This Turns COKE Into WATER! Testing 7 Futuristic Tech Gadgets!

22 wrz 2020
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Are you tired of 2020? Do you want to live in the distant future where you don't have to worry about all this garbage going on right now? Well, we can't really help you with that. What we CAN help you with is FEELING like you're in the future with these futuristic tech gadgets!!
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0:00 - Should We Review La Croix?
1:24 - Reverse Osmosis Jones
3:43 - Travel Without Wearing Masks?
6:40 - You'll Float Too
9:52 - Writing With Metal
13:13 - Getting Permanently Lit
16:21 - What's The Difference Between The Sun And A Lightbulb?
17:48 - Shock Therapy Challenge
21:01 - Coke Water Taste Test

  • omg ur gana- CRASH 0 - 0

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  • I literally said hi back and tanner just called me rude bruh

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  • Can you put Mountain Dew in the thing which makes different type of juices into water

    Sana NguyenSana Nguyen5 dni temu
  • 2:34 Matt:this is the back? Tanner: I don’t see any horses back there. Lil nas x pun 🤣💀

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  • The noise mat makes at 14.41 is weird

    L58 P56L58 P567 dni temu
    • correction 9.18

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  • you kinda look like Johnny Sins

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  • You'll float too 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

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  • i love u __ [._.]

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  • Silver is not magnetic lol it's a precious metal just like gold isnt magnetic

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  • lol i did not say hey back. Tanner makes a video just saying hey because I did not say back: hey hey hey hey hey hey

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  • legit tanner is so white i thought he had an undershirt on when he unbuttoned his shirt

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  • You should probably filter something not carbonated...

    Sam MelonSam Melon13 dni temu
  • More liquids

    Travis HamblinTravis Hamblin14 dni temu
  • They appear to be based in Lynchburg VA

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  • Not to be rude but do you have anything todo with dude perfect 👌

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  • melted icecream??? mabye

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  • 6:00 there is something called radio garden and it comes from all places it's free and is way better than that junk tust me it's good if. You want to listen to the radio from different countries.

    zander copezander cope18 dni temu
  • It’s sutter not shutter

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  • Hey

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  • Real life hacks

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  • 9:06 that sound effect though

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  • Did anyone catch when pat said you’ll float to like dude nice

    Alexia PercivalAlexia Percival22 dni temu
  • Put store brand water bottles in it

    John WayneJohn Wayne22 dni temu
  • When tanner mocks him self I was so surprised cause I literally do that alll the time I thought I was the only one who did that 🤣

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  • I love your videos!

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  • Turning coke into water? Why should i buy this if i can buy water?

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  • 9:06 eeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • you lie!!!! there is still 2 litres of coke in there, I don't need my degree in math to know that there is roughly 2 litres of water as well as 2 litres of cola in there! Thats not how osmosis works! you should of been left with LESS water than coke!

    Brett RigbyBrett Rigby27 dni temu
  • ______________________

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  • I do remember that show osmosis Jones because I watched it when I was little.

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  • I’d rather turn water into Coke.

    Stina Hayden, RDH, BSStina Hayden, RDH, BS29 dni temu
  • that family force five reference tho "let me see you wobble!!"

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  • The picture from the wine scanner thing look like tanner and matt had a child

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  • Oh god it's Walter whites cousin! 1:56

    TheCriticBehind TheMaskTheCriticBehind TheMaskMiesiąc temu
  • “There’s a guy on the Christian side who can do the reverse of this, now that’s a real god!” ~”Dionysus” Percy Jackson Rick Rordian

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  • 12:43 priceless

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  • Nextime give us water turning to coke

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  • 16 20 55 16 15 30

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  • bgil .bcdfghijkl

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  • 4:57 “Havana ooh why ya”

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  • 21:33 they prob fill it up themselves cuz the coke amout still same

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  • I actually jumped when the water spilled lolol. Hmmm. :D

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  • 14:34 sounds like Matthias saying the F-word

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  • new rule: don’t give tanner wine glasses..

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  • Hi

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    • Hi

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  • 12:12 The way Tanner writes disturbes me

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  • Filter it ALL

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  • Mat is really stupid for a techy

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  • its not banana juice its banana milkshake

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  • 6:00 NOPE

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  • Tanner: Hey!!! Me: I just met you and this is crazy. I think my family thinks I’m insane 😂😂

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  • Omega is the lowest ranking member of the pack.

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  • the coke water is like you just drank coke out of a cup the used that same cup for you water

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  • Let's just appreciate that this video is exactly 24 minutes.

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  • Literally buy a Berkey. Way better for filtering water.

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  • Hi5 studios i love ur chanles espeshely matitis

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  • Osmosis Jones is a movie that my PE teacher shows for an "end of period" Health thing to watch.

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  • Dope or nope is like a toy review for adults lol

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  • This video is dope

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  • "fine dining, nice cuisine... AHHHHHH!!!!" -Matt 2020

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  • Matt: why do I need information about my wine Tanner: It's pretty simple.... Matt: It's taking you a while to answer.Tanner: ding dong It's pretty simple ding dong. I'm dying how funny

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