You'll Never Guess What This Does! | 10 Products With Unknown Uses!

11 sie 2020
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Today, Pat challenged Matt and Tanner to see if they could guess what these super strange amazon products actually do! I personally guarantee you that you won't be able to guess some of these either.
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0:00 - You Guess It, You Win It Challenge!
1:03 - Tanner Would LOVE This
3:14 - Mixes Eggs?
5:39 - These Two Clearly Don't Need Hair Products
7:30 - Are We Just A Hi5 Version Of GMM?
8:13 - This Isn't Inappropriate... I Promise...
10:29 - Tanner's Overconfidence
12:50 - This Product Almost Ruined Our Shoot
15:08 - Tanner Wants To Put His Mouth On This
16:53 - Tanner Hurts Himself. Shocker (get it)
19:14 - This Was DISGUSTING
21:35 - Apparently They've Used This Before...Whooops
23:04 - Final Scores! Who Gets To Keep The Most Products?!

  • The most corny men on the planet. They are not funny and they only make each other laugh.

  • Would you mind if I put my mouth on the) tanner from dope or nope

    Abby SmithAbby Smith11 godzin temu
  • *mixes eggs * dope or nope: XD

    Abby SmithAbby Smith11 godzin temu
  • Mixes eggs

    Gracey SmileyGracey Smiley20 godzin temu
  • Mixes eggs

    Gamer Ali6263Gamer Ali6263Dzień temu
  • The dance Thing is a foot massage

    Alice PierceAlice PierceDzień temu
  • Egg mixer

    Jerod JohnsonJerod Johnson2 dni temu
  • *M I X E S E G G S*

    yashyash3 dni temu
  • Man that intro is so nostalgic after not watching for a while

    RavenvaultRavenvault4 dni temu
  • Mixing eggs x7

    Marshall CamposMarshall Campos4 dni temu
  • 1: a sprinkler 😂 2: a handless pan mixer 3: a hair diffuser 4: protects wet finger nails. 5: holds a pan? 6: removes blackheads and scrubs face 7: kitchen timer...? Wtf lol 8: it’s punctures you to test blood for diabetes 9: tongue scraper 10: mixes eggs

    Mollee NelsonMollee Nelson4 dni temu
  • LoL Shania is my classmate.

  • Matt : thats stupid to the inside of the car Me : HEY!!!!!! My dad and my grandpa use that for thar hats Also me: but I forgive you 😊😊😊😊😊

    C.S. ReynoldsC.S. Reynolds5 dni temu
  • egg go *mixxxxxxxxx*

    Seth01MasterSeth01Master5 dni temu
  • me dinking eggs what are you looking at dad?

    lemmon SLAYERlemmon SLAYER5 dni temu
  • “Mosquitoes dont bite you on your hand” Me:Gets bit by mosquito on hand while watching this (I got bit on my finger)

    Memer_4life YEETMemer_4life YEET5 dni temu
  • i got none of them correct

    Nicolas CovarrubiasNicolas Covarrubias5 dni temu
  • What's the 10th hole the woman has

    Going BeastGoing Beast6 dni temu

    LPShershey'sLPShershey's6 dni temu
  • Mixes eggs

    Jean WardJean Ward6 dni temu
  • imagine having these guys as your dad LaMooOOoOOOo

    Ella Equestrain25Ella Equestrain257 dni temu
  • Wine to water

    Camden GibsonCamden Gibson7 dni temu
  • mixes eggs should be a new 2020 meme

    Allie FailsAllie Fails7 dni temu
  • yow mama sooooooo stupid

    Eifion GratrixEifion Gratrix7 dni temu
  • Bruh, Nice vid

    Nicholas WalkerNicholas Walker7 dni temu
  • mixes eggs

    Bro Flare gamingBro Flare gaming8 dni temu
  • 3:26 I ant even

    Braden WarrenBraden Warren8 dni temu
  • Mix eggs ps look at mine name

    Eric BraderEric Brader8 dni temu
  • Mixes eggs and wine to water

    Test BotTest Bot8 dni temu
  • Mixes eggs

    Mr. MusicMr. Music8 dni temu
  • mixxes eggssssss

    Ng Siew Pin GinNg Siew Pin Gin9 dni temu
  • so i had a dog an when they started talking about pets i thot of when my dog sliped in the tud

    leiana lawrenceleiana lawrence9 dni temu
  • I love you

    Hannah WhiteHannah White9 dni temu
  • Am I the only one who has no clue what mixes with eggs is?

    Archie's ShushiArchie's Shushi9 dni temu
  • Tamer said it sounded like a dog whistle but you can’t even hear one

    Cooper TelkeCooper Telke9 dni temu
    • Lol. He did mean like high frequencies tho

      Sophapia 21Sophapia 216 dni temu
  • Mixes eggs mixes eggs mixes eggs mixes eggs

    Harley brownHarley brown9 dni temu
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    randomness of randomrandomness of random9 dni temu
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    Gabe FlowersGabe Flowers9 dni temu
  • it mixes eggs 1:13:13:13:13:01

    Jackie BrockholmJackie Brockholm9 dni temu
  • Mixes eggs

    lps taylorlps taylor9 dni temu
  • It mixes eggs

    Lowkeyy LitLowkeyy Lit10 dni temu
  • It mixes eggs

    Lowkeyy LitLowkeyy Lit10 dni temu
  • It mixes eggs

    Lowkeyy LitLowkeyy Lit10 dni temu
  • It mixes eggs

    Lowkeyy LitLowkeyy Lit10 dni temu
  • It mixes eggs

    Lowkeyy LitLowkeyy Lit10 dni temu
  • bruh there is 18 holes on a golf course not 9

    Roxanne ErkeRoxanne Erke10 dni temu
  • Mixes eggs

    Tom_on60fpsTom_on60fps10 dni temu
  • Mixes eggs

    TropicalFistPunchTropicalFistPunch11 dni temu
  • you guys make me laugh so much and i love it

    JoalyssaJoalyssa11 dni temu
  • yo mama

    Noah WareNoah Ware11 dni temu
  • mixes eggs

    Max ReedMax Reed11 dni temu
  • Tanner: that’s not a 7 11 hot dog pat Me: what??? 😹😹😹😹😹😺😸😺😸😺😸

    Savannah WaltersSavannah Walters11 dni temu
  • mixes eggs

  • Mixes eggs

    Andrew HipkissAndrew Hipkiss11 dni temu
  • yo moma

    Jaxon WilliamsJaxon Williams12 dni temu
  • Mat is the type of kid that is suuuucks at foot ball but likes it and


    Alpha_ Recon25Alpha_ Recon2512 dni temu
  • i got nun!

    Braxton JacksonBraxton Jackson12 dni temu
  • 1to5

    Ayden FigueroaAyden Figueroa12 dni temu
  • Ya

    Logan GlandonLogan Glandon12 dni temu
  • Who is watching this after “it mixes eggs” was a meme.

    J DotyJ Doty12 dni temu
  • It’s to put on you hair dryer to evenly dry your hair

    Alice SchweitzerAlice Schweitzer12 dni temu
  • Mrs. Ed’s

    Jax ShearnJax Shearn12 dni temu
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    Daniel SherifDaniel Sherif13 dni temu
  • mixes eggs

    Extrememercs72 add my epicExtrememercs72 add my epic13 dni temu
  • Can we please do this again?! It was so funny!

    Jenna PearmanJenna Pearman13 dni temu
  • Butter

    Rick FikesRick Fikes13 dni temu

    Gael GómezGael Gómez13 dni temu
  • You guys should try turning paper into money lol

    VisualzVisualz13 dni temu
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    ClappinDaily GClappinDaily G13 dni temu
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  • 3:02 put it on Korean subtitles here

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  • Dose the video mix egges

    EAGLE wolfEAGLE wolf14 dni temu
  • mixes eggs

    DekuDeku15 dni temu
  • 5:10 voice cracked and played it off 😭

    Cristian GraciaCristian Gracia15 dni temu
  • Best part 1:07 wing dinger

    Xavier PXavier P15 dni temu
  • 13:42. Matthias face When it's the last day os school, but the teacher gives you a pop quiz.

    KitKatKin SKitKatKin S15 dni temu
  • I haven't watched y'all since 2018 where the other people :(

    Its ZukoIts Zuko15 dni temu
  • mixes eggs

    lin breadsticklin breadstick15 dni temu
  • first this is a baby toy

    Joshua BiceJoshua Bice15 dni temu
  • Matt and tanner see a paint brush: Matt mixes egg tanner for paint

    alecia halecia h15 dni temu
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    Rico CohenRico Cohen15 dni temu
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    Casey DobsonCasey Dobson16 dni temu
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    The masked skull Other channelThe masked skull Other channel16 dni temu
  • No one Literally no one Tanner: can I put that in my mouth

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  • Matt got all the boys

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  • Mixes eggs

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  • But you don't have to continually stir pasta... I'm italian btw

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