9 Products That Will Upgrade Your Summer!

28 sie 2020
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0:00 - It's Hot Outside
1:18 - Sac It Up
3:34 - These Guys Sucks At Darts
5:46 - You Can Play Pong Anywhere
9:20 - Best Water Gun EVER MADE
11:52 - What Do You Catch In The Dark?
14:14 - Are We Fans Of The Umbrella Fan? ...get it
16:19 - Bottle Launchers Are Back And BETTER THAN EVER
17:52 - Matt Hits Himself, Tanner Hits A Neighbor...maybe
20:21 - We Throw Another Product Over The Fence On Accident
22:28 - Final Rankings!

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    • Dope week

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    • The bows are for kids.The water Baloon one is for kids I can fire it well.

      Gretchen SchmeckpeperGretchen Schmeckpeper7 dni temu
    • 애ㅔㄷㅈㄷㄷㅏ

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    • Okay

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  • dope week

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  • I havent watched this channel in a long time, wheres micheal?

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  • Arizona in the summer can almost get up to 200 or 199 degrees

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  • plworld.info/show/kn-erta5nXPfZrg/wideo.html

    Nail x tripsNail x trips2 dni temu
  • dope week

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  • Gosh it’s so hot outside! * wears black jeans

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  • Level 2 summer

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  • I can put a hole in a chair

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  • Who remembers when it was Mathias and Brian and Mathias had hair and no beard

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  • The dart board I think is a old like to buy!

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  • dope week

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  • Dope week

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  • so mathias went from the hair being on his head to his chin and now looks like discount baby mr clean

    Kaleb SanbornKaleb Sanborn8 dni temu
  • Rip tanner phone 11:39


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  • I thik you sued get the ps5

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  • @dobeweek

  • me living only 1 hour away from them

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  • 10 banger objects more like low budget coolest banger little objects

    GG BOI !!!GG BOI !!!11 dni temu
  • Nope

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  • Put on the AC

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  • Oooooo I like yo cut g ahhhhhhhh

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  • I'm on Chicago lel

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  • tanner i have licked every single nerf bullet too😂

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  • Dope week

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  • 15:30 is that cutting your hair😂

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  • When they walked into the rekt set. 😢☹️🤧

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  • any one else wanna see the other side of the room

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  • me:(hears”dope week”) my brain: what about nope week

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    • YES

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  • IT IS 9

    Mina YakhaMina Yakha16 dni temu
  • who else justs want to put a sucktion cup on his forhead lol

    hunter 141hunter 14116 dni temu
  • We made water rockets in 6th grade science club and I still have mine to this day. All you need is a pen cap, some pvc, pvc glue, a drill, hot glue, an heat gun or open flame, a large soda bottle (make sure it fits over the pvc pipe) and a bike pump. Full the bottle with water and watch it fly, hours of summer fun!

    Geek_Girl Gaming!Geek_Girl Gaming!16 dni temu
  • 10 products that help you with sleep?

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  • Dope week

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  • 10 products that will make this channel alive again!

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  • Dope week

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  • Tanner says 10 the video title says 9

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  • tanner has the blessing of not knowing what milk is or why his parents abandoned him to go on a quest to find it

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  • 3 and man

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  • I've been gone for a few years, why is matt bald?

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  • The thumbnail made it look like it the gun was shooting ice, that’s gotta hurt.

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  • Idk bout anyone else but I catch depression in the dark lol

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  • I leave for like 2 years and he’s bald and he has a beard?!!!

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  • Where can I buy the water gun

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  • Hot nuggies

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  • dope week survival challenge

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  • DOPE WEEK (I know it's been months but I want one so yeah)

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  • 23:13 They did not add review of BEANBAG!!

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  • Matt: she thic Amanda:umayuwa muh sindhayu Me/veiwers:😂😂😂😂

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  • (Water guns) lol

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  • Y’all should do those water fins on Battle Universe

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  • If you live in Thailand it's always summer I feel like I could cook eggs on the sidewalk 👇

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  • *I like your cut g*

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  • Where's Michael?

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  • Tanner it’s supposed to fly up to 600 feet *throws at ground*

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  • They could have just blurred it out

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  • When the fan hit his head and made that dinggg sound I died laughing 😂😂😂😂

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  • When you dope

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  • Who remember battle universe?????

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  • 14:18 👌

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  • I’m now looks like water gun shooting water real bullets

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  • I nEeD tHe StAcK It Up

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  • Why did you lie about the outside appearance of the water gun?

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