LGR - Building My Dream $3,588 Windows XP PC

5 paź 2018
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Let's build a PC! A Windows XP gaming machine from parts circa 2007 to 2008, to be precise. This Core 2 Extreme SLI rig would've cost $3,588 if all the parts were bought new when they first released. Time to put it together and play some Crysis and 3D Pinball Space Cadet.
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  • Question for those that made it through the whole build and saw the final specs: _What upgrades or changes would you like to see this PC receive in the future, if any?_ As mentioned at the end I plan to upgrade the sound card and add a PhysX board, but I'd love to hear your suggestions!

    LGRLGR2 lat temu
    • Go AMD processor Athlon/Opteron!!! ...with benchmarks

      Nathaniel BoldenNathaniel BoldenDzień temu
    • @LGR oh i thought that said Need For Speed Uh...

      a weirdoa weirdo2 dni temu
    • Try to upgrade the card and keyboard

      NINTENDOOM 137NINTENDOOM 1375 dni temu
    • @NicholeMattera so... I was intrigued and had to look up the case you mentioned here. And holy shit it turns out thats the case I'm currently using. I got it secondhand cause of how absolutely ridiculous it looks. I had no clue it was THAT old. I love this metal giant and intend to keep using it as my main build case going forward.

      Viking PoodleViking Poodle11 dni temu
    • :)

      HjalizHjaliz13 dni temu
  • Me realising this pc is only 3 years older than mine I'm so confused because I play GTA fallout and stream edit and record games? Edit: 2010 must have been a massive turning point for pc gaming

    Jack TylerJack TylerDzień temu
  • We are now best friends, cause XP is the best gaming OS to me, period. I play a lot of games on PC from 1996-2005 that era,, most of the best PC game series in history started then. I could only play that decade forever lol. Some games... they can work way better on a windows 8/10 for example. But others, its just not the same, something feels a bit off. No amount of patching and compatability settings could work as well as on the proper OS it was created to play for,,,, or XP. Cause XP plays literally anything without the modern issues with Vista and later.

    T WT WDzień temu
  • Windows Xp 😍🥰♥️❤️💕💞💓💖💕💞💻🖥️😁👍

    Jacek LutrzykowskiJacek LutrzykowskiDzień temu
  • I'm still looking for E/S Morrowind for my XP system

    Nathaniel BoldenNathaniel BoldenDzień temu
  • Bring back XP!....windows has gone downhill after XP and W7!...still running my XP rig as a dual boot XP/W7 Ultimate sp3 system with AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core socket 939 with 4gigs of ram and I bought another...YES!...another ATI HD4650 but a 1 gig version instead if the 512mb and its a much better experience!...also have a gtx950sc that works on XP machines!...however the bottleneck is real!...but it games!...I love it and I'm gonna upgrade my mb soon!...it has steam and origin loaded on it!...

    Nathaniel BoldenNathaniel BoldenDzień temu
  • Back when Windows was a good OS

    AlekksuAlekksuDzień temu
  • Wait this isnt phillscomputerlab xD

    pan kozapan koza2 dni temu
  • I had a vanilla audigy, and I ran the 8800gts, the 512mb version, then later added another, was disappointed with SLi, but we live and learn 😁

    peddersmeisterpeddersmeister3 dni temu
  • try install windows 7

    junyuan gohjunyuan goh4 dni temu
  • i almost have my dream 2018 gaming pc... just need a rtx 2080 ti and 64gb ram but the ram isn't needed I already have 20gb... practically have someones dream 2011 PC tho... might need new ram and GPU

    Flex4249Flex42495 dni temu
  • Oh god the Raptor -- I loved my Raptor HD!!

    Nunya BizNunya Biz5 dni temu
  • 21:07 Windows XP supports USB 3? wow

    Christopher DuncanChristopher Duncan6 dni temu
  • people actually attach there SSD's into trays??? Wha?? I always just plug it into the SATA and power, and just tuck it into an unused slot somewhere, like an un used optical drive bay or something lol

    Slime BucketSlime Bucket6 dni temu
  • I remember running 2 9800gt's in SLi... sooo glad SLi is dead, what a waste. Only ever worth it if you get the second card FREE for some reason... even then its too many issues for very little return

    Slime BucketSlime Bucket6 dni temu
  • I remember growing up on a shitty Windows XP Professional computer that couldn't even run GTA III without it hard crashing. Man, I really do miss XP, even though it was no treat to use on a PC with only on board 3D Acceleration and no audio drivers at the time. Played so much Counter Strike Source regardless, and it ran stupidly well. But, just like with Clint here, I yearned to play Oblivion on my computer, but it just wasn't up to snuff. I never got past the launcher where you configured the settings.

    ShyShy6 dni temu
  • My fav os in order 1: windows 7 2: windows vista (which is controversial and idc) 3: windows xp 4: windows 10 Last and certainly least windows 8

    Aquarius Inc.Aquarius Inc.7 dni temu
  • Handsome

    Jericot 100Jericot 1008 dni temu
  • When you got to the 8800gts 320mb, I knew you were in trouble. I made the same mistake back in the day when I bought the 320mb version. It was shit, and could not play Crysis very well because of the memory limitation.

    Booty Hole ManBooty Hole Man8 dni temu
  • Is it me or is there something extremely sketchy about Thermaltake? Their products are good, but the logo and the name just seems off

    Matthew BerryMatthew Berry8 dni temu
  • Hi, one big GPU always better than 2x 1/2....yeap. You choosin an extreme quadcore but crysis is the only game you have tested who takin advantage of multi-core cpu....and the prob is your amputed RAM of 1 go :/

    Prad BitPrad Bit8 dni temu
  • What is the app you use to check the fps can you tell me please?

    Renn Rikk RonquilloRenn Rikk Ronquillo8 dni temu
  • MS08-067 has entered the chat.

    Cyber GainzCyber Gainz9 dni temu
  • lol i remember the tires on crisis not showing up even on a 9800

    amicloudamicloud11 dni temu
  • The nvidia control panel hasnt changed one bit

    Nigel MulukaNigel Muluka11 dni temu
  • "Holy shit.." my reaction exactly when you started putting those components in

    MIHAOMIHAO11 dni temu
  • that cpu cooler is a thing of beauty. how efficient is iti though? i wish they still made cool looking air coolers like this.

    Keegan JohnsonKeegan Johnson11 dni temu
  • That side panel window with all that 2007 aesthetics hardware lol

    N JN J11 dni temu
  • The only thing ruined in your pc is the 1GB it’s a serious bottleneck since these games would seriously benefit from 1 or 2 more gigs

    Gaming YorkGaming York12 dni temu
  • I absolutely love the Nvidia heatpipie between the North and Southbridges.

    Tom ServoTom Servo12 dni temu
  • But the real question is can it run the sims 3 with all expansions 🤔

    Woosh KarenWoosh Karen12 dni temu
  • The same budget gives me $3309. $279 dollars less !! Why will it be?

    baron ashlerbaron ashler12 dni temu
  • I'd rock that cooler now tbh 😂 Windows XP just feels so lightweight compared to W10. Also can we bring back soundcards? I used to love my sound blaster.

    Ian BlackIan Black12 dni temu
  • windows vista is buggy it broke last time when I had my Compaq pc but in 2008 it was on xp windows

    Tomiwa AjibadeTomiwa Ajibade13 dni temu
  • By the end of 2007 LGR Windows xp will not be having available computers anymore only vista. So on your xp machine you made install windows 7 on it

    Tomiwa AjibadeTomiwa Ajibade13 dni temu
  • Download xp then companion doll

    Tomiwa AjibadeTomiwa Ajibade13 dni temu
  • "4/20 2007"

    ColinColin13 dni temu
  • My monitor!

    GGcinema_YTGGcinema_YT13 dni temu
  • wth windows xp had a music during installation? you had sound without drivers? how? HOWWWWWWWWWW

    Wolf Is BadWolf Is Bad13 dni temu
  • Постойте минутку... У меня старый комп почти таких-же характеристик... МОЙ КОМП РАНЬШЕ СТОИЛ 3 КОСАРЯ БАКСОВ?! D:

    Companion DollCompanion Doll13 dni temu
    • Если кому надо, характеристики ЦП: Intel Core 2 Duo E4800 Мат. плату уже не помню, там Asus какая-то Вид. Карта: Asus Geforce GTX 8800(Тоже 700 мб :3) ЖД: Один жёсткий диск на 160 гигабайт(жалко что он сдох, медленно работает) 2 планки ОЗУ по 1 гигабайту

      Companion DollCompanion Doll13 dni temu
  • 12:18 BSoD

    Moses CeramanMoses Ceraman14 dni temu
  • 10:04 Phoenix AwardBIOS boot

    Moses CeramanMoses Ceraman14 dni temu
  • I have an old vostro 230 with mostly the same specs, but damn dude you got me at the graphics card, my setup only has integrated graphics with only 32 megabytes

    BobThe OneBobThe One14 dni temu
  • It should be designed for vista not xp

    Tomiwa AjibadeTomiwa Ajibade14 dni temu
    • I have PC, its too have Geforce GTX 8800 and 2 GB, and i can tell you what Vista is SUCKS on this PC

      Companion DollCompanion Doll13 dni temu
  • This is more of a Windows Vista machine than it is a Windows XP machine tbh

    SimSimsTECHcrunchSimSimsTECHcrunch15 dni temu
  • 4:08 only 2 gbs of ram and sli? also maybe faster ram etc?

    QimodisQimodis15 dni temu
  • 1:30 fiddle with some settings? wut? for games form 2007?

    QimodisQimodis15 dni temu
  • 0:31 u can get amazing stuff for that

    QimodisQimodis15 dni temu
  • 13:03 Waaaaaaait a minute there sir... WinXP had music during install? What?

    aeliaraeliar15 dni temu
  • I love the captions on these videos.

    GrumpyBearGrumpyBear15 dni temu
  • That processor has more ghz then mine

    Fred NgFred Ng16 dni temu
  • I collect Alienware, especially AW from 2000-2010 and because of that I have over 20 PC’s that run XP! Solid AF! Side note though bro, you HAVE to go with a period case man, and why plugging your power and 24 pin in the front??? I see you were forced to route power to the back because there was no space in the front but WHY in the first place?

    Stephen EadsStephen Eads17 dni temu
  • back when SSDs were new I RAID0'd two of them. No ragrets. Except when one of them stopped working. Then some ragrets.

    ScyScy17 dni temu
  • why xp -._-.

    snipre turtorialzsnipre turtorialz17 dni temu
  • If you haven’t already go ahead and stick another one gig ram sticking that thing. 32-bit versions of windows XP could dress up to 3.5

    BlindMansRevenge2002BlindMansRevenge200217 dni temu
  • HOLYYY SHIT shit _shit_

    Duncan BurdenDuncan Burden17 dni temu
  • i do have an old ASROCK motherbored that will boot these vids do help i also i have 4 GB DDR2 RAM hah

    Mo 'Mo '17 dni temu
  • I feel so old, when I hear Oblivion is an old title. Gosh time runs.

    Leonard GrafLeonard Graf17 dni temu
  • The timeframe here is about the same as using computer parts made for Windows 2000 on Windows 3.11.

    Øyvind AandalenØyvind Aandalen18 dni temu
  • lmaoooo the fact that the cpu is better than mine kills me XD

    Elmo exe has stopped workingElmo exe has stopped working18 dni temu
  • 我问一下 为什么我看视频介绍中有中文?up主是会中文吗?

    yucang wangyucang wang19 dni temu
  • Still today a core 2 duo to me feels absolutely insaine I still use a 12-13 year old pc

    StarryBudgie. movStarryBudgie. mov20 dni temu
  • is that a passive cpu cooler?

    Nelson StackNelson Stack20 dni temu
    • @Command64 whoa what a wierd design. thanks!

      Nelson StackNelson Stack18 dni temu
  • wth is that nvidia thing plugged into with the fan cooling coil ran into the mobo or something?

    Nelson StackNelson Stack20 dni temu
  • AH man, I miss F.E.A.R, was blown away by the graphics and physics back then. Also many good times with UT2K4.

    nate8930nate893020 dni temu
  • oh boy i cant wait for "BUILDING MY DREAM WINDOWS 10 SETUP FROM 2020" videos

    Myst. WindMyst. Wind22 dni temu
  • This moderboard soport 8 GB RAM

    Juan Andrés García perezJuan Andrés García perez22 dni temu
  • #windows7

    Playtech269Playtech26923 dni temu
  • You should try Grand Theft Auto IV in this PC. It really runs well in this configuration.

    GAMER 95GAMER 9523 dni temu
  • I was thinking about getting a old school computer from my childhood just to have it, I might do something like this, and hunt down most of the games from my childhood. I honestly think the game hunting will be the most difficult part lol. Finding the same parts in this video might not be that hard if LGR was able to do it.

    DavethDaveth24 dni temu
  • Saw that motherboard and new this was gonna be a good video

    Aezir WindAezir Wind24 dni temu
  • I installed windows xp in my 4 gb ram pc😂😂 And its working really smooth today

    GoKu Z PUBGGoKu Z PUBG25 dni temu
  • also... i worked for a e waste recycler, one of my gigs was sorting pallets of cpu for scrap & resale. it was amazing i probably salvaged hundreds of those qx6850s, even the ES versions. wild stuff for someone that's watched intel evolve since the XT era.

    Philip CaddickPhilip Caddick26 dni temu
  • wait.... why wouldn't you just paint the bezel of the audigy front dealio?

    Philip CaddickPhilip Caddick26 dni temu
  • Thanks for this video 👍🏻👌🏻✌🏻

    Aby mohananAby mohanan26 dni temu
  • Holy shit, I've never once installed xp with speakers on. I had no idea it had music in the background.

    DarthSinistrisDarthSinistris27 dni temu
  • The dell precision m6500 laptop has a built in quadro 2000m with 1gb of gddr3 and a core i7 with full drivers for windows xp professional.

    GP33GP3327 dni temu
  • Pc muito louco

    shedow gachatubershedow gachatuber27 dni temu
  • Portuguese legends please

    shedow gachatubershedow gachatuber27 dni temu
  • play half live 2 from 2004 please i love half live

    POSER 1 CZPOSER 1 CZ27 dni temu
  • Want a good mid/late 2000s game? Portal

    GruGru28 dni temu
  • I have a sound blaster live! That I still use today on my windows 10 pc with the drive ir. It's cool tech

    killerofjusticekillerofjustice28 dni temu
  • It may be able to run Crysis, but it still can't run Minecraft with Shaders

    Nazar AmuletNazar Amulet28 dni temu
  • 9:41 RAM Error

    Janice AlejoJanice Alejo28 dni temu
  • Remake Windows 7 with Best System Build Ever In The world 2020

    AWSMalingAWSMaling28 dni temu
  • That cooler looks pretty sick

    LittleTechKidsLittleTechKidsMiesiąc temu
  • I personally love this chanel, So much Nostalgia!

    Kody CostainKody CostainMiesiąc temu
  • 5:10 Good thing there's no pop-up ad for some mobile game.

    Jill HopkinsJill HopkinsMiesiąc temu
  • what windows xp????

    Goldenz GamesGoldenz GamesMiesiąc temu
  • I loved windows xp and windows 7 gaming laptop pc

    Doug SteffyDoug SteffyMiesiąc temu
  • Watching on Windows XP in November 2020.

    WhatchamajiggerWhatchamajiggerMiesiąc temu
  • We Need Windows XP Reborn!

    Marvellous STDMarvellous STDMiesiąc temu
  • Windows XP was my first os. My first interaction with a computer was in Kindergarten, when our class went to the computer lab to play Kid Pix!

    blendernoob64blendernoob64Miesiąc temu
  • 5:30 The text spacing is off on the Windows logo there. Disc is sus.

    K.o.RK.o.RMiesiąc temu
  • great trip down memory lane! My first real dream PC build that i saved up for during high school was in 09 using the XFX 780i mobo with Q9650 quad, 8gb ddr2 ram and SLI'd Asus GTX 260's. All packaged in a Thermaltake Armor Super Tower that weighed a literal ton. fucking beast back in the day

    Dean BartoloDean BartoloMiesiąc temu
    • @kyle nidiffer Still a solid CPU for sure

      Dean BartoloDean BartoloMiesiąc temu
    • I still run my core 2 quad q9650 with 8gb ram now. Running it about 10 years now

      kyle nidifferkyle nidifferMiesiąc temu
  • I'm considering building a Windows XP era retro machine one of these days, although this one will use specs more close to when Windows XP was still the newest OS (Basically 2003-2004 era parts) I have a Intel Northwood mobo from 2003 and I plan to put likely a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 and either a 6800 GT or 6800 Ultra into the build, with plans to not only run Windows XP Professional on there, but also possibly test out some Linux distros from the mid 2000s)

    Computers4Ever1994Computers4Ever1994Miesiąc temu
  • That runs better than my current Windows 10 computer

    areallylongnameareallylongnameMiesiąc temu
  • Dude. I had issues with Corsair Dominator RAM too...

    Jubei KibagamiJubei KibagamiMiesiąc temu
  • I had a 680i and an 8800gts 512! Only had a Core2 Duo, but it worked! I jammed Crysis for over a year on that beast! I had a 160GB Raptor too! All neatly packed in an Ultra Aluminus case with a clear side window that showed off my Zalman 970LED cooler. First build after I had a real job. HOG HEAVEN!

    Jubei KibagamiJubei KibagamiMiesiąc temu
  • coooler is badass

    NikbawkerNikbawkerMiesiąc temu