Opening an Overwhelming Number of Retro Tech Packages!

25 wrz 2020
247 515 wyświetleń

Wow, once again a whole slew of things showed up in the LGR mailbox over the past however many months. Lots of vintage computer hardware, software, oddware, games, and tech goodness. Wonderful stuff all around, thank you for your kindness and generosity!
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  • A small shop selling old boxed games and parts just shut down here in my city in Germany. I doubt it would be worth the trip but if there is anything you need I could ask the owner.

    excited boxexcited box21 godzinę temu
  • how can it be the first if the manual said it is the second?

    ginginDzień temu
  • Oh my God, at 10:18 I almost had a simgasm... Clint, you lucky duck!!!!

    John TryfonasJohn Tryfonas2 dni temu
  • That SNK board is a score.

    UncleDeluxeUncleDeluxe2 dni temu
  • I had that same Math Rescue Plus Box in the video at my old home. If I had known it was rare, I would have taken it ... dang :(

    Matt NMatt N2 dni temu
  • I had came across one of those G3 towers xD I took it apart, set it aside, forgot about it, lost a bunch of stuff from it. When I got the janky CD or DVD drive to open, whoever had it previously had left a porn disc in it xD

    demonsorrowsdemonsorrows3 dni temu
  • Wow oh my god you're so lucky to get that NEO-GEO Jemma setup. Sooo jelly right now.... :(( Nahh you're alguds. Like you're videos man. Enjoy that. Enjoy it for Meee lol

    Raz KhanRaz Khan4 dni temu
  • I wonder if you put weed in a drive-bay storage box if the computer fans would just blow the smell everywhere.

    treeghettoxtreeghettox4 dni temu
  • I had the book to Photon Paint on the Amiga, book was thick and heavy. Remember when Babbages pc software came in multiple box sizes and shapes in the 90's. If it was heavy, it cost a lot !

    Terry MartinTerry Martin5 dni temu
  • You can still shoot and develop Advantix film. You should totally shoot a roll when do you do a video on it.

    bosborne0bosborne06 dni temu
  • Wait... Apple actually once made hardware, that was supposed to be opend easily without any tools??? Is that the same Apple company that sues you nowadays if you want to repair stuff?

    A. K.A. K.7 dni temu
  • God, we need a museum for all this stuff! It’s so cool to see

    MeghanMeghan7 dni temu
  • my husband, in laws and myself all use linux. myself right now i'm on pop os. love linux.

    WanupgurlWanupgurl7 dni temu
  • i have a full 90s HOTAS set. It is game port unit. Any interest? Just would want shupping covered.

    The BorgmanThe Borgman7 dni temu
  • Rectangular CDs?! That's a new one for me.

    Santtu PesonenSanttu Pesonen8 dni temu
  • Ah the Hulk Text Adventure. That was available for almost all computers back then. You can also play it online.

    Joe CoolJoe Cool9 dni temu
  • Seeing that Dell 9100 reminded me of when I had one. It was certainly something. Can't say it was too remarkable other than that it was really built to last.

    Ryan GeorgeRyan George9 dni temu
  • I had that powerbook G3 that I traded a P4 Dell laptop for. My roommate and I actually painted not vinyl painted with zebra stripes. It was an awesome machine and I would love to see a review on it. The original power brick was actually a hockey puck style where the cord wound up inside of the puck.

    James HalfhorseJames Halfhorse9 dni temu
  • Love to see a video about the Dell! I had the “standard” version of this, the Inspiron 8600 that was only as thick as the silver portion on the one you have, and instead of the P4 it had a Pentium M.

    Mitchell OkeMitchell Oke9 dni temu
  • That Tonio. Tee might be cursed lazy game review you should review that Tonio tee interacted storybook thing

    Alan AdameAlan Adame9 dni temu
  • Tony tee an interactive Storybook game master this thing looks like Satan made this

    Alan AdameAlan Adame9 dni temu
  • that dell laptop was as fast as any desktop circa 2003! Back when desktop replacements were a thing, sort of. I knew someone with a thinkpad maxed out with 2GB ram and a p4 3.06GHz desktop CPU, but never saw anything with a radeon 9700 or even remotely close.

    Andrew AutomotiveAndrew Automotive9 dni temu
  • Put one of the case badges on the woodgrain 486.

    ThatOneDarnRaiderThatOneDarnRaider9 dni temu
  • My dad had a Psion 2. It was amazing.

    Random Scottish GuyRandom Scottish Guy9 dni temu
  • rich jackass wishing he was not a millennial born after 1991 wishing he grew up in the 80s

    jer nonejer none9 dni temu
  • makes ye wish you were an influencer so a bunch of people would send you free shite for marketing purposes too huh?

    UberKrassMannUberKrassMann9 dni temu
  • I got a Dos 4.01 with Win 3.0 sealed looks like that , I would like to see a system with previous Dos installations and Upgrades of MS Dos one by one with all the tools , Then add the Win 3.0 and all pree 93 Software goodies , Ram Doubler and Disk Compression , the SD capture Cards and the Drive Tray all in a Video :) QC

    Quaalude CharlieQuaalude Charlie10 dni temu
  • HA! I have that exact mini subwoofer at 18:00. i got it in a HUGE lot from an old man's garage, who gave me thousands of dollars worth of 90s PC and parts for $20. It even came in the original packaging. I tried it in my Windows 98 PC build, and it's pretty terrible. plus it's just a 3.5mm jack that you feed out of the IO and into the output of the sound card.

    These NutsThese Nuts10 dni temu
  • The Eye Bee M logo was designed by graphic design legend Paul Rand, who also famously designed the big blue IBM logo, the NeXT logo and others like ABC, UPS and Cummins

    Uploading VirusUploading Virus10 dni temu
  • Linux 5.2 was actually pretty cool for its day. On a Slot 1 Pentium II. DM me for full refurb tips on the PowerMac G4 AGP machine.

    Ten Minute Tokyo 2Ten Minute Tokyo 210 dni temu
  • 28:00 i have one of those with some kinda ram slot looking thing on the end of it o_O

    Quentin TubbQuentin Tubb10 dni temu
  • I have that exact Inspiron 9100 laptop in my closet. Fun fact: The battery has a subwoofer in it, that's the little speaker grill. Oddly enough, it does make a difference with the sound. If you play music and pull the battery it's quite noticeable. Also the resolution of that screen was stupid high (1600x1200) for its time. I hope yours still works, mine still runs and it's still fun to use. The battery in mine is 100% dead though, it won't charge whatsoever. I want to say mine was like $1,700+ new at the time?

    mindleakmindleak10 dni temu
  • I had a I think Math Blaster space I can't remember the exact title. Unfortunately our win 95 disc was corrupted or something and we never got it replaced before they stop selling them, wondering if anybody out there might be able to let me "borrow" an ISO file?

    imark7777777imark777777710 dni temu
  • That Inspiron 9100 looks neat. Radeon 9700 integrated? Wowza! I have a Pentium III-based 8000 in similar condition that needs some love and upgrades, it'd make for a great Windows 98 showpiece.

    acrid Axidacrid Axid10 dni temu
  • I HAD THAT BFG GPU! I Think it's an FX 5600, so don't worry about it being screwed up, they sucked anyway.

    Connar ComstockConnar Comstock11 dni temu
  • When you were reading the booklet from Microsoft Flight Simulator FS-1 and you mentioned Sublogic, it reminded me of the FS-1 from Sublogic before Microsoft bought them. I had that version on my Radio Shack Model III. I never was one who kept the box either.

    Jerry BandyJerry Bandy11 dni temu
  • I'd love a power menu episode. I loved it and spent more time in there customizing it and organizing all my games than playing them.

    MrNoobedMrNoobed11 dni temu
  • LGR uses Earnin

    PreprotoPreproto11 dni temu
  • Timestamp 24:23 approved by Michael Bay

    Peter WilsonPeter Wilson12 dni temu
  • That Voodoo3-card could be flashed to work on a PowerMac G3 if I remember correctly?

    MrCMrC12 dni temu
  • I demand a video on Dr. Ruth's program.

    Cipher TheDemonLordCipher TheDemonLord12 dni temu
  • would you like a original copy of the IBM DOS 3.0 for that IBM pc? in box with all books and disks?

    nickademuss42nickademuss4212 dni temu
  • 30:51

    Epic DogeEpic Doge13 dni temu
  • I have watched this 4 times now in the matter of 2 days.. something wrong with me or just getting the LGR swag?

    zed diezed die13 dni temu
  • I’m really excited to see this 3D Blaster Video coming.

    frazerx01frazerx0113 dni temu
  • I had that dell inspiron laptop with radeon graphics. Normal price was €2700, I bought it new from dell for €1900,-

    Thomas JearsonThomas Jearson13 dni temu
  • Go to 26:05 and close your eyes

    Saad AhmadSaad Ahmad13 dni temu
  • P.S. Do you have any need of that MS DOS 4.01 ? Have a Model 30 and this would go nicely. P.S.2. Was absolutely ROLLING when you showed that floppy disk that was labeled: "Need to Erase"... lol

    beyerchbeyerch13 dni temu
  • That milled aluminum Raspberry Pi case is ++++

    beyerchbeyerch13 dni temu
  • Well thanks LGR. I saw that DeSalvo Raspberry Pi 4 case, and experienced a sudden and irrepressible urge for some spontaneous purchasing. Bought!

    witenitenzwitenitenz13 dni temu
  • My georgraphy teacher used to call the track point "the g spot". Creepy AF (we were 13). Was this a common thing or was he just gross.

    Jamie RossJamie Ross13 dni temu
  • Sorry neo geo

    Thomas HafenscherThomas Hafenscher13 dni temu
  • Man i like to have that snk setup

    Thomas HafenscherThomas Hafenscher13 dni temu
  • I had that GeForce 2 back in the day... sure brings back fond memories.

    trekchutrekchu13 dni temu
  • Dylan!

    michalrz michalrzmichalrz michalrz13 dni temu
  • I'm guessing for running duke3d off travan-3 you'd need something like Iomega ditto 3200 and seagate direct tape access. Direct tape access treated the tape drive like any other drive albeit really really slow.

    Jani ValtonenJani Valtonen14 dni temu
  • Thank you for recording everything in 4k

    B DreB Dre14 dni temu
  • Fire up the laptops! and of cause, show us!

    TimonSuricataTimonSuricata14 dni temu
  • best ASMR ever

    steingatsteingat14 dni temu
  • 25:50 Is me when they get my order wrong at McDonalds

    Musical Pop-tartMusical Pop-tart14 dni temu
  • My sister had those Walt Disney World CD-ROMs. Now you can just go to their website to get your daily dose of Disney Magic if you can.

    DISnutDISnut15 dni temu
  • I would totally store weed in the storage drive bay

    Hazy JHazy J15 dni temu
  • 31:05 cute af fursona

    Spoopi BoiSpoopi Boi15 dni temu
  • This Toshiba will even work being powered from the car 13-15 volts direct connection. It has a very flexible dc-dc inside

    Oid PolarOid Polar15 dni temu
  • You 🟨 $

    Julian HowellsJulian Howells15 dni temu
  • * IBM COBOL: MEGA Droool !!! I collect old programming languages / compilers, and have been doing so since the early 1980's (Forth, Cobol, Turbo Pascal, C, etc). I've got a copy of IBM COBOL that I was given back in the mid-late 1980's - but would love the original with manual. Scan / back that up asap LGR please ! * IBM 5150: beautiful old machine and in near mint condition. Many of the machines I owned and used in the 1980's and early 1990's had 2 parallel ports so you could hook one to a printer and use the other to LapLink your machine to a laptop or another PC. I did this a lot during the 1980's and early 1990's, before network cards suddenly became super cheap and common. Not tha case with yours though, the 2nd "parallel port" is hooked up to the CGA / graphics card, never seen that before, wonder why ????

    MoosesValleyMoosesValley15 dni temu
  • Holy heck I'm so jealous of Buriki 1. It was never properly emulated :( (last I checked). What a freakin' gem. Jealous.

    Yannick StevensYannick Stevens15 dni temu
  • I would be disappointed if you didnt use that furry sticker

    dealer of deethdealer of deeth15 dni temu
  • I wish someone would send me a free IBM 5150.

    Doom84Doom8415 dni temu
  • I didn't know MS Flight sim was made in the next town over from me! Neat.

    Zack SchaeferZack Schaefer15 dni temu
  • Anything from the era when Nakamichi actually designed and built their own equipment is a great find!

    Christopher BornChristopher Born15 dni temu
  • It seems amazing that when Flight Simulator 1.0 was released, the 747 had been flying for 12 years.

    moviebodmoviebod15 dni temu
  • Exploding cushion made this video! ahahaha

    RefluxDnBRefluxDnB15 dni temu
  • Best part 24:23 Hilarious !

    BehemogBehemog15 dni temu
  • Nice! That's a Powerbook G3 "PDQ". The Powerbook G3 Pismo was one of the best laptops I ever owned.

    Maggie McFeeMaggie McFee15 dni temu
  • 4:56 The "Sector Twelve" badge is my favorite (The Zebra Print-esque one.)

    Randy Marsh 2020Randy Marsh 202015 dni temu
  • I have that exact 5.25 drawer in my PC. It's actually handier than you might think!

    Tony MorrisTony Morris15 dni temu
  • Why is this channel so calming and entertaining to watch.

    Clo CrazeCartoonGalClo CrazeCartoonGal16 dni temu
  • I remember those mouse burgers back in the 90's

    Dylan BrowneDylan Browne16 dni temu
  • nice

    didmadidma16 dni temu
  • That Neo Geo blew my mind wow!

    jimmyjackzjimmyjackz16 dni temu
  • I need a copy of that design your own railroad I played that game for hours as a kid never thought Id see that disk again.

    Tech NO CityTech NO City16 dni temu
  • Y2K was 20 years ago how fast time passed

    Raziel LentzRaziel Lentz16 dni temu
  • 43:57 I had one of those boards. I even still have the matched pair of Intel Overdrive PPro-II 333Mhz CPU's for it, plus the original 166Mhz CPUs as well.

    ckhallock88ckhallock8816 dni temu
  • I have that exact same toshiba satellite 4000cds. I love the thing. Best classic laptop I've ever had, don't intend to sell it ever. It can run OS/2/DOS/ and Windows 3.1-XP with ALL drivers easily available for all. If you'd want, I can hit you with official download links for drivers you can search through. I just want to upgrade mine past 64mb if possible, get an ide to compact flash or sd solution, and ethernet. It also has incredible speakers with a Yamaha sound system, listen to it under Windows 3.1. It sounds fantastic, but I'm unable to get midi to function. 3.1 does play wav, mp3 and etc fine

    Walnut SpiceWalnut Spice16 dni temu
  • Lovely - when MS Flight Simulator came with documentation

    Dave FDave F16 dni temu
  • Much like the Street Fighter EX games, Fatal Fury Wild Ambition kinda sucks. Classic 2D fighting games made with early 3D graphics really don't work well. The only real exception would be the Rival Schools games. They were never 2D themselves, but they are kind of Street Fighter spinoffs and have similar gameplay.

    HanHan16 dni temu
  • Damn if I had that Walt Disney World Explorer when I was a kid, I would have gone nuts!

    Henry Jones Jr.Henry Jones Jr.16 dni temu
  • 22:32 Oh nice, Nostalgia Nerd did a video on that just now.

    shinobodyshinobody16 dni temu
  • Wha?!?!? Is Clint a ham?

    ZerocoolZerocool16 dni temu
  • Famous-Barr was a chain of department stores out of St. Louis!

    PokemonprimedPokemonprimed16 dni temu
  • 27:00 All of those boards have been zapped by static electricity, because of that plastic bubble wrap. They WILL fail eventually, which is a shame, because that Sound Blaster 2.0 (8-bit ISA card) is extremely rare today and usually sells on eBay for $200.00 or more. Each of those boards should have been slid into a silver or black anti-static bag. Remember: Damage by static electricity is THE number one cause of component failure.

    Hans CampbellHans Campbell17 dni temu
  • I will ask for a i mac g4 please

    dx 4youdx 4you17 dni temu

    MätchäMätchä17 dni temu
    • I'm surprised not many people are talking about it.

      CragCat6550CragCat655015 dni temu
    • He cute too

      Major GrapeMajor Grape15 dni temu
  • God in Heaven , I did Y2K compliance testing for small business in `98 and `99. Holy shit they ran me RAGGED.

    Nick MullinsNick Mullins17 dni temu
  • colors

    Nina BeckerNina Becker17 dni temu
  • OH, DUDE! That printer looks just like my Seikosha LT-20! I had no idea there was a Tandy-branded version!

    Michael GrahamMichael Graham17 dni temu
  • Well now all you need is an SNK/NEO GEO arcade cabinet.

    Me my opinion ScheMe my opinion Sche17 dni temu
  • 7:53 "Nathan in Australia" Psivewri??

    Owen JonesOwen Jones17 dni temu
  • I was going through my old junk the other day and throwing stuff out. I found a SoundBlaster 1.0 card from about 30 years ago that I forgot I had! Sorry, I don't think I'll be sending it to you.

    Gst ComputingGst Computing18 dni temu