Damian Priest vs. Dexter Lumis - NXT North American Championship Match: WWE NXT, Oct. 14, 2020

14 paź 2020
241 932 wyświetleń

The Tortured Artist looks to make the most of his title opportunity against The Archer of Infamy. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • Great things: South of Heaven, Dexter's kip up into a leg drop, Regal. Not great things: Whatever Shotzi was trying to do.

    Aaron BrummetAaron Brummet13 godzin temu
  • You know it sucks when you record NXT on your TV and it doesn't end when it's supposed to

    RoboKnight37RoboKnight37Dzień temu
  • so ive seen damian use the archer motion of fantasma, kofi's TinP, and Cody's crossrhodes... anyone else's moves in damuan's set? and i love shotzi... but that acting made me cringe so badly

    MJ YIMJ YIDzień temu
  • that’s the first time he has used his old finished to win a match

    Edward CarterEdward Carter2 dni temu
  • "Stay out of my business." Real Champion stance. ⚔️

    War Hogs DefenseWar Hogs Defense2 dni temu
  • cuckoo

    Epin IbrahimEpin Ibrahim2 dni temu
  • This match should be rematch. Stupid grimes

    Wi Gaming ChannelWi Gaming Channel2 dni temu
  • Don't get me wrong I like Shotzi but that promo was just cringe

    heffman102heffman1022 dni temu
  • I am very happy with the great young talent WWE has, but until they start beating the established stars on a regular basis it is useless sending them to RAW or SMACKDOWN. This is why Finn Balor had to return to NXT and why Nakamura and Roode have been put in useless tag team matches when the WWE does not give much importance to tag teams.

    Sebastian VellaSebastian Vella3 dni temu
  • Punishment Martin-- *cough* sorry... Damien Priest reminds me of The Machine from WMAC Masters.

    Leather HitmanLeather Hitman3 dni temu
  • That just made Halliween Havoc and Blackheart seem more gay than Sonny Kiss 🤯

    Appalachian AbominationAppalachian Abomination3 dni temu
  • I'm gonna be pissed if Priest doesn't retain. It's too damn early.

    whos Primitivewhos Primitive3 dni temu
  • I like how priest is but wwe has too many dark characters it’s time to create fresh vibes.

    V VendettaV Vendetta3 dni temu
  • Spin the wheel of mythicality... oh wait

    Venom WolfVenom Wolf3 dni temu
  • 4:13 - 🎡 the ⚙️, make the 💲

    Michael SimpsonMichael Simpson3 dni temu
  • 2:49 - OUCH!

    Michael SimpsonMichael Simpson3 dni temu
  • FINALLY Priest is using the South of Heaven as a finisher, i hope he just dumps the Reckoning

    bohemianRaSpodybohemianRaSpody3 dni temu

    Vinko CatchVinko Catch3 dni temu
  • Also shotzi blackheart should face io shirai I love Candice LeRae but shotzi blackheart should get her shot

    Israel VinsonIsrael Vinson3 dni temu
  • I can't wait for both Johnny and Candice match next Wednesday it's gonna be crazy and great matches

    Israel VinsonIsrael Vinson3 dni temu
  • I love that Blackheart is hosting Halloween Havoc, she is so cool and is just like the devil himself.

    Scott WilsonScott Wilson3 dni temu
  • Shotzi is from driving a mini tank now transforming a wolf. I really like it

    Đặng Nguyên PhươngĐặng Nguyên Phương3 dni temu
  • Bro I can see damian priest winning the NXT championship

    Randolph DavidRandolph David3 dni temu
  • Shotzi needs promo lessons

    Blue WaffleZzBlue WaffleZz3 dni temu
  • That last part is pure cringe

    Mikki MikkiMikki Mikki3 dni temu
  • Dexter Lumis won the match but ignored it. When he had the silence locked in and preist got his foot on the rope Lumis pulled his foot off before the count of 5 and preist was out cold in Lumis' arms. If you look at the full match on the WWE network you will see what I mean.

    Sol MontanaSol Montana3 dni temu
  • Damian priests white attire is the best in my opinion, it really suits him with his North American Championship.

    Dem ManDem Man3 dni temu
  • Tries too deepen her voice but sounds like a 1950s villain

    Steffan GriffithsSteffan Griffiths4 dni temu
  • I like that they've noticed shotzi is over enough to find a way to get her on the show but the way they've presented her or at least her delivery was so cringey

    k n00k n004 dni temu
  • Again an injury, great job Gargano.

    Mano van BenthemMano van Benthem4 dni temu
  • Guess the host of halloween havoc just make things much more interesting

    RRJ RoxasRRJ Roxas4 dni temu
  • Meh preist is wack..... Loomis is by far one of my favorite wrestlers ever....

    swamp thingswamp thing4 dni temu
  • 😂😂😂😂

  • Priest should use that sit out choke slam as his finisher , it fits him better

    Crazin chewieCrazin chewie4 dni temu
  • wwe gonna make a lot money with this guy🤑(priest)

    Zul FaqarZul Faqar4 dni temu
  • Ok WWE is going balls out cause of WCW did the same thing in the 90’s but if WWE pull this off I would like to see what set they’ll use and I mean if you got the rights to pull it off use the actual set for Halloween Havoc

    Kadeem SaxtonKadeem Saxton4 dni temu
  • glad shotzi is making a name for herself

    ghostlyghostly4 dni temu
  • Damian Priest 🔥

    DANNY DDANNY D4 dni temu
  • I dunno if I want to dislike it because Dexter lost or if I want to like it because the match was really good.

    its-RobZenits-RobZen4 dni temu
    • @Sana Adeeb Thanks for telling me this. I mean its not like I could've seen that...

      its-RobZenits-RobZen4 dni temu
    • Grimes interfered in the match

      Sana AdeebSana Adeeb4 dni temu
  • Priest is much better than Reigns in the ring in fact he's better than most of the main roster.

    Christopher HoweChristopher Howe4 dni temu
    • Mcintyre is actually good, I like Reigns but he's just not entertaining enough in the ring.

      Christopher HoweChristopher HoweDzień temu
    • Not drew mcintyre

      is is jamichaelis is jamichael3 dni temu
  • Dexter lumis vs kross when he returns

    ZayeZaye4 dni temu
  • Every since priest debuted he's been on top his size n height the way he move is unbelievable he deserves that damn belt around his waste I wouldn't be made if he becomes the longest reigning nxt champion in history

    ZayeZaye4 dni temu
  • Lumis really deserve to be the new north american champion or NXT champion

    Junior WtfxckingBJunior WtfxckingB4 dni temu
  • Ok damien priest is full face now

    TheRandom ?TheRandom ?4 dni temu
  • What a fun match. Two future stars.

    Norab NibrocNorab Nibroc4 dni temu
  • Halloween havoc roulette boiiiiiiiiiii

    Dylan the bi guyDylan the bi guy4 dni temu
  • А здесь русские есть?

    _Skrux __Skrux _4 dni temu
  • Burred alive and +casket = bye bye

    Peace The SkyPeace The Sky4 dni temu
  • Welp the garganos die on Halloween ._.

    Peace The SkyPeace The Sky4 dni temu

    Tony StarkTony Stark4 dni temu
  • Damien Priest is a face now?

    Tony StarkTony Stark4 dni temu
    • Don't u think that obvious? I mean sure I admit that I don't like him at first but he's actually pretty cool though. Besides that, he's like the younger version of The Undertaker but the only difference between them is their personalities.😔🤷🏽‍♂️😏😊

      Ryan PorchiaRyan Porchia3 dni temu
  • I love shotzi Blackheart man she's different and has a unique look and personality and good wrestler as well she did a really good laugh there to I'd love to see her take place in her own gimmick match at Halloween havoc

  • Commentating sucks tbh. From 1:30 whoever the guy that replaced Mauro Ranallo sounds like he's just cramming all the remaining lines of a script into the last 10 seconds or something. Even before that when he exclaimed, "i CaN,t BeLiEvE wHaT jUsT hApPeNeD!", sounds I don't know how would you put it, unprofessional? Well it's obviously still professional because this is professional wrestling, so it falls under that standard, I guess. So I guess a better way of describing it would be unseasoned. Sounds like a ring announcer who's been paid extra to call matches on commentary too. Nah. It actually sounds exactly like the commentary on WWE games. "Well I certainly wouldn't say it's sportsmanlike, but I can't exactly say it's ILLEGAL either", "This sold out capacity crowd here on their feet for these two superstars", "And the sound of human flesh hitting the ground ECHOES throughout the ARENA", "I THINK HE’S THROUGH PLAYING AROUND!!!". Wonder if CM Punk would ever be open to a role on commentary for NXT. The pairing of he and Wade Barrett woukd be interesting too, being that they both were leaders of the NXT stable that was in WWE 10 years ago. What would make it even more cool is the fact that CM Punk and Barrett had their rivalry for the leadership of Nexus during the time CM Punk was a commentator on RAW. I think it's like a Gorilla and Heenan combination, Barrett can rib Punk for his failed MMA stint, Punk can rib Barrett for being a lousy commentator, as well as a lousy faction leader, with Punk leaving commentary to lead Nexus instead of Wade, and now Punk seemingly returning back to lead commentary instead of Wade. It's like he took his job, so Wade goes and takes the empty job Punk left, and then all these years later Punk returns with that classic look on his face like, what are you doing here? I'm the commentator remember. Then pit the two of them in an octagon for a MMA exhibition, have punk finally secure his dream of a victory in MMA, and then Barrett take his gloves off and clocks Punk in the jaw, next Takeover PPV is now a bareknuckle boxing match, because if you all remember Wade Barrett was originally billed as a bareknuckle boxer from Blackpool. This is entertainment. This is television. And this doesn't need 15 minute segments to open or close a show. It doesn't need to be constantly reminded to the audience because they are commentary, so it becomes just a natural part of the broadcast. Then every Wednesday night it's not about whether you want to watch AEW or NXT. It's instead about wanting to hear the weird and wacky commentary pairing on NXT. Because it's new and fresh and rejuvenating to listen to. Whereas JR, Tony Schiavone and the likes of Taz, they're just the voices we're used to hearing on our TV. Sure we all love their commentary, but after hearing them for so long, it's more likely for the audience to become tired of listening rather quickly. This is the end of the rabbithole.

    Andrew HowdenAndrew Howden4 dni temu
  • Pq tava tão enbaçado assim amores?

    Giovanna BritoGiovanna Brito4 dni temu
  • 1:21 Should name that move after the moon landing. "...One Giant Leap for Cameron Grimes"

    Andrew HowdenAndrew Howden4 dni temu
  • I knew Grimes would cost Lumis the match but part of me was hoping for a swerve like his interference backfired and actually helped Lumis win instead. Regardless, Dexter has main evented NXT at least three times so I can't complain too much, his time will come, and Grimes is one of my other favorites (Dexter's my favorite guy in all of WWE right now), so them feuding makes me happy. Dex took that chokeslam like a goddamn champ.

    mth1022mth10224 dni temu
  • If grimes didn't interfere, Dexter would have probably won

    NB OriginNB Origin4 dni temu
  • This is so cringe 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    PosterBoyStealz _PosterBoyStealz _4 dni temu
  • Can’t get better then this

    victoria ortizvictoria ortiz4 dni temu
  • Nxt all was looking good

    victoria ortizvictoria ortiz4 dni temu
  • The video was good til she laughed and howling at the end 👎🏼👎🏼

    TheethandiazTheethandiaz4 dni temu
  • I want Priest with long reign, but i also wants Lumis with title. God:(

    Matěj PolákMatěj Polák4 dni temu
  • WWE NXT Halloween Havoc it’s gonna be fun it’s time to Spin the wheel make a deal and it’s a Tales from the crypt moment in WWE

    Arturo McNeilArturo McNeil4 dni temu
  • What happened to shotzi Blackheart at the end who is the dog correction who's the werewolf

    Luis 2q8Luis 2q84 dni temu
  • Why do they get rematches? Terrible

    fuxt eddfuxt edd4 dni temu
  • Good Champ

    JAMM MitreJAMM Mitre4 dni temu
  • 4:22 what match type on this wheel is your favorite

    Judy ChenJudy Chen4 dni temu
  • All I have to say is that I hope they remember to gimmick the wheel for Takeover.

    wrathofnerdswrathofnerds4 dni temu
  • I like this match and Damien's new finisher

    RealestGuyInTheRoomRealestGuyInTheRoom4 dni temu
  • Punishment Damian Martinez vs Samuel Shaw.

    Timothy TorresTimothy Torres4 dni temu
  • I feel like Lumis should've won, hes just interesting and a great fighter. Imagine him with The Fiend, or Randy? He could be a great heel or a secret face, like in a way Batman.

    Pluviophile LoverPluviophile Lover4 dni temu
    • i like Dexter but it was too early for him to win the championship. And for me, he don't need the belt

      rawl kentoyrawl kentoy4 dni temu
  • We knew how this was going to end. But just imagine if Lumis kicked out of that beautiful chokeslam bomb.

    Austin HillAustin Hill4 dni temu
    • He will kick out if Cameron Grimes didn't give him cave in behind the referee.

      Sana AdeebSana Adeeb4 dni temu
  • I really liked this match. I was kinda hoping it would end with Priest having earned some grudging respect for Lumis, maybe even forming a very weird tag team down the roam, the Artists of Infamy. But then Grimes had to ruin it like he always does.

    Samoan JosephSamoan Joseph4 dni temu
  • I want to have a casket match at halloween havoc imagine the undertaker was there

    Pvz Fan2020Pvz Fan20204 dni temu
  • Lumis has weather the what the hell did i just see tht line made me split out my juice

    Tyrone GriffithTyrone Griffith4 dni temu
  • Bruh that shotzi black promo was so wtf

    Pokémon champion CarsonPokémon champion Carson4 dni temu
  • Shotzi is the only one that could possibly pull off that cheesy spin the wheel catchphrase

    CRAZYD4VE87CRAZYD4VE874 dni temu
  • I knew that grimes would attack lumis

    Martin AndersenMartin Andersen4 dni temu
  • Shotzi sucks. Shes so cringe

    Elite ArchitectElite Architect4 dni temu
  • 3:55 what was that promo ? That was awful

    Roman GuzmanRoman Guzman4 dni temu
  • That chokeslam was on another level...

    sagar sondarvasagar sondarva4 dni temu
  • And this masterpiece named Dexter lumis is trained by none other than Curtis Hughes and the Dudley boys...

    sagar sondarvasagar sondarva4 dni temu
  • I'd like to continue to see Lumis pushed. But right now they aren't doing tons more to build his character.

    Nytrous1Nytrous14 dni temu
  • Not sure who the girl howling was But that was absolutely stupid.

    Brian HockingBrian Hocking4 dni temu
    • Hey! we saw you were a big wrestling fan? Mind checking out our wrestling couple channel? If not no worries!! Have a nice day =)

      Dream Team WrestlingDream Team Wrestling4 dni temu
  • Damian Priest be using the Cross Roads on Cameron Grimes.

    AK MasterAK Master4 dni temu
  • Damn Johnny same face back at it again.... Priest is killing it though!

    OG GarciaOG Garcia4 dni temu
  • It was great until drama school reject Shotzi turned up.

    Switch It with DCSwitch It with DC5 dni temu
  • The Promo from Shotzi was bad…But, the Wheel Blades of fate to determine the extreme matches at NXT Halloween Havoc is great. Imagine some of the matches that might come to be…Bikers Chain Match, Boiler Room Brawl, Weapons Wild Match, Devil’s Playground Match, Buried Alive Match, Casket Match Chamber of Horrors Match & More…I think I know that NXT Halloween Havoc is gonna be more Extreme than The Horror Show at Extreme Rules PPV…

    Ronnie D - Diesel ReactionsRonnie D - Diesel Reactions5 dni temu
  • I love that kick up into a leg drop from lumis. Looked really good

    Nacht BogenNacht Bogen5 dni temu
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Undertaker 2.0

    Downsouth JuanDownsouth Juan5 dni temu
  • 0:50 the spot that got me so excited last night. That was incredible stuff from Dexter

    greenghost2008_Progressivegreenghost2008_Progressive5 dni temu
  • Wanna know what would be a good match is 2015 Lesnar vs 2020 Orton

    King23LeBronKing23LeBron5 dni temu
  • dexter Lumis vs THE fiend bray wyatt 2 weeks

    Gilberto De Jesus JrGilberto De Jesus Jr5 dni temu
  • Every week I watch NXT because of Damian Priest

    Dean CampzDean Campz5 dni temu
  • damn this is already cool until... Shotszi kinda cringe up the whole thing

    Trojann PerezTrojann Perez5 dni temu
  • This match was pretty solid. To anyone who hasn’t watched I would

    D.B. 44D.B. 445 dni temu

  • C R I N G E

    Loud NoobSmokeLoud NoobSmoke5 dni temu
  • Can’t wait to know what “spin the wheel,make a deal means”

  • The Legdrop from Dexter was sick!!! Good Move!!!

    FurbyinhoFurbyinho5 dni temu