Best Drum & Bass Mix 2020 (Melodic/Liquid Drum and Bass)

16 maj 2020
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Best of drum and bass mix 2020 🎵. Our fifth year dnb mixes! I hope you all enjoy this one as much as our previous drum & bass mixes. Happy listening!
Thanks to Redemptive for mixing!
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~First artwork 'The Falling Astronaut' made by:

0:00 Flume ft. Vera Blue - Rushing Back (Ekko & Sidetrack Bootleg)
2:35 Metrik - Gravity
3:41 Maduk - Colours
5:10 Opposition - Ultralight
7:01 Crissy Criss - Breath (feat. Dan Moss)
8:50 Technimatic - Breathe In
10:48 Cyantific x T & Sugah - All I Want
12:53 Friction x Kanine - Your Love
14:00 Sub Focus - Solar System
15:26 Oliverse - Unspoken (Muzzy & Oliverse Remix)
16:12 Camo & Krooked - Kallisto
18:24 Axwell - Nobody Else (1991 Remix)
20:14 Grafix - Radiance
22:05 Monrroe - Never Too Old (feat. Emily Makis)
23:32 Nelver - Private Time
25:22 Dawn Wall - Take Control
26:51 Crissy Criss & WiDE AWAKE - Real (Drum & Bass Mix)
28:43 Air K & Cephei - Reflections
30:09 Dexcel - Landscape
31:37 Bert H - Aadwark
33:29 Smote - Summertime (Nelver Remix)
35:19 Cyantific - Take Me In
36:59 Andromedik - Won't Let Go (feat. Voicians)
38:50 Blaine Stranger - Losing Myself
40:17 Fred V - Voyage
41:57 Hybrid Minds - Higher Love (feat. Charlotte Haining)
43:14 T & Sugah - Is This Love
45:02 Dossa & Locuzzed - Stella (feat. Pat Fulgoni)
47:17 In:Most - Notions
49:15 Boxplot & Ownglow - Polaroids of You
50:56 Polygon - Unspoken
51:39 Feint - Solace
52:26 Makoto & Hugh Hardie - Bluebird
53:54 Flite - Kairos
55:44 Cyantific - Vapour Trails
56:47 The Vanguard Project - Wicked Man
58:40 Dawn Wall - Legends
1:00:09 Matrix & Futurebound - Hindsight (Millbrook Remix)
1:01:48 Vorso - Strange Attractor
1:03:21 Changing Faces - Monochrome
1:05:02 Technimatic - Goodbye Kiss
1:06:40 Macca & Loz Contreras - You Were Mine
1:08:29 Grafix - Refuge (feat. Ruth Royall)
1:09:45 Redemptive - Ghost Mine
1:11:17 Camo & Krooked - Loa
1:13:27 Turno - Amazon
1:14:12 Technimatic - Let It Fall
1:16:01 Flowidus - Said & Done (ft. Reiki Ruawai)
1:17:08 Rameses b - Ivy
1:18:58 Tantrum Desire - Oblivion (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)
1:20:28 Lexurus - Crystalize
1:22:06 Vorso - Constellation
1:22:51 Zombie Cats - Before My Eyes
1:24:17 GLXY - Research & Development
1:26:10 Edlan - Meadows
1:27:37 Maduk - Company (feat. Juul)
1:29:29 Makoto & Urbandawn - Liberta
1:30:57 Kove - Le Retour
1:32:00 Dawn Wall - I Should Have Been There
1:34:09 Ownglow - Back To You
1:35:43 Minos - Illusion
1:37:13 Oakwite - Moonpool
1:39:03 Changing Faces - Hypnotic
1:40:52 Air K & Cephei x Edlan - Smiles
1:42:19 Kallan HK - Meant To Be
1:44:11 Logistics - Rhythm Track
1:45:54 Artificial Intelligence - Even Though
1:47:29 Silence Groove - Moon That Never Sets
1:48:58 MH-K - Dreamscape (Command Strange Remix)
1:50:26 Edlan & Djah - Replay
1:51:54 Aperio Ft. Koherent - Aurora
1:53:23 Redemptive - Beyond VIP
1:55:13 Bladerunner - All My Love
1:57:14 Gerra & Stone - Sprung
1:59:26 The Outsiders - Burning (feat. Ida)
2:01:18 The Prototypes - Into The Night
2:02:47 Grafix - Rain Fall Down
2:04:42 Walk:r - Stay
2:06:15 Flite - Decisions
2:08:06 Crissy Criss - Kiss The Sky
2:09:45 Macca & Loz Contreras - Feel My Soul
2:11:25 Phaction - Someone (Monrroe Remix)
2:15:06 Polaris - Kessel Run
2:16:56 Rameses B - Open Your Eyes (L Plus Remix)
2:18:45 Culture Shock - Renaissance
2:20:01 The Prototypes - Oxygen (ft. Kudu Blue)
2:21:39 Document one - Temporal
2:24:40 Rameses B - Falling (Rameses B Remix)
2:26:07 Missing - Chasing The Dragon

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