Why Blue Whales Don't Get Cancer - Peto's Paradox

1 mar 2020
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Cancer is a creepy and mysterious thing. While we tried to understand it, to get better at killing it, we discovered a biological paradox that remains unsolved to this day: large animals seem to be immune to cancer. Which doesn’t make any sense - the bigger a being, the more cancer it should have. To understand why, we first need to take a look at the nature of cancer itself.
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    Wiliam mWiliam m5 godzin temu
  • We get cancer because of the GMOs we consume, they won't tell us this

    conrad mbuguaconrad mbugua8 godzin temu
  • I said to my dad that if blue whales can’t get cancer why don’t we just inject a strand of cells into us and taadaa no cancer and he just looked at me like i was such a disappointment...

    RascalixRascalix10 godzin temu
  • Cancer kills people but the cancer is cancer kills everything that live

    Adem ParlakAdem Parlak15 godzin temu
  • Wasnt there a guy who found the cure to cancer and hiv but died?

    tyuutyuu17 godzin temu
  • We need to become giants.

    Varg HjornVarg Hjorn17 godzin temu
  • One thing we can do as an invidual. Is to stop buying processed food, dairy and meat. They are filled with bad stuff, and its bad karma in the end. Buy natural sources and your cells Will be more stable.

    Jonas LJonas L19 godzin temu
  • 3:00 oh so that's how the furbies died out

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  • I am on 3:27

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  • Cancer is soooo scary ._.

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  • Replace "cancer" with "humans" and "organism" with "planet" and everything stays right, amazing !

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  • Those animals dont eat junkfood.

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  • Is cancer a disease?

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  • "Cancer kills cancer" *You are bad guy but this does not mean that you are bad guy*

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  • The CIA has been doing this for decades

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  • Someone: *makes fun of my height* me: 0:17

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  • Player 2 has joined the game

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  • Cancer: You're weak. Cancer: I'm you.

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  • I was watching this, then got an ad about VITAMIN b12 and cancer..help

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  • This comments section is cancer.

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  • 99 tumours. 0 problems. Got me

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  • What if cancer finds a cure to cancer before we do?

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  • "large animals are immune to cancer" Well if ur mum can start smoking again

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  • “ I use cancer to destroy the cancer”

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  • All my brain was thinking in the beginning of this video: The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

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  • Thanks for the information.

    Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin2 dni temu
  • " We need to take a look inside the cancet cells " So, we're dissecting fortnite kids?

    Kokona HarukaKokona Haruka2 dni temu
  • 1:58 why does that say murine cells?

    sheldon fannsheldon fann2 dni temu
  • No im not fat! Im just evolving against cancer

    toxic deathtoxic death3 dni temu
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  • cancer: now you have cancer Elephant: yes, but actually no

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  • Cancer gets Cancer. Et tu, Brutus?

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  • Gg

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  • Large animals are immune to cancer because large animals are highly susceptible to cancer.

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  • This channel is the best thing ever! "Player 2 joined" but player 2 is cancer's cancer lol

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  • shortsaid - in a nutshell

    noob of doomnoob of doom3 dni temu
  • I was always under the impression that the rate of mitosis is simply slower in large animals, and that that was why they have such long lifespans. Slower cell replication means slower growth, but also a prolonged ability to produce telomerase and a lower cell mutation rate.

    Doug CampbellDoug Campbell3 dni temu
    • Ironically, blue whales are some of the fastest growing animals on earth in terms of sheer weight.

      Rex VermesRex Vermes5 godzin temu
  • Got it, be a whale.

    Josh AskewJosh Askew3 dni temu
  • "Cellular Architecture". A word I haven't heard since AP Bio.

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  • Or maybe the genetic theory is wrong?... Maybe?

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  • Why do people shave their hair when they get cancer

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  • Why does it give the average mice lifespan, but then gives a wrong average human lifespan? We don’t live 100 years on average we live about 72.5 years or so on average?

    ScotchScotch3 dni temu
  • 5:55 when you are playing league and the olds op champions are getting destroyed by the new ones

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  • Next: Do cancer get cancer?

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  • I solved it, blue whales don't have twitter!

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  • The description of cancer is ironically antisemitic.

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  • Would a larger human be more resilient then a smaller human

  • So, why don't we purposely induce hypertumors in diagnosed humans?

    weckarweckar4 dni temu
  • Perhaps it’s the less cells in a creature the more likely it is for one of those cells to be overworked and since there is less cells it takes less cancer cells to be bad

    Zesty OverlordZesty Overlord4 dni temu
  • So basically cancer coup on original cancer. It's like there is a really unstable government that can kill the earth if they grow large enough, but every time they make significant progress, a different group of cells stage a coup and start all over.

    Nines :3Nines :34 dni temu
  • They never get born between June 20 and July 20

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  • God exists and It’s Christian God ❤️

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    • @Rinse-esniR Do you have any proof for that?

      ccpo lccpo l4 dni temu
    • @ccpo l Because it is a lie

      Rinse-esniRRinse-esniR4 dni temu
    • @Rinse-esniR why nope?

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    • Nope

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  • If only my favorite aunt was a Blue Whale....

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  • Yea my dog just got cancer

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  • To believe that all these complex and sophisticated living systems that perform many voluntary actions were here by accident from other other non living accidents which came from a chain of other random accidents... if you cant accept life is a design meaning created by a creator then get checked for dementia

    Trav JamesTrav James4 dni temu
    • The design theory is unproven, the evolution theory is proven.

      Rinse-esniRRinse-esniR4 dni temu
  • “Doctor I have cancer” “I have a solution, more cancer”

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  • Yeah its not deadly or anything....cancer is creepy and mysterious 😂

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  • So legitimately fighting fire with fire

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  • "Even a slight breeze cou--" "Indestructible..."

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  • Fuck cancer

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  • Yo momma so fat that she can't get cancer

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  • So how much weight should I gain?

    Harshit GargHarshit Garg5 dni temu
    • None. You don't get more body cells. You only get more fat in them.

      Rinse-esniRRinse-esniR4 dni temu
  • Yeah, i want to know why whales don't have cancer

    Raul GutembergRaul Gutemberg5 dni temu
  • So fat people have slightly lower chance of getting a cancer?

    Sexual ElectricitySexual Electricity5 dni temu
    • @Rinse-esniR i see thanks

      Sexual ElectricitySexual Electricity4 dni temu
    • @Sexual Electricity No, fat doesn't have cells, cells contain fat. Everyone has about the same amount of fat cells. Skinny People hardly have fat in them, fat people have a lot of fat in them

      Rinse-esniRRinse-esniR4 dni temu
    • @Rinse-esniR does fat not have cells? or are they just not important in regards to cancer

      Sexual ElectricitySexual Electricity4 dni temu
    • @Sexual Electricity Fat people don't have more cells, they have more fat in them. That is the difference.

      Rinse-esniRRinse-esniR4 dni temu
    • @Rinse-esniR do big creatures just have a mechanism that fights of cancer more frequently or does them having more cells play a part, if having more cells plays a part than fat people have more cells. but then why do small creatures dont have that mechanism at least one or two of them, is it only exclusively evolved in big creatures. if so then fat people might in fact have more chance of getting cancer lol, opposite to what i said earlier

      Sexual ElectricitySexual Electricity5 dni temu
  • 5:55 "I used the Cancer to destroy the Cancer"

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  • Cancer is curable. Big pharma hides the cure because they'd lose too much money if ppl knew what the cure was. We must go back to the Adam & Eve times

    Rudy JeanRudy Jean6 dni temu
    • @Rudy Jean As expected. Liar.

      Rinse-esniRRinse-esniR5 dni temu
    • @Rinse-esniR 🐑

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    • @Rudy Jean Which proves that you are a liar.

      Rinse-esniRRinse-esniR5 dni temu
    • @Rinse-esniR Nope, all forms of cancer is curable. And it doesnt take a doc to do it

      Rudy JeanRudy Jean5 dni temu
    • There is no such thing as one cancer type. Some forms of cancer are curable, others aren't yet.

      Rinse-esniRRinse-esniR5 dni temu
  • Fighting cancer with cancer.... I love it. But what about gene reversal with something like CRISPR?

    Birch K.Birch K.6 dni temu
  • It’s the sun screen

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  • Cancer is easily curable. Big pharma hides the cure because they would lose too much money. Chronic illnesses is what keeps big pharma running. Childhood cancers are caused by vaccines

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  • Test the Whales Saliva. From what Dr. Sensi right cancer is formed by discarded waste the body doesn't know what to do with. The storage area becomes rancid and turns cancerous. Considering they're diet and lifespan is very likely they've developed a use for the bacteria and waste they consume. They ocean been dirty fat longer than the food and water supply we consume.

    Derek RielDerek Riel6 dni temu
    • Dr Sensi is wrong. This video is right about how cancer develops.

      Rinse-esniRRinse-esniR4 dni temu
  • In a nutshell the war of cancer inside a body

    Moldy Pepper しんぞをささげよMoldy Pepper しんぞをささげよ6 dni temu
  • Not enough love being given to "I got 99 tumors but a cancer ain't one" lol

    Cursed LemonCursed Lemon6 dni temu
  • Cancer is a big lie.

    Ally WilkeAlly Wilke6 dni temu
    • @Rinse-esniR Lmao your curiosity holds no bound. Too bad, Im not going to tell you. Go back to your minecraft little boy

      Rudy JeanRudy Jean4 dni temu
    • @Rudy Jean And you made it up, which is why you pose it as a secret. It isn't real. There is no such thing as one cure for cancer.

      Rinse-esniRRinse-esniR4 dni temu
    • @Rinse-esniR Nope, youre just curious to know what it is

      Rudy JeanRudy Jean4 dni temu
    • @Rudy Jean If we all have it, then it isn't a big secret of the pharma industry. You are merely trolling.

      Rinse-esniRRinse-esniR4 dni temu
    • @Ally Wilke The cure is something we all already have. If big pharma lets the secret out, they'd lose too much money

      Rudy JeanRudy Jean5 dni temu
  • It depends on what mice you use, if your using mice that have been bred and selected by choice, these results can and will be skewed.

    dsd gdsdsd gds6 dni temu
    • But you agree that mice develop cancer.

      Rinse-esniRRinse-esniR4 dni temu
  • cancer kills cancer thanos:

    Un piccione amichevoleUn piccione amichevole6 dni temu
  • surely the reason rats and humans have a similar amount of cancer is because they both have similar diets?

    Adam CoxAdam Cox6 dni temu
    • They don't.

      Rinse-esniRRinse-esniR4 dni temu
  • the hyper tumor theory is true in electronics. a fried of mine had a few virtual machines rigged to download virus links and a few of them operated normally because there were so many trojans and viruses that just fought each other so it just stopped them from actually causing issues to the emulated pc's

    FreightTrain JohnsonFreightTrain Johnson6 dni temu
  • Why no one is talkimg about how cool the artwork is Like if we had this kinda videos for school it probably would be much more interesting and fun to watch

    Augur of DunlainAugur of Dunlain6 dni temu
    • Some teachers will actually give you cool vids to watch, some don't. Depends on the teacher. And, alot of times, the school controls what they can and can't show.

      lizardlizardDzień temu
    • Considering youre watching this outside of class, yes, yes it would. Anyways, the gov really gotta make em boring videos

      Thomas CoadyThomas Coady3 dni temu
    • Because it's been talked on many videos like since the very first video of the channel, look at the older video and scroll through the comment section. You're not the first person to do this you know

      M FarellM Farell4 dni temu
  • I wonder if you could induce a hyper tumor with gene therapy

    The Pipe piperThe Pipe piper6 dni temu
  • Why blue whales dont get cancer Comments section: *TRIES HARD TO WRITE ALL THE CRINGE MEMES THEY CAN THINK OF* Cancer: this is why we kill your kind...

    pika chupika chu6 dni temu
  • "Today we finally begin to understand it and by doing so, one day we might finally overcome it" *Likes the video* "Our sponsor for today is" *Dislikes the video* "You" *Likes the video*

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