My 1980 Atari Missile Command Arcade Machine!

8 lip 2019
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Ahh, talk about a lifelong dream come true. I bought an Atari Missile Command arcade cabinet from 1980! The woodgrain cabaret version, oh yes. And it even comes with a working coin door and normal-sized quarters!
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  • let me guess, you bought this for the wood grain lol :)

    Edmund LaiEdmund LaiMiesiąc temu
  • Sinister cause presents the force awakens on PLworld

    Stazia KiberaStazia KiberaMiesiąc temu
  • Yay! Galloping Ghost! I make a point to stop there every year while in the area for conventions.

    Savestate ComicSavestate Comic2 miesięcy temu
  • Galloping Ghost is the place that hosts a Primal Rage II machine.

    SolidSonicTHSolidSonicTH2 miesięcy temu
  • STOCK WARNING I've never played Missile Command (not that I remember) seen it being played in the arcade etc but never got to it. Now after seeing this I'm think BIG thoughts. I have a 486 DX 2 with a serial trackball. I'm guessing that would work well as the ball thing for this game! Now I just need a good emulator for Missile Command on the 486 windows 95 or DOS.

    Alex Raven-PoeAlex Raven-Poe3 miesięcy temu
  • Fun fact: A lot of those (newer) arcade machines actually have 3dfx voodoo cards inside ;)

    Mehmet BağcanMehmet Bağcan4 miesięcy temu
  • The coin mechs are why theses are great. I'd only ever want an arcade machine with a working coin mech.

    Steven WhitingSteven Whiting4 miesięcy temu
  • I got an MGA Missile Command LCD game from 2001 for my birthday! The same Missile Command LCD game my parents bought me as a child in the US in Kinney original Missile Command LCD game is terribly sat with batteries for 10 years....I brought it back to life for a while by cleaning I have a new one, same game different case-A nice big blue opposed to the original one which Mimics the appearance of original arcade machine....Nostalgia is pretty strong with me....I will take better care of this one, and try to clean up the original to the best of my ability....again!

    Steven TrillerSteven Triller5 miesięcy temu
  • LGR, did you ever watch News Radio, there was an episode where Dave stays up all night playing a retro style arcade cabinet game. I do not think it was missle command, but a cool episode focusing on having an arcade cabinet in the office.

    Bob BobBob Bob6 miesięcy temu
  • My old next door neighbors had this machine in their living room, made me want to get one but it was about 15 or more years ago when I was in my mid-teens, definitely couldn't afford one. This is rekindling that desire to get one :)

    DregzDregz6 miesięcy temu
  • I’m in the UK and I’ve never seen one of these fact i didn’t even know they existed. A true thing of beauty. Thanks for sharing! ❤️

    Rondo MacheteRondo Machete8 miesięcy temu
  • Ah yes! I have fond memories of going up to the local 7-Eleven drinking a Slurpee and spending 5 to 6 dollars in quarters on this game even though I sucked it was a ton of fun

    Jeff DavisJeff Davis8 miesięcy temu
  • "LGR arcades" I would travel all the way from Europe to play :D

    Maxim WannaBeProsMaxim WannaBePros8 miesięcy temu
  • I wants one

    Dean FordDean Ford8 miesięcy temu
  • My favorite game ever. I dropped tons of quarters (tokens actually) into that game in college. I could get through the 4x levels pretty easily, and learned to get through the 5x without being completely annihilated, but could never get through 6x completely. A good friend and I used to have competitions for who could get through each level using the fewest shots. I once got through the first level with only 3. Things just lined up the right way that day!

    Not That You AskedNot That You Asked8 miesięcy temu
  • Joe's Lyons' is my go-to spot, too... from CLT

    Fry's Acid TestFry's Acid Test8 miesięcy temu
  • That's a very good upgrade!

    Alex yoAlex yo8 miesięcy temu
  • I thought you were in Texas.

    BuckeyeStormsBuckeyeStorms8 miesięcy temu
  • I used to be very good at that back in the day I had a move where I created a row of explosions that stopped a lot of the crazy attacks having said that my reactions are quicker when I went the arcades.

    Graham StoddartGraham Stoddart8 miesięcy temu
  • Oh here it is! Awesome!!

    Notmah CuppateaNotmah Cuppatea8 miesięcy temu
  • I too laugh in walnut.

    Horace GentlemanHorace Gentleman8 miesięcy temu
  • When I was in grade school, I went to voluntary summer school for nerds at the local community college. They had an Asteroids machine in the dining hall. There was just something romantic about those simple vector graphics, even back in the early '90s. Ever since then I have always wanted one of those machines. But if I had to pick something affordable, I would probably go for Galaga or Ms. Pac Man because those are the machines I remember playing the most in the '80s.

    SkorpiusSkorpius9 miesięcy temu
  • Love those guys at Joe's. I try to stop by every time I'm in the area.

    Wookie LaneyWookie Laney9 miesięcy temu
  • @ 0:58: Where is that? I've not seen such an amazing place for decades! Where? WHERE!? hehehehehe

    Code Optimization WareCode Optimization Ware9 miesięcy temu
  • Its a shame that our kids generation will just never understand or appreciate how awesome and innovational these games were. GET OFF MY LAWN!!

    quatz1981quatz198111 miesięcy temu
  • ... and you want to reach to the final level, you'll need to have Rush's "Tom Sawyer" on your Zune... :D

    acresiracresirRok temu
  • OH yeah memories, played this game a lot on the Atari 2600!!

    MVEMVERok temu
  • I have only played the Atari 2600 copy of Missle Command, the trackball on the arcade version looks amazing to control it with. I was still pretty young when arcades were a thing and even then they didn't have classics like Missle Command, at that point in the arcade near me they were already phasing out the older games from the 80s.

    BlueSlimeBlueSlimeRok temu
  • Nice choice and find for a first game, I myself have a working Outrun that I take pride in finally owning...

    David MillerDavid MillerRok temu
  • How's your neck by now 😀 ?

    ZanderLexxZanderLexxRok temu
  • You should get a neo geo man, that console is awesome

  • Great video. I think the best video arcade machines were made in the 80's. I just love those classic 80's video arcade games.

    Brent HaymonBrent HaymonRok temu
  • I'm aiming to get a Neo Geo 4-slot MVS someday. Then I can Metal Slug til the cows go moo.

    Yamcha KippurYamcha KippurRok temu

    Mike HostetlerMike HostetlerRok temu
  • Is this something I need to do eventually? I've always wondered if owning an arcade unit is important as a geek.

    SolidSonicTHSolidSonicTHRok temu
    • Nah

      AleksanderAleksanderRok temu
  • 4:30 "I will sleep with you".... hahaha

    Jacob MecrobJacob MecrobRok temu
  • Galloping ghost arcade is a hell of a lot of fun.

    Jacob MecrobJacob MecrobRok temu
  • You should review Microsoft Arcade! Retro Atari Classics for DS is like Microsoft Arcade, the stylus is like the mouse in Tempest.....It is very good.....I love that collection! Same with Microsoft Arcade!

    Steven TrillerSteven TrillerRok temu
  • I remember this arcade game. Great fun, but fokin Dark Souls hard game . Git gud type of game.

    Gixxer983Gixxer983Rok temu
  • holy shit joes games is where i bought my first n64. They have so much good stuff in there.

    all of the lights by kanye west comes on***all of the lights by kanye west comes on***Rok temu
  • As a kid i wondered just where the heck the coins go, welp. Now i know.

    weeneweeneRok temu
  • Mr. Robot on steroids. & pcp apparently. New business model: Owners charge $100 per person, take as much as you want. Solves 2 problems with 1 stone. Hardhats mandatory, gps locator required in case of avalanche.

    H\-/ LeathH\-/ LeathRok temu
  • Amazing. It's great to be an adult and be able to afford what one can't when he or she was a kid. God bless, Proverbs 31

    SevenDeMagnusSevenDeMagnusRok temu
  • Out of interest, do you program computers professionally?

    lardosianlardosianRok temu
  • PC gettin all jealous in the corner!

    lardosianlardosianRok temu
  • Missile Command and Stargate Defender were my 2 favorite arcade games back then. Dropped tons of quarters in those cabinets

    MusicalBoxMusicalBoxRok temu
  • Good for you, I'm still trying to find the right Nintendo Red Tent unit to fulfill my dreams

    misterquintusmisterquintusRok temu
  • This game reminds me of the Terminator 2 arcade scene

    Stopped Clock ImagingStopped Clock ImagingRok temu
  • Hard driven’, full console with shifter, key, and feedback steering. I love that machine.

    Nina YortyNina YortyRok temu
  • I would love to have a cabinet for one of the Cruisin' games. I love those things lol.

    Honk HonklerHonk HonklerRok temu
  • I had forgotten how quickly these old games became difficult!

    goopahgoopahRok temu
  • Dude, you're gonna soon need a bigger warehouse. Collecting these things is addictive, like pinball machines.

    goopahgoopahRok temu
  • The lamp and PC need to switch positions.

    kevinfishburnekevinfishburneRok temu
  • When LGR is playing it doesn't say THE END when he gets a game over.

    beatchefbeatchefRok temu
  • Hey LGR! If you're ever in the San Francisco Bay Area, you should visit the Computer History Museum. However, there is a very cool arcade museum at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco called "Musée Mécanique ." Many of the arcade machines are old (and I mean VERY old -- many made out of wood). However, they also have a video game section too. You'd love it! My wife and I live in Palo Alto, so we're just a few miles from both. We've got a guest room if you need a place to stay.

    Chris MChris MRok temu
  • Satisfying that inner child is.. very satisfying!

    VVRok temu
  • One of my absolute favorites. My other favorites were Defender and Xevious. I don't know how many thousands I spent on these games as a kid.

    AN NAN NRok temu
  • Sometimes its good to accidently have subtitles on: *laughs in walnut*

    Uriel UntevarinUriel UntevarinRok temu
  • "I will sleep with you!" LGR 2019

    Simulated goatSimulated goatRok temu
  • For the true arcade feel you need to light about 50 cigarettes, get some burn marks around the buttons and a layer of crisp/chips crumbs. Glorious!

    Daishi5571Daishi5571Rok temu
  • Now you have to restore it!

    Customer Service ManagerCustomer Service ManagerRok temu
  • 800 square feet? I've got a ~1300 square foot apartment and probably half the stuff you have (mostly records and music gear) and it feels pretty full, how do you do it?

    Ol' ZirconOl' ZirconRok temu
  • Fuck yeah!

    Cristian SeguraCristian SeguraRok temu
  • well jealous... have no room but would have defender, gorf, galaxians and spaceinvaders if i did. What four machines would you all have?

    TheSudsyTheSudsyRok temu
  • If you need information about these early 80's machines like servicing, Todd N. Tuckey from TNT Amusements is the man he makes many videos about Pinball machines and these machines like you have. He is probably the most experienced man on this planet when it comes to this stuff. He knows everything. And his vids are very entertaining

    Opa-OpaOpa-OpaRok temu
  • Can't believe my eyes when I saw Joe's. We must be neighbors! ......... I think we just became friends.

    PhelanPhelanRok temu
  • OMG you went to Joe's? I love going there and Joe is such a cool guy. I love to shoot the breeze with him every time I go in. He gave me a one-handed playstation controller once....well, bc I only have 1 hand. but anyway that's cool that you went there.

    Allen MitchellAllen MitchellRok temu
  • *Lust for woodgrain intensifies* Even The End title was satisfying in all its epileptic flashing glory

    Emppu T.Emppu T.Rok temu
  • Very cool, Clint! I personally would love to have a Tempest cabinet. One of the originals, not like a Replicade or anything like that. Maybe someday...

    Kaylee FKaylee FRok temu
  • You lucky bugger, I'd love to get a few arcade cabinets! If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for this as prices seem to fluctuate all over the place for these machines. I've got a few 68000 based boards somewhere including Smash TV & Terminator 2. I'd love to get the Atari Battlezone (?), the one with the wireframe tanks and the little periscope thing you looked through. Another great vid Clint, cheers from the UK :)

    darren caffertydarren caffertyRok temu
  • Congrats! My dream cabinet is an original Dig Dug. Some day!

    David CochranDavid CochranRok temu
  • Cabaret cabinets are really neat

    160rpm160rpmRok temu
  • Put it in the bathroom. You will have something to do while sitting there AND it will be the perfect height. Forget the books and magazines next to the toilet, you now have the perfect companion to the porcelain throne.

    CaskasCaskasRok temu
  • Man I remember playing this game on the PlayStation 2 (Atari anthology) back in the Mid 2000's.

    Jericho398Jericho398Rok temu
    • I don't remember getting any bonus cites tho.

      Jericho398Jericho398Rok temu
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    Random Thing CHRandom Thing CHRok temu
  • T H E R M O N U C L E A R A R M A G E D D O N

    A Random GuyA Random GuyRok temu
  • Let me switch to a Better RAM and then continue

    LimeflakeLimeflakeRok temu
  • I'd love to have the original arcade cabinet version of starwars. Unfortunately, I probably couldn't afford it and getting it up 3 flights of dog-legged stairs might be a challenge :D

    Banedon 88Banedon 88Rok temu
  • Yes

    Maxed MemesMaxed MemesRok temu
  • I keep forgetting you're in North Carolina!

    BG NCBG NCRok temu
  • Oh man, I remember growing up in LA and walking to my grandpa’s porn company studio after school to get some quarters. We’d ride our bikes to the pizza shop nearby that had some arcade machines and spend all of our quarters.

    Chicken Tikka SauceChicken Tikka SauceRok temu
  • Pro tip an older kid taught me around '84. Shoot the missiles early. I'm certain he went on to become a motivational speaker.

    Shain AndrewsShain AndrewsRok temu
    • That ‘older kid’ turned out to be Nelson Mandela

      Sim2FlySim2FlyRok temu
  • You sound like a younger vention mgtow

    Churble FurblesChurble FurblesRok temu
  • Have you heard of the 1982 seiko tv watch

    aiden 716aiden 716Rok temu
  • Would love to get one of that size of Centipede...

    AnubisAkaLeeAnubisAkaLeeRok temu
  • Cabaret version - very nice. Gorgeous condition too. Yeah you can emulate but nothing like an original cabinet. And there's nothing quite like classic era Atari cabinets either! I got my first arcade a year ago - Asteroids Deluxe and I love it. It's the full size cabinet and a 300lb brute though. There are cabaret versions of it too but they are pretty rare and the side art on the full size is a better look for where I have it in the house.

    davy Kdavy KRok temu
  • It would be cool to be able to plug in headphones on these arcades.

    Rick E.Rick E.Rok temu
  • I go sleep with you..And Missile Command is Embarrased..

    Rodrigo MartincicRodrigo MartincicRok temu
  • A perfect choice for an actual arcade game... without a doubt Missile Command is truly a "classic". The graphics ans sounds are strangely memorizing, especially the EXPLOSIONS!

    Mindboggle100Mindboggle100Rok temu
  • Oh I know how you feel! I bought a used pinball ages ago that was left in a store, fixed it up and then put it in an arcade for awhile and made all my money back which was awesome. Had to sell it when I moved, no room. Later I picked up a Pac-Man machine and had it for quite awhile but sadly had to sell that when I moved again. Wish I hadn't as I now have room again. Oh well. I love the smell inside arcade machine cabinets, something about it...

    Jason KingJason KingRok temu
  • It's insane how great condition its in

    aenoireaenoireRok temu
  • Cool man happy for you

    Darryl SmithDarryl SmithRok temu
  • You like whiskey and woodgrain. You're my kind of boy! ;)

    UNIXUNIXRok temu
  • Awesome

    uwanaugodauwanaugodaRok temu
  • enjoy!

    RodanChiRodanChiRok temu
  • Too good LGR, I love the sound and feel of an retro arcade!

    TheHolyManTheHolyManRok temu
  • Nice

    tony gilberttony gilbertRok temu
  • so you cannot play duke nukem on it..

    moofymoomoofymooRok temu
  • Fantastic game. I played that almost every chance I could back in the day. I really enjoyed Defender as that was my all time favourite

    Andrew LofthouseAndrew LofthouseRok temu
  • [Laughs in walnut]

    splungedudesplungedudeRok temu