This Turns COKE Into WATER! Testing 7 Futuristic Tech Gadgets!

22 wrz 2020
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Are you tired of 2020? Do you want to live in the distant future where you don't have to worry about all this garbage going on right now? Well, we can't really help you with that. What we CAN help you with is FEELING like you're in the future with these futuristic tech gadgets!!
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0:00 - Should We Review La Croix?
1:24 - Reverse Osmosis Jones
3:43 - Travel Without Wearing Masks?
6:40 - You'll Float Too
9:52 - Writing With Metal
13:13 - Getting Permanently Lit
16:21 - What's The Difference Between The Sun And A Lightbulb?
17:48 - Shock Therapy Challenge
21:01 - Coke Water Taste Test

  • 10:57 *begins to draw Eric Cartman*

    Wöłf fåįñWöłf fåįñ3 godzin temu
  • 15:15 “that’s the tea sis”😭😂

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  • Why do they always show the thing on the front page first

    Sophia WelbournSophia Welbourn11 godzin temu
  • 9:41 let’s give Pat the hype he deserves from the joke

    Robert ThompsonRobert ThompsonDzień temu
  • He looks like coyote from brave wilderness

    Adriana MaeAdriana MaeDzień temu
  • Fun fact: Popular water filter brands in Canada use reverse osmosis to scam people and trick them to buy their expensive water filter (Sometimes the water filter is fake and doesn't actually work)

    Ferdinand KurniawanFerdinand KurniawanDzień temu
  • I travel all the time without a mask. Its called not putting one on

    Sam PlautzSam Plautz2 dni temu
  • That thumbnail needs to be the other way around we all wish

    DEEGZ009 DirtbikesDEEGZ009 Dirtbikes3 dni temu
  • Be cooler if it made water into coke or even better coke

    GEtBottedsonGEtBottedson4 dni temu
  • Tanner: hi Me: hi Tanner: I didn’t hear you say hi Me: what do you mean you didn’t hear me🥺

    Demon vs AngelDemon vs Angel4 dni temu
  • I love your vids

    Jack JackJack Jack5 dni temu
  • No one ever cleans the REVERSE OSMOSIS thingy out lololool #fail : )

    KTOTOYSKTOTOYS5 dni temu
  • So it seemed like we were talking

    Jonas KingJonas King5 dni temu
  • Right before you said he responded I said hey

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  • why is everyone scared of technolgy "technolgy"!!

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  • Hi

    bjruss .500bjruss .5006 dni temu
  • Just two men having fun and reviewing random stupid but might be really good stuff and and say to each other”stop hiting plus!”and the guy who hits plus is whereing a cow boy hat with a weird fan and being really cool

    Addison Simmons-ScribnerAddison Simmons-Scribner6 dni temu
  • 20:53 thank me tommorow

    Fear Satan CodmFear Satan Codm7 dni temu
  • So why is Tanner's shirt more and more coming off

    Kaloob._Kaloob._7 dni temu
  • Wheres Micheal?

    Israel PenaIsrael Pena7 dni temu
  • I know I jumped when the cup fell😂😂

    El Sims #2002El Sims #20028 dni temu
  • 14:46 Tanner got the big brains 😭😭😭

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  • What is that song 3:52

    DjRe4perDjRe4per8 dni temu
  • what if you use the filter then carbonate it?

    NewbloxersNewbloxers8 dni temu
  • I haven’t seen these guys in a while

    Johnny NewcomerJohnny Newcomer9 dni temu
    • They made a new version

      Sophapia 21Sophapia 216 dni temu
  • I leave for about 5 months I comes back and he’s bald

    Daniel JamesDaniel James9 dni temu
    • Hahaha

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    • bro me too, why he bald?

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    • Me too man

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    Hudson WassermanHudson Wasserman10 dni temu
  • Question: why would u want to buy a bottle of coke, spend money and a bunch of time making something that turns coke into water instead of just using the tap???

    Lee_vi_Lee_vi_10 dni temu
  • when tanner was reviewing the smart wine scanner IQ negative infinity

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  • Hey

    Arzaye RashidArzaye Rashid11 dni temu
  • is that a lead pen?

  • hello tanner i said it happy

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    Mianna BryceMianna Bryce11 dni temu
  • The omega is the one that takes care of the pups when the pack goes to hunt

    Grey WolvesGrey Wolves11 dni temu
  • Who would want to turn coke into water? Just get water, and get coke

    Aj IngogliaAj Ingoglia11 dni temu
  • LOOK AT MY BOULDERS Tanner-2020

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  • Hay

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  • Patt’s laugh is funnier then tanners mom

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  • 2:01 i have to have diet coke cuz i have a health issue that i can’t spell and i can’t i have coke that has. sugar

    hockey girl starter2443hockey girl starter244313 dni temu
  • Umm you need to sharp it on the metallic pen

    Richard GaoRichard Gao13 dni temu
  • Matt is bald now! Since when?

    jeff odilljeff odill13 dni temu
  • mixes eggs

    Extrememercs72 add my epicExtrememercs72 add my epic13 dni temu
  • Who would want water instead of coke

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  • No the future is water into cola

    Jose PaulinoJose Paulino14 dni temu
  • how do y'all get y'all's products so fast

    adam herrerosadam herreros14 dni temu
  • filter some alcohol (like this so they can see)

    xyhtexyhte14 dni temu
  • Vat19 just gets ignored by them. They find all there products there

    Garrett ScottGarrett Scott14 dni temu
  • Tanner: “hey!” Me: “hi” Tanner:”it’s rude not to answer” me going off on him

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  • filter pee!!!!

    Joseph SawyersJoseph Sawyers14 dni temu
  • Matt is such a karen.

    Brianna InmanBrianna Inman15 dni temu
  • Tanner said I'll lick my lips if you hold my hips and it killed me for ten minutes

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  • Why is 20:43 so funny

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  • Bruh matt pulled a history teacher... Love you Mr. Poltti!!

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  • Me wondering what happened Matt's hair: he be looking like a smooth ball doe. Harry Potter Movies: .-. Devil: .-. PLworld: .-. School: .-. My Life: Bonjour Me slapping the cheese nuggets out of myself aka my life* me: N a n i

    Melissa IsgriggMelissa Isgrigg15 dni temu
  • The difference between sun light and a light from a phone is ultraviolet light or uv light. The sun has ultraviolet light which is what reacts with things like solar panels.

    NightwolfReagen ¿NightwolfReagen ¿15 dni temu
  • omg my name is niko!

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  • Matt why did you leave team edge🙁

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  • haha bald

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  • Use pee in it

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  • Just review Danny Gonzalez

    It's xXNinjaSenpaiXxIt's xXNinjaSenpaiXx16 dni temu
  • 3:04 tanner: is that wats going on in my belly when I drink it? Pat or Matt (that rhymed XD): yeah Tanner 2020-2021: IS DAT WAS THE GANZALEZ MY BELLY DREENK ET? XD

    ItzDerpZzZ BOIIItzDerpZzZ BOII16 dni temu

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  • Matt when mega desk gets over powered mega desk studios

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  • Peeeeee

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  • Where is Mike

    العالم عبداللهالعالم عبدالله19 dni temu

    Reach 2k before 2021Reach 2k before 202119 dni temu
  • I have bin watching you for three years and it is So funny

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  • Was the water from coke real because I am thinking about buying it.

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  • mixes eggs

    Anthony PumaAnthony Puma21 dzień temu
  • 22.

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  • The radio thing is pointless because you can do it better for free on radio garden

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  • remember when Matthias had hair

    aaa aaaaaa aaa21 dzień temu

    aaa aaaaaa aaa21 dzień temu
  • these vids are so funny but I miss the good old days when Michael was still there

    The Crazy Guy 22The Crazy Guy 2221 dzień temu
  • Is somthing made from the past and in the present they say it’s a futuristic thing

    Jack PritchardJack Pritchard21 dzień temu
  • No

    Luke Iam new toe the invenit armie Van BoschLuke Iam new toe the invenit armie Van Bosch21 dzień temu
  • Them: alpha, beta and omega Me: yaoi? 🥴

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  • nooooo we want the hair back

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  • how did he know when i said hey

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  • Matt: Who has that problem with a pen or pencil Left handed people in the chat just raging in silence

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  • Did I miss something...where is Michael?

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  • Tanner went small brain 👁👄👁

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  • 7:53 its nickel iron or cobalt

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  • I so shook that they spelled moscow wrong it's moskau

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  • Hi5's newest channel crew reveiw

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  • Reverse Osmosis Jones. Isnt it meant to just clean water from toxic stuff?

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  • Random question r they gay

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  • Pro tip: all words that end with shin/shon is spelt tion

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