Underrated WWE Hell in a Cell Match moments: WWE Playlist

16 paź 2020
335 655 wyświetleń

Relive some of the best Hell in a Cell Match moments you might not remember, featuring Edge, Shawn Michaels, Daniel Bryan and more!
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  • You’ve made it to the final video! How many tables, ladders, chairs and kendo sticks are featured in this video?

    WWEWWE6 dni temu
    • 7 Chairs, 5 Tables (if you include the announcer table.), 2 Ladders, 8 Kendo Sticks, so in total? 22 items. Edit: There's a kendo stick under the table when the spear gets hit, so 22 items.

      ReviewEverythingReviewEverything4 dni temu
    • 7 sticks, 5 chairs, 2 ladders and 2 tables. Also, 2 announce desks, one camera and what looked like a percussion mallet

      Eric SwansonEric Swanson4 dni temu
    • 8 kendo sticks 2 ladders 3 chairs 3 Tables

      Edward ToneyEdward Toney4 dni temu
    • 8 kendo sticks 4 tables 4 chairs 2 ladders 18 in total

      Anthony antoineAnthony antoine5 dni temu
    • 8 kendo sticks 4 tables 4 chairs 2 ladders am I right give me a thumbs up if i am 18 in total

      Anthony antoineAnthony antoine5 dni temu
  • Watch out, her wig's going to fall.😂

  • 2:09That's a hit.

  • Nowadays Comment Section Is Changed Into Blessing Section

    MobadclickMobadclick2 dni temu
  • 3 chairs 2 Ladders 4 kendo sticks 2 tables

    Nate SmithNate Smith3 dni temu
  • That Rollins/Ziggler feud tho 👌 only time Rollins was good as a face

    FalconFleXFalconFleX4 dni temu
  • I believe There are exactly 6 tables 2 ladders 4 chairs and 11 Kendo sticks

    Brandon GonzalezBrandon Gonzalez4 dni temu
  • How I wish I could go back to Nov 18 07

    Benjamin TanuwiraBenjamin Tanuwira5 dni temu
  • WWE 2006

    rusol Ghassanrusol Ghassan5 dni temu
  • Most of these matches wouldn’t even make top 100 from the attitude days 🤷‍♂️

    Steven JonesSteven Jones5 dni temu
  • 1:13 terrible spot I would’ve been ashamed to replay it.

    Larry HesohitLarry Hesohit5 dni temu
  • Triple H vs Batista at Hell in a Cell was amazing! I love that match

    Pedro velazquezPedro velazquez5 dni temu
  • La mujeres en el top jajajaja.. pelean entero mal... wwe no nos metan cosas a la fuerza... women division suck!!!

    PxDxSx punk renkaPxDxSx punk renka5 dni temu
  • 5 chairs, 5 kendo Sticks, 4 tables, 2 ladders

    WWE 2K LoverWWE 2K Lover6 dni temu
  • 25

    Will LallasWill Lallas6 dni temu
  • Where is kane's debut ?

    PekayPekay6 dni temu
  • Dean Ambrose VS Seth Rollins Undertaker VS Mankind

    iiDPACKiiDPACK6 dni temu
  • Shane mickman vs kevin owens

    xocookiedoexocookiedoe6 dni temu
  • SuS

    ClalCClalC6 dni temu
  • Foley = hell in a cell

    Harish P nairHarish P nair6 dni temu
  • Is it just me or does that thing get taller every year?

    Squire MuldoonSquire Muldoon6 dni temu
  • By far my favourite hell in a cell match's were the newday vs the usos and hardy vs orton those matches were brutal.

    Baron CorbinBaron Corbin6 dni temu
  • Triple H white boots😂

    Jaylan PhillipsJaylan Phillips6 dni temu
  • Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler Table win, fatality.

    tígre lokotígre loko6 dni temu
  • Shawn michaels vs undertaker 1

    Franklyn AlfordFranklyn Alford6 dni temu
  • Dz selling was priceless in that hiac fall

    Ty GouldTy Gould6 dni temu
  • Roman VS Rusev us title match BEST EVER HIAC

    Zain Ahmad KnZain Ahmad Kn7 dni temu
  • you see those large holes in the walls? those are there on purpose so the wrestlers could climb onto the cell

    Just JoeJust Joe7 dni temu
  • if they ever did "best steel cage matches" then they wouldnt add the chris jerhico vs dean ambrose

    Just JoeJust Joe7 dni temu
  • Man I miss those headshots

    Julian NietoJulian Nieto7 dni temu
  • New Hell In Cell can't out ?

    Heart DoneHeart Done7 dni temu
  • Gaada orng indo:v

    Royan NurcahyoRoyan Nurcahyo7 dni temu
  • Dolph and seth like Ready pal. Alright. 1 2 3. Jump.

    Endie RulzEndie Rulz7 dni temu
  • 1:15wow

    Thanathip ChaianugoolThanathip Chaianugool7 dni temu
  • Where is sheamus vs orton? Man, sheamus is really underrated

    Abhijeet SwainAbhijeet Swain7 dni temu
  • La segunda una patanada 😂😂😂. Demasiada diferencia, lo clásico con lo de ahora.

    tater 17tater 177 dni temu
  • The first one is underrated

    The SonicPhoenix630The SonicPhoenix6307 dni temu
  • Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar 2015

    Adeen KhanAdeen Khan7 dni temu
  • thing? and then next time stronger down bò too loud 😝😝🇮🇹

    Paolo VerdePaolo Verde7 dni temu
  • 0:38 Both of Best Seller.

    HouR 乂 Ma BoiHouR 乂 Ma Boi7 dni temu
  • I wanna tongue punch Sasha’s fart box

    OG Bobby KnucklesOG Bobby Knuckles7 dni temu
    • You need help

      Tony LinTony Lin7 dni temu
  • Thank u WWE. Showing moments with censorship .l.

    Adrian PimentelAdrian Pimentel7 dni temu
  • Lol ppl talking about these pg matches have no clue what hell in a cell was back then. Mick foley, undertaker, HHH, Shawn michaels, Edge these ppl were legends for hell in a cell.

    Barney StinsonBarney Stinson7 dni temu
  • Roman (Face) Vs Bray Wyatt was one of the best match... Now I'm looking f0r Roman (Heel) Vs Fiend (Heel)

    محمد عثمان راجپوتمحمد عثمان راجپوت7 dni temu
  • I completely forgot about that Seth and Dolph spot lol that match itself was a clusterfuck lmao

    ER1CK12ER1CK127 dni temu
  • Randy vs sheamus

    Tarnue JallahTarnue Jallah7 dni temu
  • Lesnar Vs taker , their first HIAC match was amazing

    abdul azeez zainabdul azeez zain7 dni temu
  • rendy vs jeff

    Shivang SrivastavaShivang Srivastava7 dni temu
  • Best hell in a cell match was undertaker vs mankind, once you seen that, every other hiac match becomes irrelevant, so watch and enjoy the rest before watching undertaker vs mankind, because once you see that, you will watch hiac for the thrill and no match comes close to that

    Babz 007Babz 0077 dni temu
  • العربي لايك

    بلال حبوشبلال حبوش7 dni temu
  • Still don’t understand how Sasha vs Becky didn’t main event HIAC last year smh. One of the best matches I’ve ever seen

    Cameron TysonCameron Tyson7 dni temu
  • Sasha and Becky was a hell of a match cause it has been so long since they had fought other then coc and adding a HIAC makes it even better

    Mateo GamingMateo Gaming7 dni temu
  • Underrated hell in a cell ,lol

    Jonney BravoJonney Bravo7 dni temu
  • My favorite HIAC moment was the fiend vs Seth Rollins even though people thought it was crappy i still liked it

    damian charrettedamian charrette7 dni temu
  • Undertaker vs Mankind was way underrated.

    DORATY74DDORATY74D7 dni temu
  • Who likes the way that Jim ross talkes

    Juan VillegasJuan Villegas7 dni temu
  • Roman vs Bray. That match was the best thing I’ve seen.

    Anthony FoxAnthony Fox7 dni temu
  • We all love HIAC match types as its fun, awesome and anything can happen and goes.

    Faraan BabarFaraan Babar7 dni temu
  • Ambrose y Rollins HIAC 2014

    YNess AsylumYNess Asylum7 dni temu
  • I have a good feeling about this years HIAC

    Kenan PetersKenan Peters7 dni temu
  • My favourite hell in a cell match is between the undertaker vs Shane McMahon

    Josh HoldingJosh Holding7 dni temu
  • The uso vs the new day was a hard hitting match

    RTG Post UpRTG Post Up7 dni temu
  • Rollins and ziggler got overshadowed by lesnar, Becky and Sasha got overshadowed by the fiend and Rollins,Bryan got overshadowed by Micheals heal turn the rest was just under appreciated

    Gesnaa RamkellawanGesnaa Ramkellawan7 dni temu
  • Where is Kane’s debut

    Jrko outtta no whereJrko outtta no where7 dni temu
  • Anytime Seth Rollins and his HIAC opponent climb the side of the cell where the announcer tables are, just expect them both to crash through.

    Issac Channel 1Issac Channel 17 dni temu

    ultimatepro39ultimatepro397 dni temu
  • When i was kid i thought it was real .

    NEil KNEil K7 dni temu
  • That New Day vs the Usos was one of my favorites

    uriel hdzuriel hdz7 dni temu
  • edge defo gonna return

    Mr KeedMr Keed7 dni temu
  • Seth rollins and jeff hardy

  • the HIAC Universal Heavyweight Championship match between Rollins and The Fiend

    Francesco SolinasFrancesco Solinas8 dni temu
  • Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler is which match please tell me?

    AR tuberAR tuber8 dni temu
  • I can only imagine if Eddie Guerrero was in Hell in a Cell

    ABC PuranaABC Purana8 dni temu
  • Why wwe stuck the video when edge hits undertaker @ 0:26. This is not fair 😔😔😔👎👎👎👎

    sai rahulsai rahul8 dni temu
  • You can see when someone is gonna go through a table and it kinda takes the fun out of it

    OitsjakeOOitsjakeO8 dni temu
  • Shawn Michaels vs triple h and Dolph ziggler vs Seth Rollins is the best

    senura sovis 13senura sovis 138 dni temu
  • Randy Orton is the king 👑👑👑👑 of hell in a cell because he beat Undertaker in 2005.

    Gunjan AgrawalGunjan Agrawal8 dni temu

    Jey CBJey CB8 dni temu
  • BTW this is not the most dangerous thing in wwe

    Angel SenaAngel Sena8 dni temu
  • 4:10 is why Bryan doesn’t do that move anymore

    FishFish8 dni temu
  • Now common we all now rollins and ziggler jumped alone

    قناة الابداع-1smg34قناة الابداع-1smg348 dni temu
  • Please release the full match Randy Orton Vs Triple h please

    Maitri MMaitri M8 dni temu
  • اعملوا لي اشتراك ارجوكم

  • 👊👊

    Ауесхан ЖумакуловАуесхан Жумакулов8 dni temu
  • So,No Ambrose-Rollins match...cmon it was awesome

    Lunatic FringeLunatic Fringe8 dni temu
  • HIAC will never be like it used to be

    Zeus1998 GB1Zeus1998 GB18 dni temu
  • why does Roman Reigns have to be in everything?

    Prinon MahajanPrinon Mahajan8 dni temu
  • The Cell was smaller from 2002-04!

    Nick JethwaniNick Jethwani9 dni temu
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    গানের চেনেলগানের চেনেল10 dni temu
  • Who’s hyped for HIAC

    LeicesterCity LegendsLeicesterCity Legends10 dni temu
  • Edge return confirmed

    Irfan HussainIrfan Hussain10 dni temu
  • I wouldn't be surprised if Edge returns during Drew vs Orton's match and costs randy the title the way he did to Taker in 2007

    Brandon OntiverosBrandon Ontiveros10 dni temu
  • I wish undertaker was still here

    Fiza And ZainFiza And Zain10 dni temu
  • HIAC used to be One of my favorite match back in the day, but they completely ruined it's intensity when they started making it into a PPV. You can't just let a match take place in there just because it's October.

    Dean Smokin AmbroseDean Smokin Ambrose11 dni temu
  • Sasha vs Becky was SO AWESOME💙. But unlike the year, the women have to main event💯. What happened last year was awful👎

    THE REAL LGTHE REAL LG11 dni temu
  • تمثيل جميل

    Lahi LahiLahi Lahi11 dni temu
  • Why have there been just three matches at HIAC when it just 8 days away

    Solomon AkinrinadeSolomon Akinrinade11 dni temu
  • Use to get pumped when a rivalry had gotten so far they’d announce a Hell In A Cell match. The yearly ppv just ruins it in a way. Never knew when you’d get one now doesn’t feel as special.

    AustinAustin11 dni temu
  • 1:13 am gonna pretend that jump was not fake so I can enjoy that moment with knowing that jump in my mind !!

    Vikram Chandra GuptaVikram Chandra Gupta11 dni temu
  • 4 minutes? This should be longer..... that’s what she said

    Jduke93Jduke9311 dni temu
    • Hey! we saw you were a big wrestling fan? Mind checking out our wrestling couple channel? If not no worries!! Have a nice day!

      Dream Team WrestlingDream Team Wrestling11 dni temu