Toni Storm returns to in-ring action against Aliyah: WWE NXT, Oct. 14, 2020

14 paź 2020
224 236 wyświetleń

The former NXT UK Women’s Champion is back in action on the black-and-gold brand. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • 👍

    S atS at12 godzin temu
  • Aliya does great work playing her part 👍 👌👏

    IronMedsIronMedsDzień temu
  • Keep telling yall an hour of wwe women wrestling on the network 👍

    IronMedsIronMedsDzień temu
  • No toni this week? Booooo 👎

    IronMedsIronMedsDzień temu
  • She got extra thicc.

    The War MachineThe War MachineDzień temu
  • 👍👌

    k redk redDzień temu
  • 1:20, who expected something the flamboyant would do?

    Purab ParmarPurab ParmarDzień temu
  • The only back that I can describe as the most heavenly, beautiful, sexy, goddess and out of this world in this whole galaxy.

    CrowCrow2 dni temu
  • Damn Toni storm thighs and booty it’s out of this world ❤️❤️❤️

    Rauley ARauley A3 dni temu
  • It's okay to be thirsty for toni storm while calling out how mediocre she is, simps lol

    Get SchwiftyGet Schwifty3 dni temu
  • Toni has been doing her squats

    Brandon GaryBrandon Gary3 dni temu
  • Didn’t see any ring rust. Only thing I saw was a future wrestlemania main eventer

    Bryce SauseBryce Sause4 dni temu
  • Dat Hip Check tho! 🍑

    PeachBootyPeachBooty4 dni temu
  • I miss toni!!!

    Chosen1 RapsChosen1 Raps4 dni temu
  • I love her

    Kobra 2killerKobra 2killer4 dni temu
  • Ashley massaro reincarnation

    Gohan VasquezGohan Vasquez4 dni temu
  • She saves my life 😋😋😋🍑🍑🍑

  • My baby is finally back. Go Toni

    Daniel BienapflDaniel Bienapfl5 dni temu
  • 😊जो सुंदर आंखें👀 यह कमेंट पढ़ रही है भगवान से प्राथना 🙏🙏🙏है कि 🙋‍♀उसके और उसके 🙋‍♀माता-पिता के लंबी उम्र हो जाए 💯💯💯।!!! 💐🌺🌻🥀🌹💞💕💖🌹 🇮🇳 *Jai Hind* 🇮🇳🙋‍♀🇮🇳 *Jai Bharat* 🇮🇳

    Priya KumariPriya Kumari5 dni temu
  • Wow, Toni’s a hottie.

    許潤璋許潤璋5 dni temu
  • Fun fact most comment contain thicc

    Apex EmperorApex Emperor5 dni temu
  • Wwe diva ashely

  • Ray Misterios daughter its now in NXT?

    Av. SombrioAv. Sombrio5 dni temu
    • Nah

      YepYep4 dni temu
  • Is it just me? NXT has alot of screaming, aka, NXT is alot more noisier.

    sunshinehobisunshinehobi5 dni temu
  • Happy birthday Toni! 🎂

    Riley SuttonRiley Sutton5 dni temu
  • Awesome Toni Storm 💋💗💥⚡💖💫💎✌💜😍✴🌼❇🧡✳💚💘💙🤍🖤🏆🤎👑🤎♥️🔥💯💛

    Mikela PerryMikela Perry5 dni temu
  • Happy birthday too you

    Annamarie DiSipioAnnamarie DiSipio5 dni temu
  • Storm 0 is same as Tyler Bates Finisher

    Dylan PriceDylan Price5 dni temu
  • Nxt women's division can't be fd with

    Joe GillJoe Gill5 dni temu
  • Toni is the best wrestler. And also she got cakes 😁😁😁

    Sudharsan RazorSudharsan Razor5 dni temu
  • Meh

    visharad rawatvisharad rawat5 dni temu
  • Coll

    Queen RiddickQueen Riddick5 dni temu
  • Happy birthday felicidades

    Pedro PaganPedro Pagan5 dni temu
  • Toni Storm Improves Every time i see her Wrestle

    Periastron The King of SpadesPeriastron The King of Spades5 dni temu
  • It's Toni Time!!!!! I absolutely love her, she's most definitely back & she's stronger than ever!!!!!

    SugarplumHarleyCosplay 86SugarplumHarleyCosplay 865 dni temu
  • Happy Birthday Toni, great to see you back on NXT, doing what you do best!! 😀 😀

    Terry WeirTerry Weir5 dni temu
  • Toni Storm is The Real Deal, Just Awesome!!

    Richard FreedRichard Freed5 dni temu
  • dude I can't believe they changed her power rangers theme song

    ABID ALIABID ALI5 dni temu
  • Toni so thicc tho she saved my life

    Jacob WrightJacob Wright5 dni temu
  • Wonder if she responds to her Fan's dm's

    Alumni TwentysixteenAlumni Twentysixteen5 dni temu
  • Great to see Toni in NXT. She looked good in her return match.

    Caine Te WhareCaine Te Whare5 dni temu
  • Who is aliyah??

    Radha SaomiRadha Saomi5 dni temu
  • Aliyah was cleaner ngl. They keep doing her dirty when she's better than a fair amount of other women

    Jaci AaronJaci Aaron5 dni temu
  • I love Toni Storm😍😘😘😘

    Carlos ZamoraCarlos Zamora6 dni temu
  • nice fight !

    dani no motojimedani no motojime6 dni temu
  • Toni is omg 😍😍

    Eazymoney SavageEazymoney Savage6 dni temu
  • ember vs toni vs io- next takeover

    CyberCyber6 dni temu
  • Aliyah work hard for NXT for a long time She deserved the title

  • Toni Nice...

    BS1BS16 dni temu
  • How thicc is Aliyah?!

    Milk CartonMilk Carton7 dni temu
  • She actually got rid of those ugly, disgusting, atrocious bangs THANK GOD!

    Milk CartonMilk Carton7 dni temu
  • Why is NXT changing everyone's theme song? First Ember Moon and now Toni Storm. Please bring back Toni Storm's original theme song.

    VintageWrestlingVintageWrestling7 dni temu
  • Got me scared there with Aaliyah's head position on that powerbomb that was close.

    Ganst TVGanst TV7 dni temu
  • Toni Storm is better fit on Smackdown 😒

    D. AnthonyD. Anthony7 dni temu
  • 🎂 🍰 🎂 🥮 😋😍🥰

    Jobroni RMZJobroni RMZ7 dni temu
  • Down with the Thiccness!

    kayskreedkayskreed7 dni temu
  • best bunz in the business. 😍😍😍 love toni storm

    carlos corderocarlos cordero7 dni temu
  • Great Toni Storm is back, but be careful with finisher, don't drop co-worker on her head.

    Atrocious ConsequencesAtrocious Consequences7 dni temu
  • Toni is back and she’s stronger, sexier, hotter than ever😍😍

    salah aladwansalah aladwan7 dni temu
    • i will complaint about this guy in the police

      arjun Singharjun Singh5 dni temu
    • Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiimp

      KvNG WIZZKvNG WIZZ5 dni temu
    • Well Who doesnt Know

      Periastron The King of SpadesPeriastron The King of Spades5 dni temu
    • wtf man

      arjun Singharjun Singh5 dni temu
  • Welcome back Toni

    Roger Edwards jrRoger Edwards jr7 dni temu
  • Legit question. Is it me or did she get thicker? Either way man I missed Toni Storm.

    Juan LopezJuan Lopez7 dni temu
  • I find this black woman ref's skill is almost as equivalent as the male refs. And is better than the Jessika (but Jessika is not bad too). The way she slams the mat, the way she hypes for the near falls, the way she moves (fast and smooth) and a decent interract with the wrestlers. Plus she handles arguements like a pro, while Jessika handles arguements with a "pissed-off" looks. She deserves a recognition!

    Eiz AzmiEiz Azmi8 dni temu
  • Damn Storm is so thick & fine.

    R PergandeR Pergande8 dni temu
  • Aliyah is a perfect goddess but Toni Storm is most beautiful hottest and super sexy

    Rene MichellRene Michell8 dni temu
  • Horrible thumbnail pic. Toni is built, bad pic to choose.

    Chris GoesinChris Goesin8 dni temu
  • Love to see aliyah at least get screen time

    Jordan's GangJordan's Gang8 dni temu
  • Oh no that thumbnail is .... 😬

    Wwe evolution 2019Wwe evolution 20198 dni temu
  • Toni needs to have a song by “Disturbed” cuz she’s “Down with the Thicccness”

    maryyjanee247maryyjanee2478 dni temu
  • The thumbnail hurts my butt

    Andrew BaileyAndrew Bailey8 dni temu
  • Everyone is talking about Toni's thickness. Aliyah did pretty good in this match.

    Jugal ShahJugal Shah8 dni temu
  • Damn the thumbnail...

    artuxpartuxp8 dni temu
  • love you toni!

    Alana AshAlana Ash8 dni temu
  • Toni Storm is beyond hot. My goodness. Nothing but peaches all over my screen 😳 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍

    greg the groove DRUM COVERSgreg the groove DRUM COVERS8 dni temu
  • Ok I’m tired of wwe using aliyah like a test dummy she is getting no title opportunity’s or drafted when she has been in the business for YEARS longer than some who got drafted today.

    Davion BurneyDavion Burney8 dni temu
  • She looks to Kaitlyn

    Jhonel NovasJhonel Novas8 dni temu
  • Toni=Cakes=views.

    John TheJohn The8 dni temu
  • How is aaliyah still in nxt

    Super Yarn369Super Yarn3698 dni temu
  • I cant tell if tonis hair is blonde or white

    Escape InvaderEscape Invader8 dni temu
  • Toni is good

    Kenny RīburaKenny Rībura8 dni temu
  • Toni Storm has the right tools to one day make the main WWE roster. Wouldn't surprise me if she holds the NXT Women's title.

    Robert BeaudoinRobert Beaudoin8 dni temu
  • Toni’s butt on the thumbnail

    Kenneth LimKenneth Lim8 dni temu
  • ♥♥♥♥

    Tina SaldaTina Salda8 dni temu
  • Her thiccness made the thumbnail

    kwanele Ngcobokwanele Ngcobo8 dni temu
  • Where is vannessa borne? She without vannessa her lose all match She really jobber in NXT Divas.

    Gita CageGita Cage8 dni temu
  • Thirsty Cake Bois are back 😂😂😂🎂😋

    Rajith FernandoRajith Fernando8 dni temu
  • Aliyah has improved!

    Rajith FernandoRajith Fernando8 dni temu
  • Please help me

    gaju hanifgaju hanif8 dni temu
  • Good

    gaju hanifgaju hanif8 dni temu
  • Storm Zero and Riptide needs a little modifications or upgrade. Those look a little weak. But that's just my opinion.

    Shadowed ViperShadowed Viper8 dni temu
  • That one person who had thumbs down after the match, 😒

    tony matrisintony matrisin8 dni temu
  • Toni Storm is so so hot

    Eslam ____Eslam ____9 dni temu
  • Those elephant legs of Toni Storm😮

    kuldeep kalitakuldeep kalita9 dni temu
  • New Fav? Toni.

    Tyson GibbsTyson Gibbs9 dni temu
  • Most of yall really was expecting toni to lose in her nxt return lmao not happening anytime soon

    ZayeZaye9 dni temu
  • Pervs raiding a Toni storm video... good to see some things never change lmao

    Micheal KanuMicheal Kanu9 dni temu
  • Toni's thigh and Aliyah's back grab my whole attention

    The Poppin TamangThe Poppin Tamang9 dni temu
    • same here

      best probest pro2 dni temu
  • That thumbnail 🤣

    Natural HeelNatural Heel9 dni temu
  • On who whatever is clapping those cakes, he's the luckiest lad on this planet mate! 😮😮👌

    NeganoNegano9 dni temu
    • Juice Robinson aka CJ Parker aka Kevin Owens' first opponent in WWE/NXT

      Juan LopezJuan Lopez7 dni temu

  • 1:37 plz explain ...

    Ankush BadgalAnkush Badgal9 dni temu