Can You Upload Your Mind & Live Forever?

10 gru 2020
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The desire to be free from the limits of the human experience is as old as our first stories. We exist in an endless universe, only bound by the laws of physics and yet, our consciousness is trapped in mortal machines made of meat. With the breathtaking explosion of innovation and progress, for the first time the concept of leaving our flesh piles behind and uploading our minds into a digital utopia seems possible. Even like the logical next step on our evolutionary ladder.
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    Kurzgesagt – In a NutshellKurzgesagt – In a Nutshell4 miesięcy temu
    • e

      bruhbruh13 dni temu
    • The only probolem you would have is that even if you could copie your conscience to another it would not be you, you would have to move the conscience in order to be yourself

      spicy waterspicy water18 dni temu
    • Please do an episode on Nanotechnology

      CamCamMiesiąc temu
    • Sorry Kurzgesagt but living an eternity in a digital utopia is wrong and here's why: There will always be billions, quadrillions or sextillions of planets within our hubble sphere where life is having a very bad time (possibly much worse than here) and they could use our help. Every civilization capable of helping others can contribute to raising the average quality of life in the entire universe, even if said universe is infinite, provided everyone participates in their own region of space. Living a selfish super-happy eternal life will only be an option when space has expanded enough so everyone is out of everyone else's reach. So let's ride our stellar engine as fast as possible through our galaxy and have this eternal utopia discussion in a few trillion years when we spend the rest of our existence harvesting Milkdromeda's black hole's angular momentum with mirrors.

      lightspeed bubblelightspeed bubble2 miesięcy temu
    • @Aditya Vinekar the thing would go up in fucking flames

      Emil FladstrandEmil Fladstrand2 miesięcy temu
  • LMAO ... we havnt played the game yet but we are sure it will be amazing..... LMAO... well it wasnt .. they lied to everyone and got sued for it and I wouldnt want my business name anywhere near CD Project dead.. oops red.. big Kurzgesagt fail

    theCUBE403theCUBE4032 godzin temu
  • that cyberpunk promo didn't age too well lol

    yoherson de leonyoherson de leon6 godzin temu
  • Upload to Google drive

    Trashy memezTrashy memez7 godzin temu

    J -WilkJ -Wilk7 godzin temu
  • I have a question think abt a burger In ur mind u don't see it but u know what it looks like and think of it in ur brain u know what I mean u see it u think abt it but don't see it in real life where do u see it as in

    Smooth Dorii ツSmooth Dorii ツ10 godzin temu
  • This also reminds me of the 100 Season 6.

    Jarrod Knox-leetJarrod Knox-leet11 godzin temu
  • It would be a copy, not you.

    Jonathan EllisJonathan Ellis13 godzin temu
  • The first 30 seconds are just... Breathtaking

    idioticpaperclipidioticpaperclip14 godzin temu
  • 옛날부터 사람의 육신과 영체에 대한 이야기는 아주 흥미로운 주제이죠. 과학기술이 발달한 지금 이러한 정신세계로 빠져든다는 것이 불가능한 영역이 아닌것같습니다. 저도 영적세계를 체험해보고 싶네요. 재밌는 영상 감사합니다.

    편경훈편경훈17 godzin temu
  • No, you can't... it would be a copy. Go ahead tho' -make my day!

    erikalserikals19 godzin temu
  • Cyberpunk?

    Tai GTai GDzień temu
  • Greatest video I have Ever seen..Gave me the Great Purpose 🔥. Everybody take care don't die and let's be together make this all Happen. I'm Super cyBer-pUmpEd

    []ジャイ[][]ジャイ[]Dzień temu
  • you will never be able to live forever by uploading yourself to a computer. your biological body would still die, the "mind" left in the computer is just a copy. you would still die. think this way if you upload yourself to a computer but manage to also live in your biological body at the same time, would you have one life in two environment. or would the second "mind" live independently from you. if the second option is true then yourself cant never actually live forever. doesnt matter if you upload yourself to a machine or not you "YOU" would still die one day.

    LucasLucasDzień temu
  • I literally cannot imagine anything worse than this.

    Matthew CMatthew CDzień temu
  • Lol cyberpunk

    michael rossmichael rossDzień temu
  • One concept I haven't seen discussed is what happens to your present self (brain and consciousness) even if this was successful. You're essentially copying yourself so your current self will perish no matter what.

    Adam MeyerAdam MeyerDzień temu
  • Jonny deep would disagree

    YuriYuriDzień temu
  • F :,( 5:08

    Julián Santiago Marín RosasJulián Santiago Marín RosasDzień temu
  • The question of weather you coppied yourself and killed the original mind, will never leave you. You need to physically extract the mind. And that sounds impossible.

    Yeros SyleYeros SyleDzień temu
  • Jarvis and ultron left the group 😂

    Allenzo BarlisAllenzo BarlisDzień temu
  • Jarvis and ultron left the group 😂

    Allenzo BarlisAllenzo BarlisDzień temu
  • its impressive that the human brain has a file size comparable to the internet itself.

    Mirrored {} ChaosMirrored {} ChaosDzień temu
  • Like kanto in akudama drive

    Defian oky PratamaDefian oky Pratama2 dni temu
  • Making a mind doesn’t mean our own mind can experience it. The new mind will be experienced from a different perspective but we will not experience it because our Consciousness is in our self

    NotAidanNotAidan2 dni temu
  • Time for me to become the most useless A.I known to man

    crimsontyphoon 10crimsontyphoon 102 dni temu
  • I like the danger sound that is also in mech arena game

    ScrapLScrapL2 dni temu
  • the animations and Visual effects are wonderful

    Mohammad Al TamymyMohammad Al Tamymy2 dni temu
  • 1:06 " well its complicated" *video ends*

    Nicolas LegutNicolas Legut2 dni temu
  • Highly recommend folks to play SOMA which executes this concept wonderfully

    H.G.H.G.2 dni temu
  • But the question is, why would you want to live forever?

    C LC L2 dni temu
  • i wanna johnny silverhand myself

    NotSnorvoNotSnorvo2 dni temu
  • Just imagine having a psychotic breakdown for ∞

    HiHi2 dni temu
  • I’d definitely want to experience a life like simulation of dinosaurs where I can actually interact with it and even get eaten with no danger of dying. Imagine just being able to turn off your ears when you need some quiet time or code your body to automate certain tasks everyday so that when you "wake up" all you have to do is whatever you want. I wouldn’t want us to necessarily have capabilities of a computer for instance if you wanted to play a game of chess with a friend, it’d be no fun as it’s the same turns every time. I’d want to master a whole bunch of skills and you’d likely even be able to change your appearance as well as even change your voice and maybe even taste buds. Having complete mastery of your biology and mind would also allow you to rapidly develop new technology and maybe even create a biological 3d printer so you could print things like truffles or the best steaks. Although if you were able to control your mind you might even be able to fire the right neutrons in order to trigger the feeling/taste of a food at any given moment.

    Myles WolfeMyles Wolfe2 dni temu
  • So the answer is no.

    Overlook EdcomicsOverlook Edcomics2 dni temu
  • OKay so your not going to go into the biggest problem then? You can't upload your mind .Your mind is not software. It's both hardware and software at the same time. Computers might be able to copy your mind. But it will never ever be you .

    Koen Diepen, vanKoen Diepen, van3 dni temu
  • 가자!! 2D 세카이로!!!

    InnovationInnovation3 dni temu
  • Why would u want ur Brain uploaded if it isn't u. I personally don't see the point

    Alfie PetersAlfie Peters3 dni temu
  • It's appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment. You'll live forever in one of two places......................heaven or hell. The above will never happen.

    Rebecca HartRebecca Hart3 dni temu
    • It seems highly possible it will happen. We are electricity, after all. Uploading us to a machine or a complex computer seems possible.

      Aditya KhanAditya KhanDzień temu
  • yeah the shitty part is that we live now and not when it's possible

    LGV GAMERLGV GAMER3 dni temu
  • 1 thing for sure this technology will only get to the hands of the rich

    andono kusuma jatiandono kusuma jati3 dni temu
  • There's no further human stupidness and "be small" feeling when we try to compare our brain to a computer. This is what I call sun humanism which comes from the fact we put ourselves under human levels and not above human existence. Into a binary code level a smartest of amoeba. This is why in the uploading process we lose what we want to save in the first place from dying OUR OWN SOUL!

    Solymosi ÁkosSolymosi Ákos3 dni temu
  • Kurzgesagt : "Can You Upload Your Mind & Live Forever?" Kayaba : "Don't mind if i do!"

    Vng AxVng Ax3 dni temu
    • You mean Seto Kaiba?

      Zack_On_FireZack_On_Fire2 dni temu
  • I always watching these HIGH AF

    Vladimír AugustinVladimír Augustin3 dni temu
  • im good with dying. the only good reason to live on is for activism

    GeneralArmorusGeneralArmorus3 dni temu
  • I kind of wish this was sponsored by SOMA instead.

    2272273 dni temu
  • Everyone knows that all you have to do is die in the real world while you're in the void

    Colelevel2Colelevel23 dni temu
  • next level animations , dayum!

    meruemmeruem3 dni temu
  • Altered Carbon vibes.

    Durotimi MafeDurotimi Mafe3 dni temu
  • 'Invent religions' i really like your content but i want to see the look on your face if one day you find out that religions are really sent by a god who created this universe .

    tsuki no metsuki no me3 dni temu
  • This video is better than the actual game

    AdrianAdrian4 dni temu
  • The human brain never ceases to amaze my brain

    LarionLarion4 dni temu
  • If love could lose its appeal because u can get it with the push of a button, why the surprise and emotion of being in a simulated past would be appealing? There could be a button also for that emotion

  • Transcendence

    Shashwat JainShashwat Jain4 dni temu
  • 1:00 Dude just said "screw it, pigeon time"

    TheFancyMagmaBlockTheFancyMagmaBlock4 dni temu
  • What a BGM!!

    김대현김대현4 dni temu
  • It would be so cool if there is like a facility like Aperture Science with GLaDOS and stuff. I played too much Portal. But it would be cool!

    MiikusMiikus4 dni temu
  • There was a time I was high on shrooms and I considered uploading myself to the internet so I can "live forever". I got scared about not having a body so I aborted the upload idea..:D

    Burner PhoneBurner Phone4 dni temu
  • "Humans have historically been horrible at predicting the pace of progress". Have you heard Elon with his deadlines. Aliens are equally horrible.

    slashybluesyslashybluesy4 dni temu
  • My mind is blown

    NithionNithion4 dni temu
  • Well... I doubt YOU yourself would be the one living forever, but rather an AI that it's an exact copy of yourself, you will just die and this double that spawned from you will live on, but you as a person will no longer exist, it is although an exact copy, a completely separate person who remains.

    SylvieSylvie4 dni temu
  • Imagine if this stuff was available during WW2 and Hitler is alive then the allies find it and like they bully Hitler every time with Art school jokes

    Raymund P JablaRaymund P Jabla4 dni temu
  • Soma did a good job with this. It essentially stated that you CAN upload you into a computer, but ACTUAL you will remain and will go nowhere.

    Alexander AckermanAlexander Ackerman4 dni temu
  • Dennis E Taylor's Bobiverse series is all about this

    Mike FaroughMike Farough4 dni temu
  • What the... theyre doing a sponsor.. damn

    TheAngelArrowTheAngelArrow4 dni temu
  • what if you transfer your brain and you just die and your robot clone continues life thinking it's you

    your momyour mom4 dni temu
  • but the you that is you now will eventually die for sure, even if you copy yourself into something, that's essentially a clone, from the point that the beings separate their fates do separate also, yours will always be the same..

    Paulo ManganoPaulo Mangano4 dni temu
  • "And the LORD said, 'My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.'”

    Fatal HeartFatal Heart5 dni temu
  • My logic is undeniable

    Sakhile MsimangSakhile Msimang5 dni temu
  • 1:05 Duck man 🤣

    Car Pro’sCar Pro’s5 dni temu
  • What if... Your mind is already uploaded, and your consciousness transitions into another entity or “blocks of data” after death.

    Nathan BaxterNathan Baxter5 dni temu
  • If our immortality will be anything like Cyperpunk 2077, I’d rather pass🤦‍♂️🖖

    Fuat DOMANICFuat DOMANIC5 dni temu
  • Soo I'm confused how does 1 square millimeter of mouse brain= 4 kilometers of nerve endings???

    squiggly poopssquiggly poops5 dni temu
  • cyberpunk 2077 = dissapointment

    A WassA Wass5 dni temu
  • 12:00 Amogus

    Francesco CalceFrancesco Calce5 dni temu
  • How about transplanting the brain into a device that provides it the required nutrients, inputs and outputs?

    ToadyENToadyEN5 dni temu
  • but what if you just can put your brain in a robot

    Jan BeránekJan Beránek5 dni temu
  • Even if we get to the point where we can upload minds, we would still never be qble to experience it. From our perspective we would sit down, get scanned, and go ablut the rest of our natural lives. Meanwhile the scanned simulation is now a completely different separate. We'd never know what it feels like to be them.

    average joeaverage joe5 dni temu
  • Dammmnn, that animation is amazing!

    ResolutionResolution5 dni temu
  • 6:20 ... and when we have done all that, we discover that our consciousness is based on quantum fields, and the real work to decipher that "software" begins.

    themetheme5 dni temu
  • I'll say one thing... Believe it or not, we all gonna die

    A.A.GA.A.G5 dni temu
  • p

    Lib ShLib Sh5 dni temu
  • I don't get it. Cyberpunk 2077 was made to be futuristic, but not made for VR?

    Fity BuxFity Bux5 dni temu
  • I think it would be cheaper to live "in fast forward" than to live "in realtime". In fast forward, you could essentially have the same storage costs of your brain, but save on the computing costs side and pause that for a bit.

    Fity BuxFity Bux5 dni temu
  • It's not so much a question of "Can you" but "When will you be able to". If you're a child today, you might stand a chance of living long enough to get your brain uploaded. If you're an aging person above 80, probably not. Everyone in ages in between, it just depends on how fast we put the gas pedal to the floor. Basically, is this sort of thing going to be a priority by governments and corporations, or an afterthought?

    Fity BuxFity Bux5 dni temu
  • This could be true in 2100 because at that time people will use use the device (Neuralink) that Elon musk made to create new machines that makes u able to upload yourself to the internet.

    SniperSniper5 dni temu
  • let this sink in; 4 KM long wire....

    Dr. LoveDr. Love5 dni temu
  • I think one day we will be able to upload a consciousness (or create one) in the digital realm or the future equivalent to it (I don't believe we will be stuck in binary computing forever). The problem is I do not believe we can transfer a consciousness. The person would still exist though in meatspace as it were while a digital copy of their personality and memories goes about and does whatever digital people would do. A cool thing that might be able to happen though is if transfer to a computer is possible, then transfer from a computer should be possible too. In this way, you could go into suspended animation, have a digital copy of yourself work out a problem,visit some cool star systems, whatever, and then upload the memories of your digitized self back into your meat self to "experience" what you did; and for all intents and purposes, it would have been you doing it anyway. ***Warning: Might lead to loss of sanity***

    Glenn MGlenn M6 dni temu
  • we are slowly getting closer to subnauticas extinc race

    XaimXaim6 dni temu
  • I'm not sure I would want to do that...

    Eleni RubisEleni Rubis6 dni temu
  • This is what cave johnson(portal 2) was trying

    ghost2120 was takenghost2120 was taken6 dni temu
  • If you liked this video, go play Soma.

    Scott GriffinScott Griffin6 dni temu
  • "the question, if this digital mind is you?" Good question

    Roope FrimanRoope Friman6 dni temu
  • Wait Upload make just send copy of files. That don't mean we just make just a copy of yourself and when you die, he can say he is you???

    ArnedArned6 dni temu
  • I’d would be on board with this until I thought about how it would really suck if you got a virus in your computer mind and then some scammer took over your mind and stole all your ideas or personal info that way

    Cul 534Cul 5346 dni temu
  • This Chanel is just making me happy!

    MineNatorHDMineNatorHD6 dni temu
  • Death to meat bodies

    OverlordOverlord6 dni temu
  • I love how Kurzgesagt was singing praised for projekt red and then we got the mess that is cyberpunk

    LexitarLexitar6 dni temu
  • Outer wilds

    PoChipzPoChipz6 dni temu
  • Wouldn't my digital copy be an exact copy down to the fact that I know im the copy? Then my digital copy would either be either inferior to my physical copy or jealous of me. This would mean the copy of me wouldn't be me, it is a digital bunch of instincts that are like me but not me.

    The KnightThe Knight6 dni temu