Kofi Kingston’s Trouble in Paradise knocks out The Miz: Raw, Oct. 15, 2012

15 paź 2020
36 591 wyświetleń

The KO power of Kofi Kingston’s Trouble in Paradise is on full display as he knocks The Miz for a loop in an unforgettable Raw moment: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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  • Answer this question asap. How many times did WWE booked a match between Kofi Kingston and The Miz??

    Paul Baxter CorreosPaul Baxter Correos11 dni temu
  • i miss kofi's jamaican gimmick 😂

    Pirate KingPirate King11 dni temu
  • Kofi Kingston 🔥

    DANNY DDANNY D11 dni temu
  • The trouble in paradise finisher got him lots of championships gold.This is more better than is other finisher(SOS)

    Brahma BullBrahma Bull11 dni temu
  • Possibly the most stiffest Trouble in Paradise's I've ever seen

    Raiden682Raiden68212 dni temu
  • I remember this specifically when it happened. If I remember correctly, this injured miz too

    GEO: Mello TGEO: Mello T12 dni temu
    • Same here lol I was 12 at the time

      Jon DoeJon DoeDzień temu
  • The Miz can do anything

    Lord_Of_FireLord_Of_Fire12 dni temu
  • Why do wwe post old single clips

    samoanGOATsamoanGOAT13 dni temu
  • maybe if you guys would treat miz better

    B L U EB L U E13 dni temu
  • ouchh good night

    Rodriick 974Rodriick 97413 dni temu
  • As good as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Tony Jaa or Donnie Yen kicks.

    Yeo EdwinYeo Edwin13 dni temu
  • Kicked the living daylight outta him.....

    TharunTharun13 dni temu
  • Every time the Miz is looking at himself in the mirror it reminds him of this moment.

    MysteryMystery13 dni temu
  • WWE Played Kofi on Fox. How sad!

    ibraheem razaibraheem raza13 dni temu
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      capps markcapps mark13 dni temu

    BIGFATKITTY 1993 robloxBIGFATKITTY 1993 roblox13 dni temu
  • back when wwe was actually good

    hardwhitehardwhite13 dni temu
  • Knocked him in the middle of next week

    Brxken TBrxken T13 dni temu
  • Yeah this week remind me of when Brock defeated Kofi in seconds

    MEET mE NOW_ [L.I V.E N_O_W]MEET mE NOW_ [L.I V.E N_O_W]13 dni temu
  • Kumerica 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

    Kentinka BrewuKentinka Brewu13 dni temu
  • 0:51 JR somehow managing to talk about BBQ sauce on commentary

    AcratophorusAcratophorus13 dni temu
  • Best trouble in paradise yet here it looked so savage

    jit thinkjit think13 dni temu
  • S.O.S theme bring it back plz!!!!

    Carlos VargasCarlos Vargas13 dni temu
  • Yeah this week remind me of when Brock defeated Kofi in seconds

    Solomon AkinrinadeSolomon Akinrinade13 dni temu
  • I heard that trouble in paradise

    DSM stop motion wrestlingDSM stop motion wrestling13 dni temu
  • Memories.

    Mike H.Mike H.13 dni temu
  • That knocked tf out of The Miz for real lol

    João Pedro SperanzaJoão Pedro Speranza13 dni temu
  • I miss the old kofi Kingston Boom Boom Boom

    Dagmawi bekeleDagmawi bekele13 dni temu
  • wwe

  • miss jim ross in wwe

    francisco Choquefrancisco Choque13 dni temu
  • Fark

    Ömer YozgatÖmer Yozgat13 dni temu
  • Wow. That’s a stiff one! Kofi should’ve kicked the living daylights out of Brock Lesnar like that!

    pseudochef07pseudochef0713 dni temu
  • The Trouble in Paradise is a good finishing move, Kofi and Miz are good wrestlers

    Randy OrtonRandy Orton13 dni temu
    • The trouble in paradise is an excellent finisher,you can definitly catch someone off guard with it☝️

      Sheldon FlemingSheldon Fleming12 dni temu
    • Miz needs to bring back his Reality Check. Can't always rely on Skull Crushing Finale. *aka Jericho's Breakdown*

      Mr GoodmanMr Goodman12 dni temu
  • I never saw some one kicking out of triple in paradise

    Sj BairavaSj Bairava13 dni temu
  • Kofi Kingston and The Miz are two amazing athletes and this is match was amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️i miss so much this i Kofi Kingston ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Giorgia SimeoniGiorgia Simeoni13 dni temu
  • Whats nostalgia

    Ma de Jesús gicela VázquezMa de Jesús gicela Vázquez13 dni temu
  • Wwe is the best

  • The intercontinental title was defended on main event 😯😯💀💀, vince really doesn’t care about the intercontinental title

    Fredy HonestFredy Honest13 dni temu
  • Please bring back the old Kofi Kingston.

    Keanu CoraKeanu Cora13 dni temu
  • Kofi mania was the best year of Kofi career

    JtswaggytJtswaggyt13 dni temu
  • Need Carlito 🍎

    Raymundus MassandungeRaymundus Massandunge13 dni temu
  • You have to love Kofi he did everything in wwe he accomplished the us championship , intercontinental championship the tag team championships, WWE Championships , The Raw rag titles , The Smackdown rag titles : On the other hand The Miz is one impressive superstar he accomplished almost everything

    JtswaggytJtswaggyt13 dni temu
    • @Ericflames lol why do I keep seeing u

      JtswaggytJtswaggyt13 dni temu
    • You put commas, but no periods? Lol

      EricflamesEricflames13 dni temu
  • Bru

    Parker WellsParker Wells13 dni temu
  • One more WWE title reign for The Miz. He deserved it.

    Captain delicious pantsCaptain delicious pants13 dni temu
  • 2:32 trouble in paradise Don't waste your time on whole video Thank you !

    Sher AliSher Ali13 dni temu
    • Ik but still it’s nice to thanks someone for something they didn’t have to do

      Miles MoralesMiles Morales13 dni temu
    • It's only a 3 minute video!🙄

      Christian GalarzaChristian Galarza13 dni temu
    • @Miles Morales your welcome

      Sher AliSher Ali13 dni temu
    • Thanks you very much young man

      Miles MoralesMiles Morales13 dni temu
  • This was the version of Kofi that was perfect for a WWE title run not the New Day version...

    Dark NiteDark Nite13 dni temu
    • Tbh yes

      mədinə novruzovamədinə novruzova13 dni temu
    • I agree

      The Anti-smark 100The Anti-smark 10013 dni temu

  • good times huh

    idonthaveaname !idonthaveaname !13 dni temu
  • This is the kofi we want !

    Josue RamirezJosue Ramirez13 dni temu
  • Hate him or not The Miz makes every finisher look believable

    JtswaggytJtswaggyt13 dni temu
  • The Miz can sell any one finisher he makes it look so awesome and beautiful

    JtswaggytJtswaggyt13 dni temu
  • Made in 15 October 2012 why did they upload it today???

    Khayam MohammedKhayam Mohammed13 dni temu
  • El pepe

    Juan carlos Liranzo monteroJuan carlos Liranzo montero13 dni temu
  • That was stiff as hell geez

    Sebastien Vince MartinezSebastien Vince Martinez13 dni temu
  • Should've kicked Brock like that on SmackDown on Foxx, result might have been different

    Five • Star • Universe • ModeFive • Star • Universe • Mode13 dni temu
    • @Russell Jones. B no it wasn't he needs that title, he waited 10 years to win that title and then just to lose it in 9 seconds is ridiculous.

      Xavier GilbertXavier Gilbert11 dni temu
    • Nah it was nice Kofi got rektd by Brock.

      Russell Jones. BRussell Jones. B13 dni temu
    • At best it would have given Kofi more time, but we can’t have nice things.

      Steve ConvertiblesSteve Convertibles13 dni temu
  • 2010 : It was the success of both Miz and Kofi 2019 : Kofi year wins wwe championship:

    JtswaggytJtswaggyt13 dni temu
    • @NIA JAX DEEPTHROATS BIG MACS nia Jax Sibling of Brock Lesnar 🤣🤣🤣😁

      Bazaar Wala KhanaBazaar Wala Khana13 dni temu
    • then kofi looses the title in 8 seconds to Brock Lesnar.

  • Hi

    Jake KennedyJake Kennedy13 dni temu
  • Now this was when kofi Kingston was actually good

    • Yeah now he's great

      131313 dni temu
    • We need the old Kofi back.

      Keanu CoraKeanu Cora13 dni temu
  • 2:34 thank me later

    Ziru ZhuZiru Zhu13 dni temu
  • Kofi ur not supposed to actually kick him

    TS Sauc3yTS Sauc3y13 dni temu
  • The Miz made a hell of a career and so did Kofi They both accomplished every championship that wwe has to offer

    JtswaggytJtswaggyt13 dni temu
  • Still don't understand why people always class all tag teams as "jobbers" in WWE. Some are brought into the company specifically to perform in these matches. Only one I can agree on however is John Morrison

    Jay TrickettJay Trickett13 dni temu
  • I bet Miz legit got knocked out there.

    Amiri JosephAmiri Joseph13 dni temu
    • @Amiri Joseph yeah. botches happen and some like this actually hurt

      I steal daddy’s moneyI steal daddy’s money9 dni temu
    • @I steal daddy’s money like that was the stiffest trouble in paradise I have ever seen. It connected 100 percent!

      Amiri JosephAmiri Joseph13 dni temu
    • yeah i think he did

      I steal daddy’s moneyI steal daddy’s money13 dni temu
  • Pobrecito el miz

    Santiago HerreraSantiago Herrera13 dni temu
  • 2012? I'm start to think: the miz will not be an old person

    B DB D13 dni temu
  • The Miz teeth got knocked out with that trouble in paradise

    JtswaggytJtswaggyt13 dni temu
    • 2:34 i felt that

      me meechme meech13 dni temu
  • Hello

    Sholape AmusanSholape Amusan13 dni temu

    wrestling timeswrestling times13 dni temu
  • I LoVe RoMan AnD U RoMan Fan HiT LiKe

    Sheeraz DarsSheeraz Dars13 dni temu
  • Miz is dead😂😂😂

    Young Dom's YTYoung Dom's YT13 dni temu
  • Like for Roman.

    2K Subscriber Challenge With One Video2K Subscriber Challenge With One Video13 dni temu
  • So coool

    Young Dom's YTYoung Dom's YT13 dni temu
  • I saw this clip a couple of days ago on Reddit lmao

    Mau WMau W13 dni temu
  • Wow this is a loooooong time ago😅

    Prince zayz 👌Prince zayz 👌13 dni temu
  • worst ref counts i have ever seen, the guy has like no passion

    far_bryfar_bry13 dni temu
  • They are not social distancing

    Jeremiah MatlockJeremiah Matlock13 dni temu
  • Miz died

    ChazzaLovesSaltChazzaLovesSalt13 dni temu
  • 7th

    Satyam SavaliyaSatyam Savaliya13 dni temu
  • What s up, i am the fourth in give a answer in this, ha, ha, ha What a Insane.

    Alan PerdomoAlan Perdomo13 dni temu
  • Kofi deserves better

    Nandu M ManojNandu M Manoj13 dni temu
    • Agreed. Don't know why people hate him so much. He should at least be an upper midcarder, and same with all members of New Day

      Kiko MillsKiko Mills13 dni temu
  • Who like Kofi Kingston

    Anji MudhirajAnji Mudhiraj13 dni temu
  • New day vs miz and morrison?

    big boybig boy13 dni temu
  • Jimmy

    govindaraj mgovindaraj m13 dni temu
  • Oh god. Forgive me but it's the first time i see no comments below a WWE video

    19THEDIVISION89 by thedivisionbell19THEDIVISION89 by thedivisionbell13 dni temu
    • What?????

    • Uh......ok

      EricflamesEricflames13 dni temu
  • One of the good matches of kofi

    Ajitesh AnshulAjitesh Anshul13 dni temu
    • Kofi always delivers!

      Amiri JosephAmiri Joseph13 dni temu
  • First

    Lotion LondonLotion London13 dni temu
    • But he was

      TS Sauc3yTS Sauc3y13 dni temu
    • no i am

      HarleyKinnHarleyKinn13 dni temu
  • first

    HarleyKinnHarleyKinn13 dni temu