INCREDIBLE BEACH PERFORMANCE | Taylor Swift - Love Story | Allie Sherlock, Saibh Skelly & Band cover

29 kwi 2021
368 572 wyświetleń

Hi everyone, we had so much fun finally performing again and on the beachI It was such an amazing day. This is "Love Story by Taylor Swift" with The 3 Busketeers and Saibh Skelly.
this was completely improvised so please excuse and imperfections 😋
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  • Loved the beach background!! Awesome band jam session!! Two Big thumbs up from me!!!

    Lemmy MaceLemmy Mace6 dni temu

    • Hay, Allie, How Can I Get in Touch with you? What your Phone Number? My Instagram: @dorgivaldantasb

    • yeah

      Faustinho SilvaFaustinho Silva3 dni temu
    • 🍁Denti

      Джумагали ТулешовДжумагали Тулешов5 dni temu
    • one$cent

      Джумагали ТулешовДжумагали Тулешов5 dni temu
  • Saibh, you can hit those notes in that part! I believe in you!

    TateredTotTateredTot2 godzin temu
  • She sings better than Taylor swift

    ade lisade lis4 godzin temu
  • Allie you did it again! Awesome!!

    Alan BittmannAlan Bittmann5 godzin temu
  • Fidgeting again🙄

    Graham AmbridgeGraham Ambridge7 godzin temu
  • Amazing.

    Lukáš SágnerLukáš Ságner7 godzin temu
  • Linda e jovial canção.

    colletzolahcolletzolah12 godzin temu
  • Deixe sempre teus cabelos Bastos e longos. Irlandesa de verdade.. Sucesso.

    colletzolahcolletzolah12 godzin temu
  • Muito lindo, Allie. Bênçãos Divinas!!!!

    colletzolahcolletzolah12 godzin temu
  • That jus makes no, no sense at all... ???? Had your hair up and out the way👍, then you let it down. And now you keep trying to move it out your face while singing 🤔....

    bobbywaunekabobbywauneka17 godzin temu
  • Beautiful place! 😍

    Dagmara PazeraDagmara Pazera19 godzin temu
  • Great vocals and a great band -best combo ever!

    L ML M19 godzin temu
  • Sing the Love Story song from the old movie! And from the old Romeo and Juliet movie.

    Mi MMi M21 godzinę temu
  • Your voice is better than Taylor's; she better watch out.

    Mi MMi M22 godzin temu

  • I. L O V E H E R ♥

    Steve BlakeSteve BlakeDzień temu
  • Dieses Video gibt mir neue Hoffnung, wir sehen uns 2022 in Dublin, zum Marathon. ;-)

    Markus WildenMarkus WildenDzień temu
  • I love the band, love your voice and love the fact how spontaneously you do the things, like asking your friend to sing in the middle of the song. And almost forgot that she has a very beautiful voice, too. :)

    Zoltán FábiánZoltán FábiánDzień temu
  • Always a pleasure to here you two singing. This a comment from a Big fan in Denmark.

    Claus AndersenClaus AndersenDzień temu
  • Okay .. I'm ready to dive into the beautiful strands and the melody of your voice is beautiful ... ❤️💕💗, I'm sujono in Indonesia 🇮🇩 👍👍👍💞💞

    SujonoSujonoDzień temu
  • You look & sound gorgeous, Allie, and genuinely happy! Wonderful to see you looking free & fantastic!!🤓🎤🎸🥁🌊⛱️♈🔥🌈✨

    Ranee NaomiRanee NaomiDzień temu

    Victa SempreVicta SempreDzień temu
  • Show girl! 😁👏👏👏😘😘

    CAS santosCAS santosDzień temu
  • buen video felicitaciones

    David HenrriquezDavid Henrriquez2 dni temu
  • Muito bom, como sempre.

    Marco Aurelio AlmeidaMarco Aurelio Almeida2 dni temu
  • Você é ótima 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Mario MarxMario Marx2 dni temu
  • Muito bom muito bom muito bom Love Love 💗💗💗💗

    Mario MarxMario Marx2 dni temu
  • You 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oscar armando pinochioscar armando pinochi2 dni temu
  • Hermosa 😍 natural . espontánea

    Francisco MartinezFrancisco Martinez2 dni temu
  • Saludos

    Francisco MartinezFrancisco Martinez2 dni temu
  • Hay, Girl, How Can I Get in Touch with you? What your Phone Number? My Instagram: @dorgivaldantasb

  • Bom dia Allie ! é muito bom acordar ouvindo uma canção cantada por vc gata te acho muito talentosa bjs ❤😘

    Ellio FilhoEllio Filho2 dni temu
  • Tony劉智樑Tony劉智樑2 dni temu
  • So young, so talented but most importantly, so simple and genuine.

    Bella LisBella Lis2 dni temu
  • Allie, perfection is far from what is appears to be. Your projection of the emotion of the song was so Wow. Really, that is what singing and performance is about. Technical perfection is a dream anyway Allie. That is about who decides. Not what is. Your emotion comes through so strongly. It is the way you sing it. Not the song. Not the words. This one, I love it Allie. I am the man who wrote what love really is. Only These Four Words. The open secret of ... mankind.

    Roger CoxRoger Cox2 dni temu
  • Love her smile

    Kanak RoyKanak Roy2 dni temu
  • Woouuw Amazing...Bagus bagus..from Indonesia.

    user selfieuser selfie3 dni temu
  • wow, amazing, thanks.

    brian fieldsbrian fields3 dni temu
  • Allie Sherlock you are imagine voice. Your voice is wonderful and you continue to song. And you beautiful voice and you. Thank you for entertainment and lovely song heart tach. Thank you very much. And all the best you entertainment. Love you voice.

    Vivek AnandVivek Anand3 dni temu
  • Eres hermosa mujer ‼️💙🥰

    PatricioPatricio3 dni temu
  • i created a cover channel, check it out guys, will help me a lot

    Matheus PerdizMatheus Perdiz3 dni temu
  • Simplesmente demais! Just amazing!

    Daniel CorrêaDaniel Corrêa3 dni temu
  • Such joy! Love Allie Sherlock!

    Graeme RobertsGraeme Roberts3 dni temu
  • You've grown so much matured and lovely.. Like everything U got 👌😍

    Mohd Khir JohariMohd Khir Johari3 dni temu
  • :)

    craig muzzcraig muzz3 dni temu
  • Lovely atmosphere.

    Julia NolanJulia Nolan3 dni temu
  • bacana

    Faustinho SilvaFaustinho Silva3 dni temu
  • hallo wieso kann ich nicht kommrntieren???? gehts noch????wenn das so ist youtoube ade aber das gibt mir echt zu denken....

    uwe mathioschekuwe mathioschek3 dni temu
  • i did a mistake? i dont like that you are selling you! you are so nice and lovely !nobody should do anything wrong with you!best wishes from me for the whole of your life!you are amazing i hope you can live with that dont be one of the 23 please

    uwe mathioschekuwe mathioschek3 dni temu
  • i dont lik that you are beeing selled!i like you very much! be so careful that you stay yourself.please!

    uwe mathioschekuwe mathioschek3 dni temu
  • Nice...!!

    Mark GMark G3 dni temu
  • Absolutely brilliant Allie.👍

    Ian RigbyIan Rigby3 dni temu
  • Uoo allie sherlock 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    joaquin manzano monerrisjoaquin manzano monerris3 dni temu
  • Lovely ladies you two match and sing prrfevtly. Busketeers well played guys 👍

    Coen mCoen m3 dni temu

    Bill JonesBill Jones3 dni temu
  • you and saibh are the best at singing hahahah lovely voices !

    Farah Makarem - EIS Grade 11AFarah Makarem - EIS Grade 11A3 dni temu
  • beautiful voice allie xx

    Farah Makarem - EIS Grade 11AFarah Makarem - EIS Grade 11A3 dni temu
  • where is a fabio

    aman sharmaaman sharma3 dni temu
  • This will go down as one of my favorites! Your Biggest Fan ~Ü~

    Thumbsup22Thumbsup223 dni temu
  • 2:34 The moment you realised you skipped a whole verse, yet it is so great that you continue along!

    Aleksandar RusinovAleksandar Rusinov3 dni temu
  • Bravoooooooo...Chikilla!!

    chikiguiteschikiguites3 dni temu
  • 🎼

    Colin O GormanColin O Gorman3 dni temu
  • Came here for Allie's music and stayed for the band. They look like the kind of guys I'd drink a fresh beer with.

    Grey/SashaGrey/Sasha3 dni temu
  • Allie you are amazing love it your the best ❤️ love you to saibh ❤️

    Scott pippinScott pippin3 dni temu
  • 3 romeo & 2 juliet there

    Lendy ViLendy Vi3 dni temu
  • You sing very beautifully. Regards from Colombia.

    jonathan suarezjonathan suarez3 dni temu
  • Une autre fantastique . Merci 👍

    Sylva DestalSylva Destal3 dni temu
  • ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘🦩

    Taj AbdullahTaj Abdullah3 dni temu
  • wow nice n ur voice beautiful

    Benggalloo ManBenggalloo Man3 dni temu
  • Loved it! Awesome stuff Allie!!!

    Andrew PhoaAndrew Phoa3 dni temu
  • Imagine how proud her dad is

    j4ck_rj4ck_r3 dni temu
  • Beautifully performed!

    Ipso FactoIpso Facto3 dni temu
  • Во все времена остается что то настоящее главное суметь разглядеть такая вот мысль посетила

    Andreika 777Andreika 7774 dni temu
  • Thank you

    john yaceykojohn yaceyko4 dni temu
  • Wow so cute so good excellent

    Onald TidonOnald Tidon4 dni temu
  • Saibh's Tone changes. It was like she has 2 different voices

    OG OmegaGamezOG OmegaGamez4 dni temu
  • Father, camera man, keep her away from Simon Cowbells, whatever! She is her own without that shyster.

    Otto BahnOtto Bahn4 dni temu
  • Don't wait for me..I'm too old..but your a beautiful woman.. keep singing

    Tiger JonesTiger Jones4 dni temu
  • 👍👍

    grill girlgrill girl4 dni temu
  • WOW Allie

    Antonino ProfetaAntonino Profeta4 dni temu
  • Very well done

    Mad Drivers101Mad Drivers1014 dni temu
  • BAM!

    j Pj P4 dni temu
  • Olá

    Alex da Silva SilvaAlex da Silva Silva4 dni temu
  • Are those an old pair of your Dad’s trousers you’re wearing that he keeps for doing DIY jobs around the house? Great cover though! 🎤🎸❤️

    Keith FisherKeith Fisher4 dni temu
  • Doing what you love and at the same time, entertaining with a great background.

    JC BensonJC Benson4 dni temu
  • Amazing , Ali and best friend Kelly , wery nice !!

    Mica TerkovMica Terkov4 dni temu
    • Allie (with double "L") and Saibh Skelly not Kelly

      Sanibel IslandSanibel Island4 dni temu
  • That skill gap..

    A. R.A. R.4 dni temu
  • A sunny day, a beautiful setting with the hills and ocean in the background and a great band to listen to with five very talented artists. Life does not get much better 😊

    A HA H4 dni temu
  • une voix splendide FAITES VOUS CONNAITRE EN FRANCE

    charles gabincharles gabin4 dni temu
  • Ally and Saibh and the Band Harmonize sooo perfekt you should make a Album greetings from Germany i Love that what you do you bring Emotions to the People.

    Storm BeatsStorm Beats4 dni temu

    Storm BeatsStorm Beats4 dni temu
  • Muy buen escenario! Aunque tu brillas en cualquiera, Allie

    Luis Alberto SoriaLuis Alberto Soria4 dni temu
  • That other girl sang hella good tho

    King Tony LucateroKing Tony Lucatero4 dni temu
  • Those 213 dislikes mean your so good those people took time out of there day to criticize and become jealous of your talent. Really great though, really missed this song 💯

    Raymond HarringtonRaymond Harrington4 dni temu
  • luv you allie..

    Angga AchAngga Ach4 dni temu
  • Love the venue; love the vibe; love the fun atmosphere, the chemistry and that Allie is the most unselfish performer I've ever seen. Her enthusiasm to bring Saibh into the performance is not only adorable but genuine class... Love from America. KDM

    Ken McLemoreKen McLemore5 dni temu
  • FaThEr!

    Freedom1776Freedom17765 dni temu
  • Молодчинки!

    Ss SsSs Ss5 dni temu
  • Thank you...

    Joseph VerhoevenJoseph Verhoeven5 dni temu
  • Uau!!! Love You Song's. Love You Voice.

    Mauro OliveiraMauro Oliveira5 dni temu