Yess perfect match MY BOYYYYYYYY

    Chris DolkesChris Dolkes4 dni temu
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Gianni WilcoxGianni Wilcox4 dni temu
  • G

    Gianni WilcoxGianni Wilcox4 dni temu
  • GianniWilcox

    Gianni WilcoxGianni Wilcox4 dni temu
  • We gon have ourselves a tag team match playas

    Chris MansouriChris Mansouri4 dni temu
  • I wouldn't doubt that the New Day outfits were inspired by The Rugrats or Spongebob Squarepants 😂😂

    Curse Of The BoogeymanCurse Of The Boogeyman4 dni temu
  • 0:22 Clown the Clippers every night 😂😂😂😂

    It’sAiden 2CoolIt’sAiden 2Cool4 dni temu
  • I want the the street profits back on raw im a raw guy not a smackdown guy I'm going to be both now and *I want the smoke!*

    Ajstlye playsAjstlye plays4 dni temu
  • 1:31 play it on 0.25x 😂😂 Edit: Also play the outro on 0.25x, it sounds different

    Alfie 568Alfie 5684 dni temu
  • So when are the New Day and the Street Profits gonna join forces and become the New Profits?

    BigBossBoomyBigBossBoomy4 dni temu
  • Robert Roode is a idiot he doesn’t know about draft

  • OMG I don’t know by I actually like the New Day and Street Profits as a team 🤣😂

    Cheese SticksCheese Sticks4 dni temu
  • So street profits are tag grand slam right?

    Marcel Lola EtoháMarcel Lola Etohá4 dni temu