Doja Cat - Kiss Me More (Lyrics) ft. SZA

8 kwi 2021
5 902 744 wyświetleń

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  • *Where is everybody listening from?* 💖

    SyrebralVibesSyrebralVibes27 dni temu
    • Trinidad 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹

      Daijah BabbDaijah Babb11 dni temu
    • Bangladesh🇧🇩

      тαєтαє_мιηтαєтαє_мιη11 dni temu
    • Serbia

      Ajsa KolasinacAjsa Kolasinac11 dni temu
    • In mall HAHAHA

      Grafmatik Design StudioGrafmatik Design Studio11 dni temu

      Tsendsuren UlziibayarTsendsuren Ulziibayar11 dni temu
  • Boys! Her songs are our messages to you!! Dedicated to you!!

    Claire TaliliClaire Talili6 minut temu
  • I am no speak inlges ;-;

    Anguelo DiazAnguelo Diaz3 godzin temu
  • I swear the beginning sounds just like the OHSHC outro song am I the only one hearing it ?? 😲😍

    DaniDani5 godzin temu
  • I love this song

    Carol StokesCarol Stokes6 godzin temu
  • 1:00 Love part song 🌹☺

    Nars TorresNars Torres6 godzin temu
  • there’s just something about this song

    leelaleela6 godzin temu
  • I'm obsessed with "la la la la la"

    Fulan BaembangFulan Baembang7 godzin temu
  • when ever i with my crush i play this heheheehe

    lightxlimelightxlime8 godzin temu
  • this song reminds me a bit to lovefool by the cardigans ami the only one?

    Behn HerreraBehn Herrera8 godzin temu
  • ☁    ☁ ☀         ☁     ☁     ☁       ✈ ☁    ☁ 🏢_🏨____🌴_🏘___🏩💒_      /    \ 🌴 /   \🌴    /  🚘 \ ︎__

    Denise -MDenise -M9 godzin temu
  • 1:00

    bilqiis althafahbilqiis althafah9 godzin temu
  • 0:59

    Caiden CraigCaiden Craig10 godzin temu
  • Me: Imagining, acting like a mysterious girl that accidentally get an eye contact with someone when lip syncing 1:01

    HmmHmm10 godzin temu
  • 2:27 me pretending an outfit change: 🕺🏻✨

    NazifZuhNazifZuh11 godzin temu
  • people who said this is target song... i need y'all a full apology video

    Angry LeviAngry Levi12 godzin temu
  • i live in goergia me and my dog vibing to your song

    Gabrielle PinkneyGabrielle Pinkney13 godzin temu

    kaitsunekaitsune15 godzin temu
  • everytime I hear this I remember scarlet johannson

    Karian BumanlagKarian Bumanlag19 godzin temu
  • Someone send me a link of this and said jump at 0:19 to 0:59😳

    Owl OwlOwl Owl20 godzin temu
  • 2:18 - 2:40 is so addicting for me

    Diluc RagnvindrDiluc Ragnvindr22 godzin temu
  • Idk why but I luv singing this song all the time when I’m bored or doing my homework lol 😂

    Marina FlourMarina Flour23 godzin temu
  • Stuck on replay :)

    Jennifer ColemanJennifer Coleman23 godzin temu
  • Who else searched up this because you thought they said "Gummy Dummy" because I swear I hear a G there...

    Nimbus RexNimbus RexDzień temu
  • U know that

    Lillian GordonLillian GordonDzień temu
  • now usually i don’t like these types of songs, but THIS slaps

    lilialiliaDzień temu
  • I like the sexual agency and assertiveness in Doja's lyrics. The contrast between her singing voice and rapping voice was nice

    treehuggerdude4treehuggerdude4Dzień temu
  • Fab

    Jon HobsonJon HobsonDzień temu
  • 1:26

    bertram winklebertram winkleDzień temu
  • heavy summer vibes plus this song makes me feel like life is pefect

    idek anymoreidek anymoreDzień temu
  • 0:59

    natalia ssnatalia ssDzień temu
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    Samuel DvSamuel DvDzień temu
  • this give night city view from fooftop vibe

    미미 이에요미미 이에요Dzień temu
  • Aeeewsw

    tatuboi25tatuboi25Dzień temu
  • Came to dislike

    lidllidlDzień temu
    • As you should

      ESC CyprusESC CyprusDzień temu
    • nothing to be proud of girlie

      seavenlyseavenlyDzień temu
  • Song of summer 😂✨

    Mayang PutriMayang PutriDzień temu
    • period

      seavenlyseavenlyDzień temu
  • It sounds like a summer song

    Irmak K.Irmak K.Dzień temu
  • 2:40

    nia303hllownia303hllowDzień temu
  • I love you 💖

    Black RoseBlack RoseDzień temu
  • *intergalactic twerking*

    Mako-P's Video FolderMako-P's Video FolderDzień temu
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    Victoria MaloneVictoria MaloneDzień temu
  • 0:57 ❤️

    Ema LukáčováEma LukáčováDzień temu
  • 2:09

    Mia Liska-evansMia Liska-evansDzień temu
  • Let's just physical, physical 🎵🎶

    Zeusb masalungaZeusb masalungaDzień temu
  • Lallalalalllaa

    KhansaKhansaDzień temu
  • 1:01

    Lena RusjanLena RusjanDzień temu
  • man this makes me wanna fall in love with someone

    what ifwhat ifDzień temu
  • nice song doja

    5-4 Мишээл.Б5-4 Мишээл.БDzień temu
  • i have crush on me cousin

    pablo hakimipablo hakimiDzień temu
  • *happy twerking*

    LoLo PlayzLoLo PlayzDzień temu
  • I love you

    Eugénie BoucherEugénie Boucher2 dni temu
  • The fact underage girls are gonna be dancing to this on TikTok with how filthy the song is, is disgusting.

    Firty ThiveFirty Thive2 dni temu
  • my crush sent this to me ;)

    Dxddy.MysticDxddy.Mystic2 dni temu
    • Lol same here haha

      wesley liewwesley liewDzień temu
  • . 1:01 Don't mind me, I just want to repeat this part

    LauLau2 dni temu
    • 3:01 Thats my fav part ty I just wanna leave this here

      erwins wifeerwins wifeDzień temu
    • I love that part

      Mymy MiaMymy MiaDzień temu
  • Yo this song is so gud and nasty 👍🏽😎

    TNS_ GabrielTNS_ Gabriel2 dni temu
  • Dummy

    Willow SpectorWillow Spector2 dni temu
  • 0:57

    Doha AlaaldenDoha Alaalden2 dni temu
  • i dont like this song

    Sharon TerrySharon Terry2 dni temu
  • too addicting ughh and also thinking abt alex landi

    aimer marieaimer marie2 dni temu
  • this song has "cotton candy" vibes

    vabvab2 dni temu

    i am not twinkphobici am not twinkphobic2 dni temu
  • Feel like I'm on my own planet😌🌏

    Rohan PhillipsRohan Phillips2 dni temu
  • 3:13 that's what she said

    Ran GmanRan Gman2 dni temu
  • Am here because of sza🤧🤷

    Tiffany JohnsonTiffany Johnson2 dni temu
  • Pooping twerking

    Ὃ ْὋ ْ2 dni temu
  • this? This is beautiful. Great song, and though the lyrics are at times a bit much for me, the instrumental and vocals absolutely make up for it! also hOW DID THEY DO THE SOUND EFFECT IN 2:30 I NEED TO KNOW it sounds so nice! edit: timestamp was wrong, _twice_

    Sound-ninSound-nin2 dni temu
  • plss write n word like n****

    İshak Alıcıİshak Alıcı2 dni temu
  • 0:59

    hazze xxhazze xx2 dni temu
  • The definition of a banger

    DatSunny DDatSunny D2 dni temu
  • This is such a feel good song! I love this song sm.

    INDIGOINDIGO2 dni temu

    sophia_ majamsophia_ majam2 dni temu
  • What is nigga?

    SONG 'sSONG 's2 dni temu
  • Doja cat is a really good pop/rap i love her songs its so amazing

    Mel RoseMel Rose2 dni temu
  • Doja has a different sound man ... this is a bop !

    levi the creationlevi the creation2 dni temu
  • "We're so young, ain't got nothing to lose", summer love vibes

    collider12collider122 dni temu
  • **sleepy twerking**

    Hannah CollinsHannah Collins3 dni temu
  • ngl sounds like that oliva newton song wheres its like lets get physical also mars idea from queen Britney other than that good song

    Melissa PapinMelissa Papin3 dni temu
  • i love this song

    Amanda FrisciaAmanda Friscia3 dni temu
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    Marjorie SparksMarjorie Sparks3 dni temu
    • real shit?

      Carrie SmithCarrie Smith2 dni temu
  • Ok I don't have really have that strong love feeling but this song just makes want ship someone with somebody.

    GlassOfWater YayGlassOfWater Yay3 dni temu
  • cosmic twerking

    sinsin3 dni temu
  • 0:59 here for this part

    sundus uwusundus uwu3 dni temu
  • anyone else wink whenever the wink part comes up? haha 😅

    Valerie ScarlettValerie Scarlett3 dni temu
  • this makes me to confess to my crush but im so nerves

    Gebriela GamesGebriela Games3 dni temu
    • Do it ! 😳

      Little daffodilLittle daffodil3 dni temu
  • This song has been hitting me with the chorus cause i broke up with him due to different principles lmao awe doja totally opposite with me

    Zhongli is my h u s b a n dZhongli is my h u s b a n d3 dni temu
  • vincenzo my gawd.

    Jack ConcepcionJack Concepcion3 dni temu
  • i love this so much

    Jen TVJen TV3 dni temu
  • Damn Doja Cat never misses once😔🛐

    Ola ZenuniOla Zenuni3 dni temu
  • This shi stuck in my head! A bop! ☺️💕

    FunsizeJazFunsizeJaz3 dni temu
  • I'm so obsessed with the "I feel like fucking something" line

    Flying KucingFlying Kucing3 dni temu
  • Vibing hard☠️

    Afra. ixyyAfra. ixyy3 dni temu
  • I played this song in repeat while reading some romance novels🥰😍

    JL RangcapanJL Rangcapan3 dni temu
  • Love this song

    Dulce 07GLZDulce 07GLZ4 dni temu
  • Were so young to be stressing like this

    suesue4 dni temu
  • Darja Cart

    Carson HoyCarson Hoy4 dni temu
  • Doja with sza’s voice at the end sounds like heaven

    Neptune MoniqueNeptune Monique4 dni temu
  • Good music

    Tevin ThomasTevin Thomas4 dni temu
  • If this song was on Just dance 💳💥

    DominoDomino4 dni temu

    Heeya BoruahHeeya Boruah4 dni temu
  • Sitting twerking

    SquishmallowsofiaSquishmallowsofia4 dni temu