FS Smash

FS Smash

Heya Lads! This is FS Smash! A channel dedicated to providing Fire Emblem meme content. I hope you consider becoming an avid watcher.

My main content involves Fire Emblem: Three Houses memes, from outlandish, outdated, to obscure and new . I also post secondary content that involves non-fire emblem memes, or whatever I feel like posting at the time.

My channel is for those who enjoy quality/low quality meme edits. With Three Houses being the hallmark and sprinkled in are the odd off topic video in and again.

If you like the sound of that already, please hit that red button to subscribe, and ring the bell for notification, I try to post at least 1-7 video a week, along with community semi-daily posts with memes or polls about videos. Thanks for reading :)