Time Traveling with Christopher Lloyd in Rescue the Scientists!

5 kwi 2019
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Doc Brown needs your help for Edutainment Month 2019 commences! Taking a look at Rescue the Scientists -- a puzzle platformer from Redwood Games in the vein of Word Rescue, Math Rescue, and Pickle Wars.
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  • The og hot tub time machine.....sue sue sue....cusack needs the money

    Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin3 godzin temu
  • As a professional puzzle maker and editor the Word Scramble was particularly intriguing; it's what is usually called a Filippine but instead of having to write/type the letters, it's a (ridiculous) anagram type puzzle instead. Never knew this existed, TIL :) Thanks!

    GamesWithWaldoGamesWithWaldo17 dni temu
  • Thank you so much for making this video! My parents got me this game when I was 6 or 7 years old. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work on our PC for whatever reason. So I would just read the manual, play with the CD and admire the lovely boxart. I always wondered how this game actually played. This was a real treat!

    Andrew NealAndrew NealMiesiąc temu
  • I'm so glad you mentioned Toonstruck in this video. You said it wasn't that obscure (admittedly, it's probably not as obscure as games like this), but I rarely see anyone talking about it.

    Xylo PianoXylo Piano2 miesięcy temu
  • So this was the inspiration for the movie "Hot Tub Time Machine"? 5:50 "This can't be the inspiration for 'Hot Tub Time Machine'..."

    John RogersJohn Rogers2 miesięcy temu
  • Was that alien Gir from Invader Zim?

    bernerberner6 miesięcy temu
  • Time Travel is fun, Do it all the time!!

    Scott CuppScott Cupp6 miesięcy temu
  • Time travel... more precisely called Time And Space Coordinates Personal Relocation Eventing With Inertia Adjustment.

    Satan OfficialSatan Official6 miesięcy temu
    • Aliens can be alienating.

      Satan OfficialSatan Official6 miesięcy temu
    • The Most Interesting Man in the World... He doesn't time travel, time travels to him.

      Satan OfficialSatan Official6 miesięcy temu
  • Makes me think someone should make a movie....A Hot Tub, A Time Machine, all it would need is a catchy title....now what could they call a movie like that ....??

    Bite My KrankBite My Krank7 miesięcy temu
  • "I died" 🍶🍖🚮🏪🌓

    Osvin SuazoOsvin Suazo9 miesięcy temu
  • Fun Fact: 'Tempus' is Latin for 'Time', so he's portraying Mr. Time!

    dwoodman26dwoodman269 miesięcy temu
  • Did kids in the early 90's hang out in diners often? Was this a thing?

    MarconiusMarconius10 miesięcy temu
  • I'd like a review of Pickle Wars

    Andrew FaradayAndrew Faraday10 miesięcy temu
  • I bet a lot of us were hoping for Christopher Lloyd to step out of the computer into reality. “Am I right or am I right? Don’t give me right if I’m not right.”

    tux9656tux965610 miesięcy temu
  • That's not Chris Lloyd....lol....it's someone impersonating his voice....This Is heavy doc!!!

    MiLeS MoRaLeSMiLeS MoRaLeS11 miesięcy temu
  • I wonder how much money they spent for Lloyd’s photos and voice.

    LiKLiK11 miesięcy temu
  • Damn near pissed my pants when it was the sped up great scott

    Orzhov SyndicateOrzhov SyndicateRok temu
  • People stop using vaccines... Earth is flat... Climate change is hoax... we now have 5416 genders... and other things... Did Glixirians actually succeed?

    OokamiOokamiRok temu
  • You want a cop getting too old for this shtuff? You digitize Danny Glover!!!

    Joe WalshJoe WalshRok temu
  • This is still better than Marios Time Machine

    Stephan SStephan SRok temu
  • They forgot Nikola Tesla on the list of scientists just like they did not teach us about him at school.

    CJCJRok temu
  • The graphics were designed on an Amiga. I’d recognize those KaraFonts anywhere

    TrashPanda RaccoonTrashPanda RaccoonRok temu
  • Toonstruck!

    J LJ LRok temu
  • please review TOONSTRUCK too :-)

    Wim MatthijsWim MatthijsRok temu
  • So the bad guys from this game are pretty much antivaxers, flatearthers and religious nuts. Good to know. Thankfully sped-up Doc Brown was able to fill us in with the details.

    Faze of 1337planetFaze of 1337planetRok temu
  • Is it me or does Chris Lloyd sound a bit up-pitched, like 1/3rd of a chipmunk? Come to think of it, that might even be not the real Chris Lloyd after all. I mean, we never *see* him in glorious full video motion... I can’t help but feel I’ve been ripped off. I’m sure you're feeling something similar.

    Pixel ProphecyPixel ProphecyRok temu
  • Toonstruck 4 free on GOG :)

    Don LimonDon LimonRok temu
  • It's like the intro to Skyrim.

    Jason BrockJason BrockRok temu
  • Americans , in love with the sound of their own voice , why do american youtubers , speak normally , people are not going to like your content any less .ffs

    Jade HadfieldJade HadfieldRok temu

    Robert TRobert TRok temu
  • Am I the only one who thought Christopher Lloyd’s character would have been a discount Doctor Who Doctor. His age and dialogue just feels like it would fit in on BBC or like an American version of Doctor Who but a rip off name like “Professor When” lol

    cyton18cyton18Rok temu
  • If the items mentioned by the protagonists were made to never exist then how did they know things were disappearing and what those items were supposed to be called? If the items were made to never exist then wouldn't that also mean that people wouldn't have memories of them?

    Quentin BradfordQuentin BradfordRok temu
  • Would you ever do a new adams family movie

    Ken MolineKen MolineRok temu
  • Haha chris lloyd my favorite legend ever

    szewei85szewei85Rok temu
  • 10:28 didn't you ding Dr. Brain for this exact same issue tho? :P (yes, I know that review came after)

    the_muteKithe_muteKiRok temu
  • If I had to guess, I'd say the high pitched voice was a result of the compression. Either as an unintended side effect, or done to make him easier to understand (some voices don't play nice with compression).

    SabreXTSabreXTRok temu
  • That 90s clipart style box art. Love it.

    Robster881Robster881Rok temu
  • There was actually a video game based of the "Connections 2" documentary series, done with quite a lot of FMV. Interesting if you can find a copy.

    Theo WintersTheo WintersRok temu
  • Never run away from the time police! You will not survive!

    child of cascadiachild of cascadiaRok temu
  • man, that was boring to watch too

    Evan RomeuEvan RomeuRok temu
  • It's a good time!

    Jon DonnellyJon DonnellyRok temu
  • you should cover mario is missing and those other knockoff educational mario games!

    Lauryn RossbackLauryn RossbackRok temu
  • I remember this games intro and Greece level and not much else. And there is clearly a reason for that

    Kyle ThompsonKyle ThompsonRok temu
  • It's not a coincidence that the mini-games are the same as in The Fool's Errand. That game, along with Commander Keen and Lexi-Cross, is the favorite video game of Karen Chun according to this interview www.1morecastle.com/2012/06/karen-chun-redwood-games/

    DookNookimDookNookimRok temu
  • >great thinker >Einstein Great plagiarist who doesn't think credit to the ones doing the heavy lifting is required.

    dorkly morklydorkly morklyRok temu
  • "... Cambrian explosion in CD-Roms". Would that make LGR the Burgess Shale of CR-Roms?

    staggerwingsstaggerwingsRok temu
    • Heh.

      LGRLGRRok temu
  • 4:38 Those aliens must have been from xen. This game predates the events of Black Mesa a good 4 years!!!

    ACombineSoldierACombineSoldierRok temu
  • Is this before Christopher Lloyd became The Hacker?

    Cinnamon BunCinnamon BunRok temu
    • wow, someone else who remembers cyberchase! hello!

      ShinyStarriNiteShinyStarriNiteRok temu
  • WTF- so some kid in the 90’s fell in love with this game and wet on to write Hot Tub Time Machine. There’s just no other answer

    Heath AndersonHeath AndersonRok temu
  • A TV attached to the side of a hot tub, nothing could possibly go wrong there

    Arcade PerfectArcade PerfectRok temu
  • There ending quote about the Constitution ftw

    tomkelly00tomkelly00Rok temu
  • Pickle Wars looks kinda like an improved Word Rescue, hooray! Math Rescue wasn't so hot though.

    Ed HerdmanEd HerdmanRok temu
  • Rick and Morty steal from this game then...

    Ivan A. MedinaIvan A. MedinaRok temu
  • A DOS game I played that you haven't done a video on yet: Time Commando. I dont remember if it was good or bad bc I was so young i could barely get past the first couple levels, but no one has done a very good video on it.

    Alex ConnerAlex ConnerRok temu
  • We must complete there dohicky Gomez!

    JayE SmokeJayE SmokeRok temu
  • I’m so kind of mega maybe sure that one high-pitched Glixer is voiced by Rikki Simons...but I can’t find any credit anywhere to that account Btw, same voice actor for GIR on Invader Zim (hear the slight similarity?)

    Spoon-DonoSpoon-DonoRok temu
  • Christopher Llloyd in 1994: "A Constitution is a document that keeps kings and presidents from getting too outrageous when signing documents and talking to the press." Guess they didn't cover 2016-2020 at Time Academy.

    Dacoda NelsonDacoda NelsonRok temu
  • Here we go bois

    MarshalerMarshalerRok temu
  • Had a game in mind that I played when I was younger and I never manage to remember or find it online. Turns out it was Pickle Wars. Huge thanks!

    Dabbing JigglypuffDabbing JigglypuffRok temu
  • Is Germany 1940 actually a stage in this game?

    Nathaniel GarroNathaniel GarroRok temu
  • 13:25 - Holy shit... Is this the Alien version of Mao?

    RyusutaRyusutaRok temu
  • I remember pickle wars!!

    Matt CooperMatt CooperRok temu
  • Spirit of 76, is the first hot tub time machine.

    Paul ForesterPaul ForesterRok temu
  • His voice lines might've been higher pitched as a result of them speeding up the sound files so they would be shorter to make them smaller in size and easier to get onto the disc maybe?

    Queen EmilyQueen EmilyRok temu
  • Straight Outta Compton!

    PanekPLPanekPLRok temu
  • So now I understand Rick and Morty 😔

    Sean YoungSean YoungRok temu
  • Only Christopher Lloyd would do things like this, and that is why he is christopher lloyd, as no matter the era, if he's in it, you know your gonna be in for something bizarre, fun and interesting lol As only him could go from his character on Taxi, To Doc Brown, to clue, to Kruge from star trek 3, kinda like a 1980's version of Nick Cage really, except far more liked for it lol although the difference is Lloyd is an actor, Nick Cage is just Nick Cage lol

    Kavinsky SmithKavinsky SmithRok temu
  • Please do Mechwarrior 2

    John HowardJohn HowardRok temu
  • I love Edutainment month! Back to binge watching for the bagillionth time.

    Boozey St JohnBoozey St JohnRok temu
  • It's Marvin! Your cousin, Marvin Berry. You know that new CD-ROM you're looking for?!?

    Internet KingInternet KingRok temu
  • Great Scott!

    bloodrunsclearbloodrunsclearRok temu
  • 11:07 had me do a double-take 😅

    ObiWattKenobi_LPObiWattKenobi_LPRok temu
  • have you covered toonstruck already?

    Gregory BerryconeGregory BerryconeRok temu
  • "Calm your tentacles?" Is that the Glixerian version of "Calm your tits?"

    TheHeroOfTomorrowTheHeroOfTomorrowRok temu
  • Christopher Lloyds voice sounds like a NTSC to PAL conversion.

    TularisTularisRok temu
  • Whenever I saw the "Don't play track 1 on CD-Players"-label in these days, of course the first thing I did was to put it in my CD-Player and press play. Never had any damage apart from some ugly noises coming out of my speakers. Why such a warning? Has anybody out there experienced some real damage out of it?

    boom babyboom babyRok temu
  • Glixer is our word. Stick to Glixerians, you filthy Earthling.

    Adam RAdam RRok temu
  • Back to the Lazy Game Reviews!

    X Razorsz XX Razorsz XRok temu
  • I love Mr Lloyd's chipmunk voice.

    atomicradiotheateratomicradiotheaterRok temu
  • One of these days, you need to play Track 1 of one of these CDs in an audio CD player.

    DukeNukem2417DukeNukem2417Rok temu
  • pulpy papers

    StonepotwaffleStonepotwaffleRok temu
  • The cryptogram mini game looked pretty cool. :)

    UlmoUlmoRok temu
  • Well, now I can't stop thinking about Pickle Wars.

    Hyperobjeckt SynthsHyperobjeckt SynthsRok temu
  • *G R E A T S C O T T*

    Big SmokeBig SmokeRok temu
  • Any chance you know how to get the PC tank game called Recoil working on Win764bitPro ???

    NinjaRider777RNinjaRider777RRok temu
  • For a second there at 11:11 I thought the cryptogram said 'fuck off' 😂

    TreychikTreychikRok temu
  • Before you mentioned it in the video, I had it in mind to comment about The Fool's Errand! I seem to recall seeing both the "phrase scramble" and "word scramble" minigames there. The former I didn't much like--I remember writing a program to solve the things for me--but the latter could be fun, I think. ^_^ I'd forgotten just how much overlap there was, however! (Indeed, I'd misattributed the card-game to another puzzle-game, "Heaven and Earth"/ ^^; )

    Ian EbornIan EbornRok temu
  • Wow this just brought back a lot of memories... of playing Toonstruck and DOTT

    Esper CreativeEsper CreativeRok temu
  • The Great Battles of Alexander!!!!!

    El mansoEl mansoRok temu
  • Who is Eatus appelochus at 9:37 ??! 'The search engine' shows nothing

    The Eminent Joshua E. HroudaThe Eminent Joshua E. HroudaRok temu
  • Good reference to A Fool's Errand and how ah, eerily similar the mini game elements seem to be. Also strange how the silly time travel element in this game appears to be the genesis for the Hot Tub Time Machine film. Lastly, if I were the developers I'd have felt jipped by my Christopher Lloyd voice over investment. While him not sounding himself could be attributed to bad audio mixing, he seems to be mailing in everything he says.

    hunter371hunter371Rok temu
  • 😃😂 greatttt scotttt 😂😂😂😂

    Michael DeSmytherMichael DeSmytherRok temu
  • What's up with the kids faces? They look, off.

    HarryHarryRok temu
  • May i suggest a review on "Ghostbusters 2" on NES, please?

    Stoner O.G.Stoner O.G.Rok temu
  • Lloyd sounds weird like the audio is playing too fast or something.

    Matt Stuck in TimeMatt Stuck in TimeRok temu
  • The ORIGINAL Hot-Tub Time Machine.

    videoluver7videoluver7Rok temu
  • He DOES sound kinda squeaky, doesn't he? O.o I'm assuming it has to do with how his voice files were compressed for the game, but. . . Also, yes, what the hell is a HOT TUB TIME MACHINE doing in an EDUTAINMENT GAME?? It just -- that is the WEIRDEST excuse for getting the kid involved in the action that I could think of. There was nothing else they could modify with the time travel engine?? I mean, they were already apparently ripping off other games, AND they had Doc Brown -- why not go whole hog and get a car? I know underage driving is not good either, but at least makes a SKOOSH more sense. . .

    docette2015docette2015Rok temu
  • 0:02 31 + 38 = ?? _Ohh Clint, you naughty boy_

    Russell TeapotRussell TeapotRok temu
  • How will turning the volume down save your audio equipment?

    f4dyf4dyRok temu
  • Can you please make review on Space Station Sim?

    Mates 989Mates 989Rok temu