H \u0026 K

H \u0026 K

Harvey was born February 18, 2016. We rescued him from Petland at the age of 13 weeks. Yes, rescued.

Kane was born April 4th, 2019. He's a high-content F-1 wolf(dog(since, given his dad \u0026 mom's mix (94/6, 100/0), he's hardly a 'dog' at all)).

There’s a ton of people who claim that a human can’t live with a “wild animal”. Ok, we’ll see.

I’m just here to post videos of my two dorks and the occasional rant. If you wanna subscribe, go for it, but you’re certainly not obligated - and I’m not going to fool/peddle you into it (“oHmyGawD hi welcomtomychannel please like-comment-subscrIBE!” - yeah, no.) I like to think at least a few people have retained part of their brains and don’t need someone to spam them to click a big red button. There’s enough ads out there, we don’t need more people turning into them.

No intros, spam, or sponsors, just dogs...kind of.